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I hooked up my PS3 with the red, white and yellow cables, but it looks horrible.

PS3 looks horrible on new LCD? I just bought a new LCD TV. It’s a Toshiba 32hv10g model. These are its settings: Color System: PAL, SECAM, NTSC, 3.58/4.43 Video Signal: 480i/480p (60Hz), 576i/576p (50Hz), 720p (50/60Hz), 1080i (50/60Hz), 1080p (50/60Hz) through HDMI Display Resolution: 1366 x 768 Viewing Angle: 178 Degree

When will Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 be released?

Will Skyrim Dawnguard also be released for PS3?

“PC” vs “Playstation 3” vs “Xbox 360”, which one is the most used gaming system?

What is the most used gaming system out of these 3? Im just curious to know what (order from greatest to least) gaming system has the most “Gamers” on them worldwide… ie the most sold for gaming purpose which would be excluding notebooks for business etc.

“PS3 Move” vs “Xbox 360 Kinect”,Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer PS3 Move or Xbox 360 Kinect? I personally prefer Xbox 360 and stuff over PS3 and its stuff because I have found that Xbox is better for games like RPG, I can’t exactly say about Kinect against Move, but through reviews and the look plus controls I would have to go […]

“PS3 Move” vs “Xbox 360 Kinect” vs “Wii”

What’s the difference between the PS3 Move, the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Wii? Which is better in terms of value? Which is better in terms of game selection? Which is better in terms of amount of fun? Which is better in terms of accuracy?

Can i play PS2,PS1 games on PS3 with a certain type of controller?

Questions about my playstation 3 slim 120gb model? i have alot of games but i don’t like the music is there a way to listen to my music i have downloaded to my hdd,and will i have ylod problems with my ps3 cuz my xbox 360 went out on me three times in a month, […]

How to Join hacked mw2 Challange Lobby For Ps3?

Can i Join a Free mw2 Challange Lobby For Ps3? how would one get into a non private game that is hacked??

Who has the call of duty mw2 map packs for PS3?

Call Of Duty MW2 Ps3? Would any one who has the call of duty mw2 map packs let me get their email and password to download the maps?? I have a really fast internet connection it would only take a fifteen minutes. I wont try to mess with any ones things just trying to get […]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops demo available for download?

When is the Call Of Duty: Black Ops demo available for download for ps3 from the ps store?

How to jailbreak PS3(PlayStation 3)?

Follow the complete step by step guide posted below to jailbreak your PlayStation 3 to enable you to create backups of original discs. Pre-requisites are as follows: * Any (FAT or SLIM) PlayStation 3 Console running firmware 3.41 or above.

“Red dead redemption” vs “little big planet” vs “get killzone 3” vs “uncharted 3”

What should i do with my PS3 Games? so i have uncharted 2 and killzone 2, and i like to buy red dead redemption and little big planet, and thats not until next year because i cant buy games now…. but next year, killzone 3 and uncharted 3 will be coming out, so what should […]

Besides mw2 and battlefield2 for PS3, what’s other good game?

Whats your favorite video game? besides mw2 and battlefield2 i’m looking for fun games to buy for the PS3

Can I upgrade PS3 20GB to 60GB?

Does the regular playstation 3 have a removable hard drive like the XBOX 360? I want to know so I can buy the 20GB PS3 now and upgrade to A 60GB later

How to piss people off on PS3 MW2?

Modern Warfare 2, how to piss people off? So I’ve ran out of ideas of how to piss people off anyone got anything else I’ve done Noob Tubing, Commando lunges, Getting in front of snipers and knifing them, calling care packages in radiation zones, being last in search and killing myself, not defusing the bomb, […]

PS2 memory card for PS3, Is it possible?

Is there a way to get memory from a PS2 memory card onto a PS3?

Playstation 2 controllers for a Playstation 3?

Can you use your Playstation 2 controllers on a Playstation 3?

PS3’s green light is flashing, why?

Why is the green light flashing on my ps3?

