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Capture Every Moment With Ease — Hands Free in Brilliant Spy Camera HD
Spy Camera HD video recording eye wear perfect for extreme sports, cyclists, fisherman, kayakers, snow skiers, tourists, equine activities, coaches, trainers and just about any other outdoor sporting activity. One-button operation makes using the glasses almost as easy as putting them on!

Does they still make the model of remote nearly been 10 years?

Do you think there is a solution to this problem (broken remote that came with the TV)?
The remote that came with my 9 year old TV/VCR/DVD combo no longer works. I doubt the TV is still under warranty after this long and that they would send a replacement remote. I may be able to buy one but I’m not sure if they still make this model it’s nearly been 10 years. What sort of solution do I have for this problem? I can watch television as the set top box has a separate remote but if I want to play a VHS tape or DVD I have to operate it by hand.

Panasonic plasma TV is the best one?

What tv maker makes the best plasma tv’s?
well I think it might be Panasonic but I really don’t know

Mp4 format TV show can not play on my TV with USB

My TV won’t play movies from my USB?
I downloaded a tv show and I turned into an mp4 and it worked on my laptop and computer but then when I plug it into the tv it doesn’t show up, how can I get it to work?

Is there a difference for the TV with 1080I and 1080P?

Is there a TV that is 1080 I?
I was told to get the TV with 1080I not 1080P is there a difference

I cant pick up ANY freeview channels with the LG37LS570T TV

Why cant i pick up freeview?
So i have an LG37LS570T television which has freeviewHD built in. and i have a digital TV dish outside on the side of my house which it is connected to via a coaxial cable. i used a female to male coax plug adaptor to connect the coaxial cable to the tv but i cant pick up ANY freeview channels. i connected the coaxial cable to a freesat box and connected that to the tv and the freesat box picked up a few channels however the freeview built in to the tv is not working. i tried auto and manual tuning but it wont pick up any channels. what could be the problem? thanks in advance

I hooked up my PS3 with the red, white and yellow cables, but it looks horrible.

PS3 looks horrible on new LCD?
I just bought a new LCD TV. It’s a Toshiba 32hv10g model.
These are its settings:
Color System: PAL, SECAM, NTSC, 3.58/4.43
Video Signal: 480i/480p (60Hz), 576i/576p (50Hz), 720p (50/60Hz), 1080i (50/60Hz), 1080p (50/60Hz) through HDMI
Display Resolution: 1366 x 768
Viewing Angle: 178 Degree

Can someone tell me where to buy a digital tuner for TV?

Want to watch TV but do not have cable. Live in NYC.? I have internet but no cable tv. I was told I need a digital tuner. Can someone tell me where to buy one? maybe post a link. Most informative post wins!

I want to buy a 32 inches TV for 1080p movies, pictures and Xbox 360 games.

Is this a good all around TV?
Hello everyone! I’m in the market for a TV MUST BE UNDER 32 inches, im currently have a no name brad tv that gets the job done but it lacks in the feature department, it is a 24 inch led 1080p TV but when I do put it on 1080p the picture gets cropped on all sides about 2 inches so I’m losing about 20 percent of my picture.

The TV fell off the stand and broke the screen and LCD display.

How much is a screen and LCD for a TV?
I bought a 42″ Vizio 1080P LCD HDTV for $750 about a year and a half ago with a 2 year service plan. The TV fell off the stand and broke the screen and LCD display. Apparently the damn 2 year service plan won’t cover falls even though the employee told me it would.

I want to get rid of cable because it costs too much.

Quick question about TV tuners?
I want to get rid of cable because it costs too much. Could I use a TV tuner with an antenna to receive the very basic channels? I want to get hulu plus and netflix along with the tuner. For the tuner, I just want to receive the local news channels. Do you have any reccomendations on which TV tuner would suffice? Thanks.

Im in college and Im wanting to get a computer and a tv

Do’s and Don’ts of aarons/rent a center?
Im in college and Im wanting to get a computer and a tv from one of these guys. What are some of the dos and don’ts? Anddd is one better then the other?

Sometimes the TV takes several times pressing on for it to turn on……

What do I do if a TV has trouble turning on?
Sometimes it takes several times pressing on for it to turn on……

and once it is on is it better to leave it on until I am done to avoid having to turn it back on more than necessary?

I’m 13 and i think American girl dolls are like the cutest thing.

Am i too old to like American Girl Dolls?
I’m 13 and i think American girl dolls are like the cutest thing. I don’t have one but i want one. I want a few actually. like McKenna , Mia , Lanie , Kanani, & Saige. If i had them i wouldn’t like play tea party. I would probally Just brush there hair and change there clothes (I am OBSESSED with clothes). So is that too young for my age. Like am i too old

I think would make boy ball jointed dolls really nice looking females.

Can I put a boy ball jointed doll head on a girl body?
I’ve seen many boy ball jointed dolls that I think would make really nice looking females. Is it possible that I can put the boy’s head on the girl’s body or would it not fit?

