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Nintendo Dogz is Thirsty, how to feed him?

How do you feed your god on Nintendo Dogz? I Have A Nintendo Dogz Today And He’s Thirsty But It Doesn’t Even Say How To Feed Him! He’s Thirsty And Hungry . And I Don’t Know How. I Mean Dog*

What does Halo:Reach come with when pre-ordered?

When is Halo:Reach coming out and what does it come with when pre-ordered? can’t find this anywhere!

jtag for CoD6(Call of duty 6) multiplayer unlock

Call of duty 6 help with multiplayer and spec ops? Hello I am I great mw2 fan but I have a few questions about it! 1: how to do you hack special ops and unlock alpha beta delta etc. (all of them)

Where can I find Mr Burke, if I did not blow up Megaton?

Fallout 3, Mr Burke, post Megaton Atomic Bomb Disarm? Where can I find him, if I did not blow up Megaton? I want to kill him for some good karma.

What will we get for collections in madden ultimate team 11?

In madden ultimate team 11, what are the different collections we can collect, and what will we get for them? look at question

People challenge MW2 sucks by saying a good player can counter

Another MW2 sucks question? OK, I was just looking rants about how people saying how MW2 sucks (i no rite like no life) but anyway, people would challenge the statement that MW2 sucks by saying a good player can counter – campers, commando, noob tubes, and much more horse **** I can’t think of right […]

Error Code : 5 on uploading Sims

Why Can’t I Upload My Sims ? whenever i go to body shop and try to upload my sim on , i make sure that i put in my right log in information and it says Connection Attempt Failed Error Code : 5

What’s Good Classes for MW2?

MW2: Good Classes please? e.g. Sniping, Assault Rifle, Rushing, S&D, Sub-machine gun, Stealth etc….

Im thinking of getting turtle beach headset

What gaming headset should i get? Im thinking of getting turtle beach cause my friends have them and say they are good and cause its a popular company so it should have good headsets. I would want to keep a price range of $200 dollars.

Infinity Ward did mistakes?

What mistakes has Infinity Ward done? Dont get me wrong i liked MW2 but it has so many messed up things or things that they should’ve done differently

What’s BK in gaming terms?

What does term BK mean? in gaming terms.

How much is my Nintendo 64 for like 8 or 9 years

How much should i sell my Nintendo 64 for? I have my Nintendo 64 for like 8 or 9 years and it will come with two controllers and a Mario kart Game. And also it will come with the cables too.

I use an Atari 2600 after almost 25+ years

Why are older consoles more durable than newer ones? Why can I use an Atari 2600 after almost 25+ years , while my new 360 / PS3 breaks down so fast?(In a few weeks , months if lucky)

You pick a starting point at the top and move down.

What’s the name of that game…? The one often seen in anime. It is has ladders and is usually used to decide who gets what.

How long to ship a game from UK to Middle East?

How long would it take to ship a game from UK to the Middle East ? Just a RANDOM Question xD !! .. I mean using ebay . com .. How long to arrive ?!

Move the Sims3’s screen like in Sims2?

Are you always locked on to your sim in sims 3? remember in sims 2 when can move the screen about is it like that in sims 3

Call of duty Zombie Veruckt music?

What is the music from Call of duty Zombie Veruckt, the one you have to activate? the one you have to activate by flushing the toilet

“God of war 3” vs “Red dead redemption”

Shoulld i rent god of war 3 or red dead redemption?

Roll a ball over lines to an opening before it gets stuck

What is the game/app called? What is the game called on iTunes were you have to roll a ball over lines to an opening before it gets stuck? I played it on someones iPod but forgot the name. Love that game

Fallout 3 GOTY Edition is ESPECIALLY glitchy?

Fallout 3 GOTY Edition? Alright, I’m thinking about getting Fallout 3 soon, and I want to try to get the GOTY edition. After googling around, I’ve heard that it is ESPECIALLY glitchy. Is this true with the later copies of the game?

What’s emulators,what ROM files do i need to download?

What do I need to download ROM files for games? I’ve never downloaded a ROM game and I was wondering what I need to do so. I hear a lot of talk about emulators. Explain all this.

How long 94-99 will take with WILLOW logs in RUNESCAPE?

(RUNESCAPE) How long will it take for 94-99 Firemaking with WILLOW logs? I’m going to be playing for about 12-14 hours everyday. I’m pretty dedicated to this achievement. I ended up not having enough to buy the rest of the maple logs needed for 99 so I switched back to willows.

I hurt a KCF woman from yoville online game.

Did I hurt a 45 year old woman’s feelings? I was on an online game (yoville) and then I met this woman who is 45 and we were like talking and then i was like wth when she told me she is 45 and then she told me that she had a KCF(?)

The HP bar isn’t showing In Kingdom Hearts (Cerberus)

I can’t see the enemy’s HP bar. Help? I don’t know why… I just realized it, sadly. I’m fighting a certain boss in Kingdom Hearts (Cerberus) and the HP bar isn’t showing for it. It’s showing mine, Donald’s, and Goofy’s, just not Cerberus’s. So I have no idea how close to killing it I am. […]

I transferred Zapdos from LeafGreen.

How do you teach Zapdos Heat Wave in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl? I transferred Zapdos from LeafGreen. Heat Wave isn’t a TM, and Zapdos doesn’t learn it from leveling up.