Set PS3 720p for dynasty warriors 6 empires,but TV was black

My ps3 has problems!!!? i tried playing dynasty warriors 6 empires for the first time and it wouldnt work because of the video settings. So i went to the video settings and set 720p but the screen went blank so i tried to quit but after i pressed quit the screen went black. I tried […]

Can I buy ps3 usb connector separately with the controller?

Is the ps3 usb connector needed to use the controller ? Apparently my last question didn’t go in so i’ll try again? My usb connector broke today and I was wondering if it was really needed to play or if i just use the charger or something. Also, if it is needed, where can i […]

PS3 vs Xbox 360, which one should I buy?

Which one is better?? PS3 or XBOX 360? and how much memory should it have if im not a hardcore video game fan

How much about 50 PS2 Games?

GAMESTOP PS2 GAMES TRADE IN VALUES? I have about 50 ps2 games that i would like to trade in to gamestop. im not going to bother listing every game… but i can tell you they are all over 2 years old and in good condition.

The saved data is overwrited on different PS3

PS3 question… ok here’s my question. Let’s say i play resistance 2 and the saved data is saved on my ps3. If i bring the game to a friends house and play it on a different console will the saved data be overwrited on the game and the memory of resistance 2 will it be […]

My sister trade in her ps3 for xbox 360, why?

Why did my sister trade in her ps3 for xbox 360…? alright long story so we have 2 ps3 at home and ones mine and ones my sister. so she today is going to trade her ps3 for a 360 final fantasy bundle although they have the new 360 slim in stock in my gamestop […]

Could I use external HDD to add PS3 game saves?

Can you use a external hdd to….? to add game saves to and put more hdd space in?

Which PS3 games are fun, such like little big planet?

Looking for fun ps3 games? so i just got my ps3 like a week ago and bought the game little big planet and absolutely love it. but now im looking for more fun games to play. I don’t like really hard/difficult games, or games that are just for their story..

How to transfer PS3 game from PC to PS3?

How can i transfer ps3 game from PC to ps3 ? i bought ps3 game from my pc (download it) and i want to transfer it to my ps3 how ????

Cheaters are ruining Modern Warfare 2 for PS3.

Modern Warfare 2 for PS3 question? How the hell did a player on my team during a death match, start the match with 2 harrier strikes. The moment the countdown was over he called in 2 strikes, what kind of cheating **** is this? Can someone shine some light on this crap.

Is it possible to hack CoD4 on PS3?

Is it still possible to prestige hack on CoD4 on PS3? I never prestiged hacked in WaW or MW2, but I recently brought this and do not have the time to to it legitimately to get 10 custom classes.

Is PS3 160GB worth $300?

Is it worth buying a $300 160gb PS3? First of all I want to buy a brand new PS3 as much as possible. Though the PS3 slims are newer, they are slower than PS3 fat… so I decided to canvas for a fat one, but the fat ones are no longer selling in stores or […]

Ps3 controller always lean to the left on GTA iv

Ps3 controller on gta iv makes planes or bikes always lean to the left? whenever i go onto a motorbike or plane on GTA IV ps3 the vechile always turns to the right The cars are fine by the way!

Wireless connector for React Reaper guitar of PS2

I have a React wireless Reaper guitar for Guitar Hero PS2 I have lost the wireless connector,…? …where can i get a new one? I can’t find the React company online. I don’t want to have to buy a whole new guitar. Where can I get the wireless connector? It just plugs into the slot […]

Wii My PS3 get a virus via PSN?

Can I get a virus via PSN on my PS3? My Dad doesn’t want me to play PSN cause he thinks viruses will get into the PS3. Thanks in advance.

Is it safe if i put my ps3 slim vertical?

Should i put my ps3 slim vertical or horizontal? is it safe if i put my ps3 slim vertical? i mean about heating or software problems. well for me, it wont topple over cause i sort of taped it down. i just want to know whether will my ps3 slim get problems in a long […]

PS3 60gb overheats with playing games and Blu-ray

PS3 Overheats When Playing Games/Blu-Ray? Hey guys. When I got my PS3 60gb, it did not give off as much heat as it is doing now. Is there a way to solve this problem?

How much I can get a PS3 in new jersey?