My pee sometimes has blood in it 3 days after I swallowed a Lego

I swallowed a Lego and wondering what to do?
I swallowed a Lego while playing with my son and I haven’t been able to crap for 3 day and my pee sometimes has blood in it. It was just a generic 2×4 brick nothing big

Creepy Dolls looks so normal and innocent yet so creepy and diabolic

Why am i so obsessed with Creepy Dolls?
I just buyed 3 of em…..they look so normal and innocent yet so creepy and diabolic….
I would like to have a house full of them
Why? why this rare obsession?

A 12 year old girl likes the color orange and unique things. !

Birthday presents for 12 year old girl?
She likes the color orange. She likes unique things. !
I am going to her party in a week. She likes the store clairs and so om, I need help with her present!so, help?

Could I sell my metal Katana sword for the same price around $150?

I would like to sell a metal Katana sword; Price?
OK well I bought this Katana Sword for myself a few years back and now I want to sell it. I bought it for around $150. Could I sell it for the same price? It is unused; I took it out only a few times and I need to toss it out. I seriously don’t want it and I need it gone. The sword is about 4 feet long and weighs a good 10 pounds. Totally untouched.

Do you believe it is your right to keep and bear arms???

Is it your right to keep and bear arms?
Do you believe it is your right to keep and bear arms??? Or is it a privilege that can be regulated. You see, the 2nd amendment said our “right”. A right is something that can not be violated or regulated in anyway. Take freedom of speech. It is a right. And once you start regulating that, it is no longer a right, but a privilege, no longer freedom…

I enjoy collecting toys from my childhood, because they bring back great memories.

Is it immature to collect toys from my childhood?
So I started collecting toys that I used to play with as a child. Most of my family members and friends don’t understand why I do this and consider it to be immature and childish.

I don’t play with them, but I do have them displayed.

Does anyone has a happy experience with ekeko doll?

Ekeko doll makes your dream come true?
does anyone has a happy experience with ekeko doll? i want to buy it if i can get a true love.

Was it weird for a kid to like dolls or disney princesses movies?

Im a 14 year old BOY that loves Barbie Dolls ( just the collector ones and fashionistas, am i weird?
Im a 14 year old boy and i love the fashionistas and barbie basics dolls (mostly barbie basics dolls), i think they are beautiful, cute, and pretty i really think theres nothing weird with me liking barbies, but when i was a kid ( 7 years old kid) i never had a doll and i wished one sooooo much but my dad thought that it was weird for a kid to like dolls or disney princesses movies,

Are there any electronic gadgets – not too expensive for my teen brother?

Electronic Gadget gift ideas for a teen boy?
Are there any new – not too expensive – electronic gadgets out? I don’t know what I want to get for Birthday for my teen brother,I was thinking along the lines of webcam, new phone, pay half for laptop etc.
Are there any cool gadgets out there that you like to give to your younger brother?

The dolls make a man or a boy happy and doing inside he home

Is it OK for a man or a boy to play with dolls?

even if the dolls make him happy and doing inside he home

Providing your bathroom A Cool look with Heat

Traditional radiators are classic in design radiators that can offer clean heating in all areas of home and office. Traditional radiators are highly functional and cost effective and the heat provided by traditional radiators can reach each and every area of the home.

Should I cancel the phone option and just pay for line rental for the broadband?

How can I get cheaper broadband and landline?
I am on BT Unlimited Anytime Plan direct debit for £19.50 a month and BT Total Broadband Option for £17.80 DD a month. My arrears are £73.82. BT want to double my £25 a month DD to £50.50 a month from September 15th. I don’t really need a landline phone because I get calls to mobiles and landline numbers on my mobile monthly contract with lots of spare minutes.

Dazzle HD video recorder plus does not record the people talking.

Dazzle video recorder help?
I finally got my Dazzle HD video recorder plus set up and working and it works fine. I’m trying to recorded Call Of Duty gameplay for a channel on youtube me and my friend run but it wont record the voices of other players in the match.

When I buy an Netflix account is there much more films/programs?

Question regarding Netflix?
I decided to get a trial version with Netflix as I love films and thought I’d give it a try rather than always DVD’s.
I noticed that there isn’t as much as I’d expect them to have.
Is this because I have a trial account? when I buy an account is there much more films/programs?

What can record and produce very good quality videos for Xbox 360?

A good recording device/capture card for Xbox 360?
So I started youtubing about games a little bit over a month ago but I only had an iPhone since then to record I dunno what is good I know lots of people use dazzles but even the HD dazzles are very bad. What would be something that can record and produce very good quality videos? Thanks I really need it

My Sanyo television is on channel 2 and won’t go up or down.

Comcast basic cable set up?
I just got the box today for my basic cable and in the set up instructions, it says to turn my TV on to channel 3 after everything is hooked up and then to also switch to channel 3 on the box.

What sound recording i need to for high quality records with my pc?

How can i record sound at studio quality with my pc?
Im interested in sound recording, but as you know i cant make high quality records with a normal pc and microphone. So i bought a microphone thats better in this job. But when i try it i saw that its not working as it should. Now i want to know what i need to for high quality records with my pc (maybe a sound card, amp, etc).
Thanks for any help.

