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I can’t login WOW with good internet connection and valid account…

Why won’t World of Warcraft let me log in? I just tried to log into World of Warcraft and it wouldn’t let me connect. I have a good internet connection and my account is valid. I can’t see any reason that I wouldn’t be able to log in. Can somebody help me out?

“PC” vs “Playstation 3” vs “Xbox 360”, which one is the most used gaming system?

What is the most used gaming system out of these 3? Im just curious to know what (order from greatest to least) gaming system has the most “Gamers” on them worldwide… ie the most sold for gaming purpose which would be excluding notebooks for business etc.

Sims3Launcher.exe – Fatal… CLR error: 80004005.

Sims 3 won’t work? Help ! I just installed the sims 3 to my computer, i also installed it to my other computer so i know it works.. however everytime i try and open the launcher on this computer it pops up with- Sims3Launcher.exe – Fatal… CLR error: 80004005. The program will now terminate.

Who will be leveling multiple characters of WoW in revamped zones?

Leveling a new character in multiple staring zones in wow? who will be leveling multiple characters in all the revamped zones to experience all the new stuff? explain what your plans are for leveling in cat and are you going to play any of the characters you have now?

I paid to have my WoW, But it still says I’m on a trial account.

World of Warcraft Account Subscription? I paid to have my WoW account made a full time full member yesterday. It has been over 24 hours and it still says I’m on a trial account. HELP!?

How to take screenshot from PC Game?

How do you take a screenshot of scene from a computer game? I wanted to get a screenshot from one of my favorite computer games but I don’t know how…

On WOW: How make own emotes like kill the lich king?

How do you make your own emotes on wow? ok so i saw some 1 doing an emote that you cant / something like in hall of reflection some1 /kill the lich king(idk if the did /kill) but that doesnt work in he game and it said so and so has killed the lich king […]

About Starcraft 2, Have you gotten it in the mail?

Has anyone gotten starcraft 2 in the mail? I just want to know when mine will arrive

Sims 3 game base is incompatible with expansion pack

Sims expansion pack help? I just installed The Sims 3 High end lot stuff expansion pack and now when i go to the sims game launchers it says Your Sims 3 game base is incompatible with expansion pack, update in the sims 3 game launcher but my game launcher won’t load.. Help?

“Pokemon HeartGold” vs “Platinum”

Should I get Pokemon HeartGold or Platinum? I’m looking for variety, replay-ability, length, and overall pokemon designs.

An Sims 3 error occured while trying to copy a file: Data error

I have a problem while installing the sims 3 pirated DVD on my PC.? while im installing the setup for the sims 3 on my pirated DVD on my PC(windows 7). the setup pops up and show me this:-

“Xbox 360” vs “alienware desktop” for Game.

Which is better, console gaming or pc gaming? I have an xbox 360, but I was thinking of buying an alienware desktop. If I do then I will buy most of my games on the PC because the games will be better.

“GeForce GTX 460,4GB DDR 3” for Crisis and napoleon total war

Is this a good gaming pc,will it play games like crisis and napoleon total war on high settings? Operating System:Windows 7 (will it run better with 32 bit or 62 bit) Features: DUAL GeForce GTX 460

Altair looks like he’s in a Benny Hill chase and all the dialogue is messed up.

PC: Assassins Creed running to fast? I bought Assassins Creed for PC for 10 bucks at Walmart a couple days ago. I played it a bit and then turned the specs all up to high because my computer can more than handle it. Ever since though, the game runs fast.

Nancy Drew Haunting of Castle Malloy PC game

PC Game won’t Download 🙁 Help? I’m reinstalling my Nancy Drew Haunting of Castle Malloy PC game, I get about half way through installation- then I have to insert the 2nd CD. But when I try to take the 1st CD out, the computer won’t let me because it says the information won’t be saved. […]

Is Star craft 2 a made for computer only game?

Star craft 2 pc question? is this a made for computer only game? doe that mean it will have beast graphics? lol and can i run it?

Does anyone know a pc game sounds like Alien vs human?

Alien vs human pc game? Back in 2001-03, i would play a game which would allow you to choose to side with aliens with giant gray heads with black eyes and thin necks, or humans to fight each other either online or in campaign mode.

Where can we free download Banana Bugs games?

Download Banana Bugs Games Free? Where can we free download Banana Bugs games?

Where can I find the downloaded files in Sims 2 folder?

I downloaded a Sim on sims 2 but i cant find it, :D? I went on ‘MOD THE SIMS 2’ and downloded Alessandra Ambrosio (as a sim) so i clicked on download extracted her to the folder ‘Downloads’ and went on the game but i couldnt find her

Will getting Just Cause 2 free be legally?

Can i get just cause 2 for free? im just wondering also list a website please

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T,6gb DDR3 ram


A game like Empire total war smoothly.

What is the price of a average gaming pc and what would i need to play a game like Empire total war? I have always wanted to be a pc gamer but I have no idea what to look at ,i’m looking for something in the price range of 1000$ – 1200$ or below. Also […]

For PC,”CoD: WaW” vs “CoD: WaW Special Edition”

What’s the difference between CoD: WaW for PC and CoD: WaW Special Edition for PC?

Will my WoW account disappear over a year?

Will my world of warcraft account disappear? I don’t play for a really really long time, i think a little over a year, but i wanted to come back to wow, but now i’m kinda scared…. will my world of warcraft disappear for not playing so long?

System configuration utility is stoped working

Please help me ! i really want to play this game! I want to play mass effect on my laptop,but when i want to play it for first time, its said system configuration utility is stoped working.

