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What to do to stop the PSP custom firmware deleting itself?

Problem with my psp and how do i stop the problem? ok so the stupid custom firmware is deleting it self and i had to go to the fking store 5 times to put it back. what to do to stop the custom firmware deleting itself and i dont knw any thing about it like […]

Is there a way to download and play ps vita games on ps vita?

How to download and play ps vita games on ps vita? Is there a way.Please don’t say something fake.

Could I find all PSVita games on PSN store?

Are all ps vita games on the psn store? I have been looking around and haven’t found an answer yet. The newly released games for ps vita should be on the store right? And are they the same amount of money as the actual game cartridge?

There are air bubbles on my psp 3000

How do i remove air bubbles from my psp 3000? i have a brand new psp i tried the credit card thing but it doesn’t work plz help

For graphics, Fillrate vs PSP vs 3DS

I want to know something about graphics (fillrate, psp and 3ds)? i just wanted to know how much greater the graphics between the 2 i no that in fillrate graphics the psp has around 646 Million fillrate per second and the nintendo 3ds has 1.6 Billion fillrate per second will this mean that

My PSP 1001 died, should I buy PSPGo?

Should i get a psp go? my psp 1001 died. and i need a new one but should i?

How to backpu PSP games in the Memstick?

Psp backup games/i put it but nothing happened? i have put the game in the memstick but it says corrupted data. the file was cso and iso

Second hand umds for PSP 3006

Where can I get second-hand umd for psp in S’pore? I bought a psp 3006 for my son from Sim Lim Square, which I regret cos I felt I was conned. So now I know this system cannot download games from game shops, the next best option is to get second hand umds.

How much about 2G memory,11 games,2 movies and a case for PSP?

How much will gamestop give me for my psp 2 gig memory card and 11 games and 2 movies and a case?

Crystal clear psp 1000 full housing

Where can i get a crystal clear psp 1000 full housing? preferably under $25. either ebay or . if you know of a different site that sells them, i want to know that they are legit, so put a testimonial.

iPod touch or DSi or PSP, which one is best?

What should i get a iPod touch or DSi or PSP? Either a iPod touch 4G when it comes out or a PSP 3000 or a DSi. I like to play handheld game systems and i like listing to music and i don’t know what to get.

For a 13 year old? “PSP Go” vs “DSi XL”

Sony Psp Go vs Nintendo Dsi XL: What will be the best portable console for a 13 year old? I am interested in getting a new portable gaming system for myself, and i am stuck between these two consoles.

Where i can download all psp games demos?

Where i can download all psp games demos? i have psp 3000 6.20 which is unhackable, so im thinking to download some demos but when i google it i get some sites but they have very few games demo. so any know where i can get all games demos.

“5.50 gen d” upgrade to “5.50 den d3” firmware for PSP1000

Custom firmware for psp 1000? Right now, I have a psp 1000 with custom firmware: 5.50 gen d and I want to upgrade it to 5.50 den d3. Is it possible to do that? And how? I ask this question because a forum told me I had to have 5.00 M33-6.

PC asks me to format the memory card of PSP

Help With Psp PLZ please? Hi there i bought a used memory card for the psp from gamestop and it works on everything except when i plug it in to my pc it asks me to format it

Wii vs PS3 vs PSP vs Xbox 360

What is better wii or ps3 or psp or xbox 360? in art,control and wii or ps3 or psp or xbox 360 have the most popularity?????? in really i like wii but are the art good????

My PSP 1000 seems to freeze

My PSP seems to freeze when I press on the control pad. Why is that and how can I fix it? I have the PSP-1000.?

Can i upgrade my psp cfw

Upgrading my psp cfw? i hav a hacked psp 3004 with cfw 5.03 m33. can i upgrade my psp it safe?which cfw should i use for upgrading?

My psp slim doesnt read any ISO games

My psp slim doesnt read any ISO games, but it seems to read pictures, music and video? my psp system software is 5.50 GEN-D (full) brand new memory stick (but still does’nt read games that i installed)

What the problem with my psp?

What the problem with my psp? i have a fat psp that fell off my bed a couple of days ago, now it’s not switching on, whats the problem and is there a way i can fix it myself? Best Answer probably the battery. See if it works without the battery and just the cable. […]

What is the price of new PS and Xbox

What is the price of new … PSP PS2 PS3 Xbox Xbox 360?

Do you have to pay for skype on a PSP?

Do u have 2 pay 4 skype on a psp? ok i just got a psp slim and i heard u can text on it using skype and i also heard u can buy i phone number so i was wondering do u have 2 pay 2 get a skype (not counting the buying the […]

How do I take Playstation Network account off of PSP?

How do I take my Playstation Network account off of my PSP? I don’t know how to take my Playstation Network account off of my PSP. I’m selling my PSP so I need it off. If it helps any, I have a PSP 3000 with the latest update.

How to fix psp, error dns error?

How to fix psp, error dns error please check settings? i habe a psps 1000 and a game nba the inside 09

Is my PSP 2000 hackable?

Is my PSP 2000 hackable? I bought a PSP 2000 (2001) the other day. its used and i got it off EBAY! 🙂 Its firmware is 3.80 ofw. the serial on the bottom starts out with – AT044206—- and so on.

PSP firmware games walkthrough.