Should I play borderlands on single player?

Should I play borderlands online straight away or do the campaign on single player? I have just bought the game borderlands and I cant decide whether to play single or multiplayer. Which is more fun to do?? and is it any easier if you go on multiplayer?? Do you level up faster in online play?? […]

AK-47 vs UMP45 in MW2, which gun does more damage?

Which gun does more damage in mw2 the AK-47 or the UMP45? Which gun is better to use overall?

How Do you get a goat in HARVEST MOON?

How Do you get a goat in HARVEST MOON? I know you get it from Van in the second year, but he’s still ot selling it. Its winter by the way. Why isn’t he selling the goat?

I like Nintendogs, Is there a Nintencats?

Is there a Nintencats? I like Nintendogs, but I want to know if they have a Nintencats. I really like cats and think they are adorable so I was wondering. And if there is a Nintencats game where do I get it? Target? Walmart? Best Buy? GameStop? Toys R Us? I already have Catz, Horsez, […]

32X vs Sega CD, what is the difference?

What is the difference between 32X and Sega CD? They are both add-ons for the Genesis/Mega-Drive. What are their differences , and give me the pros/cons of each. Can someone give me a good list of pros and cons , information I can read?

Leaving sega genesis on to remember playoff season?

Leaving sega genesis on? ive had my sega genesis for 16 years and my NHL 94 game used to save the playoff season if you turned the game off. now for some reason, once i turn the system off and turn it back on later, the game no longer remembers my playoff season.

Tips for Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, and Call of duty?

How can i get better at Shooter games? I’m absolutely terrible at shooter games. the only ones i am good at are The Conduit and Borderlands. can anyone give me tips for games like Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, and Call of duty? Thanks :)!

How can i get a big health bar on gta sa?

Help with gta sa please!!!? how can i get a big health bar (max health) on gta sa,there is some hard missions that i keeep diying on it please help!!! i dont want ambulance mission!! its for ps2 thank you!!

Is CoD4 just as fun as MW2

Is call of duty 4 (MW1) just as fun as call of duty 6 (Modern Warfare 2)?[PS3]? I want to buy COD4 (on ps3) because Modern Warfare 2 is too expensive. Is CoD4 just as fun as MW2?

Long range hardcore gun in Call Of Duty: MW2

What is the best long range hardcore gun in Call Of Duty: MW2? I’ve been using a FAL w/ thermal sight and a PP2000 red dot for a while, and I would like to know if thats the best sniper weapon in hardcore.

How does the elixir of life work in SIM 2?

SIMS 2 HOW DOES THE ELIXIR OF LIFE WORK? So, i don’t want to become a grandma and i don’t want to use cheats i have lots and lots of aspiration points so i can definitely afford the elixir of life. I have a few questions on it though..

Return The Sims 2 Apartment Life to walmart

Can you return a videogame? I bought the The Sims 2 Apartment Life and I didnt know you needed The Sims 2 (deluxe, double deluxe) to install it.

Sims 3 launcher is not working anymore ?

Sims 3 launcher is not working anymore ? What can i do to put it back to normal, also i have alot of custom content i would really like to keep ?

Kinect vs Move, which is better?

Which do you think is better? Kinect or Move? Personally, I like Move better because it seems more accurate and also I like how it can be used with other games and you can still use the controllers even in other games that don’t use Move.

“Batman vengeance” vs “Batman arkham asylum”

Which game is better and more fun to play? batman vengeance or batman arkham asylum which 1 is more fun, better storyline, challenge, and is really really fun? Best Answer I have to agree that Arkham Asylum is better. I actually sat down and got 100% on it. If you’re into Batman, it’s the way […]

Steal public property on Harvest Moon: Magical Melody?

How do I steal public property on Harvest Moon: Magical Melody? I have Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for the gamecube and I picked the VILLAGE CENTER house option and now I’d like to build a barn, but I have to have more land.

The lord of the rings online free to play?

The lord of the rings online free to play? i am currently paying for my lotro account. when it becomes free to play, will i have to keep paying or will i be able to choose to stop paying?

What controller works well with BFBC2 on PC?

Is there any controller that works well with BFBC2 on PC? Just wondering if there is one I hear the keyboard and mouse is much more accurate but I just cant get the turning down with a mouse. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!

“Dead Rising 2” vs “Fallout New Vegas” vs “Call of Duty Black Ops”

Which game should I preorder? There are 3 specific games I want to get and all of them come out sometime within the next few months.

Why do people want General Manager mode back in?

Smackdown! Vs Raw 2011: Why do people want General Manager mode back in? I’ve heard people state that they’d rather have General Manager mode back in then Design a storyline. WTF. General Manager mode was boring and annoying.

Which is your favorite starter in Poke?

PokeFans! Which is your favorite starter? Go, PokeFans!

Does Edward go crazy?

What happens in Twilight when Bella is on her period? Does Edward go crazy?

How to get a nuke in mw2?

How to get a nuke in mw2? i hav tried everything and even taken advice from other people but nothing is working so any help regarding how to get a nuke such as class, game modes to play, perks, and equipment would be very much appreciated. BTW i usually play demolition

Where to download gta san andreas for free?

Where can you install/download gta san andreas for free and no torrents?

Which is better Black ops or mw2?

Which do you guys think is going to be better Black ops or mw2?

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