Should i get a ps3 and if so how much does it cost ? i live in new jersey so i would like to know a place there that sell them for a good price and what are some good gun game that i can buy to play on it and how do i go […]

PS3 says “hard drive disk is not connected”

Im having problems with my PS3 can you help??? T.T? Im have a issue with my ps3 it turns on fine but a messages comes on saying ” hard drive disk is not connected” can any tell me why and how to fix it ( and don’t tell me the hard drive is Just not […]

Cable for TV to hook up Xbox360 and PS3 both?

Is there something like this? Please read detail then answer!? My family all together has an Xbox 360, ps3, and wii in our game room and we are tired of switching the A/V cords from xbox to wii to ps3, etc. is there an accsessory that i can hook up all the A/V cords to […]

What’s the Pros and Cons for PS3 and Xbox?

Xbox or PS3, which is better? and why?

Xbox 360 vs PS3, which system is better?

Which is a better system in your opinion?(BQ)? Im sure you’ve heard this question all the time but I want to know, which system in your opinion is better? Xbox 360(the new one with Kinect) or The PS3? I mean I heard that the Xbox had more games but PS3 has all of these cool […]

Overheat, buy Xbox360 or PS3?

Does the ps3 has the same overheating problem than the xbos360?should i buy: xbox360 or ps3. does ps3 overheat? i am thinking on upgrading to xbox360…my old system overheats and frezes after playing for a few hours…its time to upgrade….would it have this problem if i purchase the ps3?

Where should i sell my wii and playstation 2?

Where should i sell my wii and playstation 2? Should I give my wii to best buy for 80 dollars, or should i sell it on ebay? if so how much…i have 3 controllers, one of those two controller charging dock thing, wii balance board, 2 numchucks, about 7 games and the wii looks and […]

Should i get world at war on ps3?

Should i get world at war on ps3? well title sums it up should i get it and how would you rate this game. is it better than MW2 for you and tell me why because i wanna see what you guys or gals who wants to get rid of your phobia of the living […]

Quick Scoping & Other Tricks with snipers

MW2: Help Quick Scoping & Other Tricks with snipers (PS3)? I love using a sniper (intervention with FMJ) but i suck with it.. mostly at quick scoping when i ever i see someone i rush to quickly to do quick scope and i fail…

3D from PS3 will play on regular LCD TV?

I heard 3D from the ps3 will play on some regular LCDs? I have a sony KDL-46v5100 LCD tv, it has a 120hz refresh rate, and I was wondering, when ps3 updated to be able to be played in 3D, would this tv work. I read somewhere that you don’t need a 3D ready tv, […]

Hook up PS3 and TV HD Satellite Receiver to samsung theater

How do you hook up a PS3 and a Direct TV HD Satellite Receiver to a samsung digital theater system? I bought a samsung surround sound system (model: HT-Z320) to hook up to my Playstation 3 and my Satellite Receiver. I can not figure this out to save my life. I hooked up the white […]

Surround sound from PS3 with DVD and HDTV

PS3 + DVD home theater sound system + HDTV, can you hear surround sound from PS3? PS3 is connected to HDTV with HDMI. HDTV is connected to DVD home theater by HDMI. The DVD home theater system has no HDMI inputs, just output. Thank you.

Video will be bad on PS3 through Media center?

Videos really bad quality after streaming them on PS3 Through Media center.? So, i convert movies with AVS Video Converter 4 and convert movies to MPEG. And they are horrible. How can i change this?

Play cod waw (5) co-op PS3 with random people?

Can you play cod waw (5) co-op PS3 with random people? so, can you play call of duty world at war (5) with random people , like is there a public party system or do you need people in your friendlist>?

Need to change PS3 audio settings when connected to receiver?

Do I need to change audio settings on my PS3 when connected to my receiver? So I am using my P23 slim as my Blu-Ray player. Tomorrow I will be purchasing the Onkyo 707 receiver and a Mirage subwoofer.

How to fix sticky buttons on a PS3 Controller?

Whats a good way to fix sticky buttons on a PS3 Controller? anything that won’t screw up my controller? im asking cuz i don’t want to buy another controller, but my X button is really irritating me.

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