PSP firmware games walkthrough. help please? alright so my PS3 broke and now my PSP has taken center stage. now i want to find out how to get free psp games on my psp. supposedly, the best way is to downgrade your psp and upgrade it with a firmware compatible with the downloadable games.

I want get anime and city pictures for my PSP3000

What website can i find anime and city pictures? i want get some good images for my psp 3000

How can i downgrade PSP 5.03 to 4.01 m33?

PSP downgrade…pls help…? the version of my psp is 5.03, how can i downgrade it to 4.01 m33…pls answer fast..

Restore pandora battery to a normal battery

How to create a pandora battery but still restore it to a normal battery? i would like to use this pandora battery to unbrick my psp cause it is 5.03 but i installed the m33 using hellcat recovery and after that i cant open it ,,maybe its bricked so there…

Are PS2 and PSP graphics almost the same?

Dont you think PS2 and PSP graphics are almost the same? I have a PS2 and a PSP. I love playing on the PS2… even more than the PSP… But I am disappointed that despite having almost identical graphics(that’s wot I think) there seems to be more recent titles on the PSP…. Why is this?????

Are there any good psp games out there?

Are there any good psp games out there? I am planning to get a psp but then alot of my friends say that all of the psp games suck, they haven’t released any good games in a while, is this true? can someone please confirm this.

DSi, PSP go, Pandora, or Ipod Touch?

DSi, PSP go, Pandora, or Ipod Touch? Which is the best handheld system for mainly highspeed browsing but some gaming wouldn’t be bad either?

Patapon 2 game save help?

Patapon 2 game save help? can anyone tell me directions on how to put a patapon 2 game save file from the internet onto psp its also a zip file and where to put on my psp

Good must-have Games for PSP?

what are some good must-have games for psp? i have mpo, mpo+ (my favs) i just got mgs peace walker on pre-order today, super collapse 3, d-cube, zombie tycoon, age of zombies, fieldrunners, daxter, and all the need for speed games ever made for psp.. i have just purchased lbp and gran turismo

Psp question on updates ?

Psp question on updates ???? when will sony come out with another system update for the 1001 series

Should I get an itouch or Psp go?

Should I get an itouch or Psp go? I basically want internet anywhere,music,videos and then maybe play a few games.

Will a PSP 3000 be out of fashion within the next months?

Will a PSP 3000 be out of fashion if i buy it within the next few months? im thinking of buying a psp 3000 chip to download and play games. my xbox 360 arcade has a video problem as the video cant be seen but the audio can be heard. microsoft are giving me a […]

My PSP won’t read UMDs.

Okay first & foremost my PSP is a PSP 1000 who’s warranty has long expired so please no answers telling me to send it to Sony. A while back my screen got cracked & I just replaced it today. The problem is that my system would not read UMDs after fixing it

The list of PSP games with no CustomFirmWare 5.03

Please give me the list of PSP games which does not need CustomFirmWare 5.03 or less? I have a PSP 3004(only been one week since i got it) and i want to play ripped or downloaded games in it.

How to hack psp wep key?

How to hack psp wep key? i scan and i found ssid (planexuser) 87% signal strength. help me how to do it. anything. i want to know his/her wep key anything anything anything.

My psp works funny

ok my psp will turn on while its on the chrager and function normally but the minute i take it off it shuts down. when i put it on the little orange light turns on for about 5 seconds then dissapears.

Any good PSP games out lately?

The PSP has been having a bit of a dry-spell for the past couple years (Since it came out…) But i was just wandering, have you played any worthwhile games on it recently?

What’s the games for PSP3000?

Is the PSP dead? This seems to get asked every few months or so, here’s the next round. What do you think? I’m considering buying a PSP3000 (yes, not a PSPgo) and the main problem I’ve encountered is that I haven’t found any hype or big expectations about any of the games coming out soon […]

PSP Go or Nintendo DSI?

I’ve been thinking about getting a PSP go for a while now since my PSP broke. But I forgot about the Nintendo DSI. I love everything about the Psp Go (except for the price…). But the Nintendo DSI has everything the PSp Go has except for Movies/Videos which is a problem since I loved watching […]

PSP Gameplay question

I have recently downloaded this game called Ben10 vilgax attacks. When ie ver i start it it just auto matically shuts my psp off? Why?

Can you use a PSP player to download music from Itunes?

My Apples Ipod just broke the other day after 4 years of using it. My little brother got a PSP player for Christmas, and he doesn’t use it as often. I’ve never used a PSP before, but I have heard that you can play music from it.

Should I get a Psp go or a DSI?

To me price does not really matter. I want Pokemon: explorers of the sky and the upcoming Pokemon Heartgold but if I get a Psp go i prepare to get the upcoming Dante’s inferno, crisis core, and Tekken 6. Which one should I get, Psp go or a DSI??

play the umd games for my psp on psp go

I have a psp and am thinking about getting a psp go. is there any way to play the umd games for my psp on pspgo?

Setup r4 card for my ds lite

I just got an r4 card for my ds lite and i didnt get a set up disk with it can anyon help? i need to know how to set it up from step one to finished

Download ultimate blue 3 theme for psp for free

From which website i can download ultimate blue 3 theme for psp for free ? please tell me i really need this theme

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