Comcast don’t come out,but they say my house is on hold.

Comcast house on hold question?
I just moved to this house, been trying to get service out here I hear from my neighbors that Comcast don’t come out here but once I call them they say my house is on hold that I need to provide prove that I’m a new resident, well that’s not a problem but since I kinda live in a rural area does that mean they for sure can give me service once I provide prove cause I don’t want to go through all this trouble and they say my house is unserviceable,

Sky plus says, for every channel ‘further schedule information is not available’.

Sky plus help please?
Had sky plus for a couple of years and today I was taping something and it said that it would automatically delete something because there was no disc space. So I went and deleted some stuff myself which is something I’ve done before. But for some reason this time it won’t let me tape anything that’s not already set up to tape (plenty of disc space left now)

The difference between TVONICS DTR HD500 and HD Z-500?

Can anyone help me find out the difference between these two HDD Recorders



I am interested in getting one of these,but do not know which is the better model

What format should I use for a DVD Super Multi DL Disk?

I have a DVD Super Multi DL Disk my lap top whats the best dvd disk to buy/use?
For the past few months I have tried several brands of disk with out luck. Every time I try it comes up with a invalid format message..

I have A Shelf of DVDs, should get it a Xbox to paly DVDs?

Does the Xbox HD DVD Play Regular DVDS?
I have A Shelf of DVDs and My Friend is giving me his xbox and I want to know If I should get it, and if it does will it work on the slim?

How do I get to the next movie without starting all over, using a Tivo for Netflix?

Anybody here use a Tivo for Netflix?
I just hooked up my Tivo to watch Netflix but can’t figure out how to navigate from one movie to the next. When a movie is over, how do I get to the next one without starting all over?

Come out to reposition the Direct TV satellite dish and it is going to cost me $50

How do you adjust a Direct TV satellite?
My picture is ready distorted and half of the channels say searching for satellite. I called the customer service and we did a number of tests over the phone. They said someone needs to come out to reposition the dish and it is going to cost me $50 for them to come out.

I’m trying to delete every recorded show off of my time warner cable dvr.

Is there a way to delete everything off a twc dvr?
I’m trying to delete every recorded show off of my time warner cable dvr, is there a way that i can delete everything at once?
It takes for ever to it one at a time.

Should a k-12 student use iPad to type, presentiations, spreadsheets, etc?

Is iPad good for a student?
They use it to type, presentations, spreadsheets, watch movies, surf the web, and games. They are a k-12 student.

Would a web cam work through the same USB connection of Kindle Fire?

I’m researching a Kindle Fire. I see that you can charge the battery by plugging it into USB on your computer. Would a web cam work through the same USB connection? Is there a USB port to plug into the device or is it just a charging wire that has a USB plug at the end like my cell phone?

Blackberry bold smartphone battery can’t go red it just goes yellow.

Blackberry bold smartphone battery issue?
Ok so I had half a battery yesterday and I was only on bbm, nothing more, so nothing could use all my battery. And it was half full, not on yellow and it said battery drained shutting down device now.

Blackberry has been freezing and always bringing up the little timer clock and then being fine again.

Blackberry phone battery draining!!?
Ok so I’ve had my Blackberry curve 9300 for just over a year, it has been ok apart from the scroller scrolls when I am texting sometimes when I don’t want it to!

Anyway over the past week, my phone has been freezing and always bringing up the little timer clock and then being fine again. When I am asleep I switch my phone off, even on 50% battery when I wake up my phone won’t turn back on so it only works when I charge it!

I want to unlock Blackberry Bold 9900, how much will it cost?

How much would cost to unlock Blackberry Bold 9900?

How to use PanDigital 72-70FW 7-Inch Tablet Computer?

Can I put my own backgrounds, save pictures, use a browser, and upload must own .mobi files to use with the kindle App on this???

First and last questions are most important.

I want to get a Macbook Air,But everyone tells me that I MUST get a iPad.

Can’t decide between getting an iPad or a MacBook Air?
I already have a MacBook Pro, but I had it for years (and not going to get rid of it), but it pretty much has my entire life in it. I am afraid to take it places because if I lose it, I’d probably have a nervous breakdown. All of my college coursework, essays, reports, pictures, passwords, music, homemade videos, movies, EVERYTHING is in my computer.

How do I buy apps for my Android Nexus 7?

How Do I Buy Things On The Play Store Or Android Market?
Hi guys. Im planning on getting a Nexus 7. And Like, how do you buy things on the Android Market Or Play Store or what ever its called? I heard that they just charge it to your bill, but, the Nexus 7 is a WiFi Tablet last time I remembered, Not a Contract.( Not trying to be rude ._. )

If the lost iPad dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

Please help i lost my ipad!?
I lost my ipad, there’s a chance it could’ve been stolen. If its dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

If i block a person on whatsapp can they still see my profile pic?

Can they still see my profile pic if i block them on whatsapp?
if i block a person on whatsapp can they still see my profile pic

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