NFS most wanted: the wheel is sensitive to movement

Need for Speed Most Wanted Question, please help!! PC? When playing Need for Speed Most Wanted with a steering wheel, I noticed that it is veeeery sensitive to movement. Is there any way I could make it better, by turning it down, so it doesn’t react to every darn movement I make.

Can u trade in metro 2033 at gamestop?

Can u trade in a pc game at gamestop? its metro 2033, and i beat it

I can’t play flash videos of youtube on PC

I Cant play videos on my pc. any help? i have the lastest flash player installed. but when i go to play a video on youtube or etc, the screen just freezes on like the first second of the video. I can hear the sound but the picture of the video wont progress. any advice?

Do you have to buy the Map packs for CoD

For PC, Do you have to buy the Map packs for CoD: Modern warfare 2? like the map packs for xbox 360 you have to buy, do you have to buy them? or do they come with the game automatically?

I want to build PC with FFXIV, intel i5 or i7

FFXIV, good pc parts? need some advice, want to build a pc, intel i5 or i7? I’m trying to build build a new gaming computer, I’m trying to get Final Fantasy XIV.

Does the game buy on Mac Stream work on PC?

Buy game on Steam (Mac) and work also on a PC? If i buy a game from steam on my mac, but then access steam from a pc, will i still be able to play the game without having to buy it again for a pc version.

What are good zombie games for pc?

What are good zombie games for pc? what are good zombie gamse for pc…my pc is a acer aspire intel core 3 qurd 4g ram nivdia Gefore intregated 750g harddrive it has to be games from before xbox 360 cause my computer cant handle high end games it would help me out cause i download […]

I am worried that pc gaming is dying.

Is pc gaming dying? im worried? Hi im getting a gaming pc but im worried that consoles are outselling them and that pc gaming is dying i myself have both an xbox 360 and ps3 but i know pc gaming is better

How to move a Sim out of their household in Sims 3?

How do I move a Sim out of their household in Sims 3? I tried checking the computer, but the only option near that is to “Check Real Estate”, which is only to buy out buildings and corporations, not lots or houses.

Fatal error cannot initialize renderer.

Fatal error cannot initialize renderer. got this error while starting up sniper ghost warrior? how do i fix it!? thanks alot.

Video games broken my PC graffics card?

Can a graffics card in my pc get broken because of video games ? could i have played stronger video gams than my grf card could support so it got broken

It won’t let me type on COD4 for PC

It won’t let me type on COD4 for PC? You know how you press the button that has the ` and ~ symbol to type? IT WON’T LET ME DO IT! ever since I accidently clicked the “safe mode” button on accident. please help!

Resident Evil 4 PC,buttons 5+6 not works

Resident Evil 4 PC Help? Well I torrented Resident Evil 4 for pc. Added some mods and its better than my wii version to be honest. A problem came up though. After you leave the farm and the men throw the boulder down, you must push 3 to run.

Where can we free download BumbleBee Jewel games?

Free Download BumbleBee Jewel Games? Where can we free download BumbleBee Jewel games?

What are some new pc games out,Not MMORPG?

What are some new pc games out? What are some new good games that are out for PC (Not MMORPG)

How to downgrade WoW from 3.3.5 to 3.3.3a?

How to downgrade World of Warcraft from 3.3.5 to 3.3.3a? Hi, i would like to play on an unoficial server that one of my friends built just so he could get the hang of online gaming and stuff, but the uses version 3.3.3a, but when i downloaded WoW it automatically updated itself to 3.3.5. Is […]

Upgrade arcane torrent in World of Warcraft

Can you upgrade arcane torrent in World of Warcraft? To do more damage, more mana restoration, etc.

Problems with downloading WoW patch 3.3.5?

Is anyone else having problems downloading WoW patch 3.3.5? Hello. I was wondering if anyone else was having problems downloading this patch. Mine is stalling at 10% and then telling me that the tracker is not responding.

What is the required level to kill Lord Ahune in WoW?

WoW:Midsummer: Lord Ahune minimum lvl? So i have a 68 Dreinei Death Knight who has already got most of the Flame Warden achievments(Burning Hot Pole Dance, Flame Warden of Azeroth, Torch Thrower, about to get Extinguisher of Azeroth)

Where to get the previous patches of WOW?

Where can I get a list of past and future updates and changes in World of Warcraft patches? I’m looking to get back in to the game, and I’d like to see what I’ve missed and what could be coming up.

Install error with wrath of the lich king of WOW

What do I do when I try to install wow and I keep getting this error? i’v tried everything I can think of but its not working I keep getting errors similar to this

Will buying the Burning Crusade give you play time?

WoW Burning Crusade at stores!!!!!? Will buying the Burning Crusade give you play time? For example, the original WoW gave you the first 30 days i already have the first World of warcraft

What’s better MW2 on PC or Xbox 360?

What’s better MW2 on PC or 360? I want Modern Warfare 2 but i dont have a Xbox yet and i was wondering if its better to get it on the PC or the 360. Also i was wondering if Live is free on the computer

Is this a good gaming pc ?

Is this a good gaming pc ? PROCESSOR – Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo Processor (3.0 GHz) MOTHERBOARD – Zotac GeForce 8200 RAM – 2GB DDR2 Desktop Computer Memory RAM 800MHz Transcend HARD DISK – 160 GB Sata Seagate

IS battlefield Bad company 2 a good PC game ?

IS battlefield Bad company 2 a good PC game ? I have been lately been playing quite a lot of Modern warfare 2 on the PC , now I have gone bored of it . Is battlefield Bad company 2 a better game than call of duty ?

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