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Should I get animal crossing city folk for the wii?

Animal Crossing City Folk? Should I get animal crossing city folk for the wii? I am a big fan of the series and I have played it for the GameCube and the DS. If not, Why?

“PS3 Move” vs “Xbox 360 Kinect” vs “Wii”

What’s the difference between the PS3 Move, the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Wii? Which is better in terms of value? Which is better in terms of game selection? Which is better in terms of amount of fun? Which is better in terms of accuracy?

When I was in the First Rock Band game, it thought I was on microphone

Can I use Band Hero Instruments With the First Rock Band game? PLEASE HELP!!? I already have Band Hero and their instruments. I just bought the game rock band (just the disc) and put it into my Wii.

Will you be able to free roam without monsters

Zelda – Princess of Twilight wii…? After you have finished the main story line, will you be able to free roam without monsters popping up from the ground etc?

Wii remotes don’t work, how to resynch them?

How to resynch wii remotes? mine stopped working and i was wondering how to resync them so they work with the wii again…

Wii Wireless acess point says unable to connect to internet.

I am having trouble connecting my Wii system to the internet, anyone help me? im trying to get internet for my Wii so i can download mega man 9 and 10, super metroid, and some others. but every time i find a wireless acess point, it says unable to connect to the internet.

How to make your name before a number,like OFC1 in Cod?

Question for call of duty ..Wii..? How do you make 1…I mean to make your name or your name tag how do you make 1 …for example ..OFC 1 or OFC 2 how do you make those numbers

How to get free wii points?

How can I get Wii Points for free? I’m only 14, so I can’t really provide personal info.(Address,phone number(don’t have a cell phone), etc.)

Wii remote charger’s light turns green, but no charged.

Why is my wii remote charging station going straight to a green light? i plugged them in then 5 seconds later, the light turns green, and its nowhere near charged!

“Super Mario Galaxy” “Super Smash Bros Brawl” “New Super Mario Bros” “Mario Kart Wii” “Monster Hunter Tri”

Out of these Wii games which should I get? Pick 3 games out of this list that I should get. I’m starting to have a tough time choosing.

I wanna buy the wii band hero game

Is the wii band hero game fun? I wanna buy the wii band hero game but I’m not sure what it’s like. Does anyone have it? If so is it fun? Thanks! πŸ™‚

How to kick someone out of the match in CoD?

Call of duty 5 wii how do you kick someone out of the match.? When someone starts killing everyone how do you kick him.

Wii nunchuk was slighty out of the remote

How can I get the Wii nunchuk to stay in the remote? Whenever I play some games the Wii nunchuk will be slighty out of the remote, causing the game to either not recognize the nunchuk or make the nunchuk be uncontrollable. I’ve tried tape, how can I fix this?

How do i get a wireless connection on wii

Getting internet on my wii? How do i get a connection on my wii, i have wireless at my house and the box is in the same room as my wii that gets the connection and spreads it out among the house, I cant get a connection at all! All it says is that the […]

Can we play mario wii games with other wii owners?

Can you play any mario wii games with other wii owners? if you already connected to the internet

Wii Wii2HDMI work with wii of European with 576i?

My Wii console is a European version with 576i format option. I wonder if the Wii2HDMI will work with it? Wii2HDMI does support 576i format. If your HDMI TV/monitor also supports 576i format, then you may choose to display in 576i format.

Wii video output to 480p mode,but Wii2HDMI output 480i mode

I already set the Wii video output to 480p mode, but why does the Wii2HDMI still output video in 480i mode? The output mode depends on several factors: 1) theWii console, 2) Wii2HDMI, 3) theTV/monitor, 4) the gaming software.

Does the Wii2HDMI equipped with upscaler function?

Does the Wii2HDMI equipped with upscaler function? While we design the Wii2HDMI, we have carefully considered this question, and here in the following is how we think about it. Since almost 100% of the TV/Monitors with HDMI connector have built-in upscaler, here are three possible scenarios to consider.

Can Wii2HDMI improve the display quality?

Can Wii2HDMI improve the display quality? The correct answer is both β€œYes” and β€œNo”! If you have always used the composite cable (in the package when you purchased the Wii console) or SCART cables, which support only 480i mode, then you will notice a major improvement after using Wii2HDMI.

There is a HDMI cable, How can I play wii with it?

How can you play a wii through an HDMI cable? Hi, Recently, I got a new TV, which is on the wall. A guy came round, and put all the wires we thought we would need through the wall, which were 4 HDMI cables.

I need a Black Wii Console with a Wii MOD chip

Where can i buy a Wii Console in houston? I need a Black Wii Console with a Wii MOD chip….anyone knows any good shops?

For wii “Red steel 2” vs “Sin and punishment 2”

What game should i get? Ok so soon i will be picking up some games for wii. I already have 2 figured out however..should i get red steel 2 or sin and punishment 2?

Wii won’t turn on after turn it off with the power button

Help! My friend’s Wii won’t turn on.? Well anyways. He was online on SSBB, he couldn’t join anyone because he gets disconnected when he trys to join someone. Same thing if he hosted a brawl. So he went online for the 2nd or 3rd time but this time his Wii froze. He claims he couldn’t […]

Guitar hero 5 gets blackscreen on modded Wii

How to fix my nintnedo wii ? I modded my wii and put homebrew channel. Now im using the Nintendo wbfs manager to load my games onto my external hard drive. I have a Sea Gate Free Agent Go 320 Gig hard drive.

Is Modern Warfare 2 coming to Wii?

Modern Warfare 2 coming to Wii? I have heard about a leaked Gamestop email that contained an image of “Modern Warfare 2” and that it was coming out in this year. While I believe that the release date is ridiculous, I think Treyarch could pull it of by November of 2011. Also, I think the […]

How to download stuff on Wii?

Can I download stuff on the Wii? If I go to can I download stuff onto my Wii? Will it screw up my Wii?

Is Black opps really comeing to wii?

Is Black opps really comeing to wii? I heard alot of it might comeing to wii but the flyers say only ps3 and xbox is this true or not true if it is or is not can you find any facts to prove or disprove this? And do you think the will take nazi zombies […]

Does wii w/8 games cost $450 or higher?

Would it be fair to sell my wii w/ 8 games for $450 or should i go higher? I have a used wii in excellent condition. I was wondering if it was a rip off to sell a mint wii with 8 used games(barely used except for 1) and two controller with a charging dock […]

How to get characters on Mario Kart Wii?

Mario Kart Wii help please!!? Okay, so I’ve just got Mario Kart Wii cause my friend has it and its fun, but she has a bunch of different characters that I don’t… How do I get them?? Thanks

How to connect wii to PC monitor?

Connecting wii to a computer monitor helppppppp? what is the cheapest way to connect a wii to a computer monitor? i know of a few ways but they all are relatively expensive. do you know of any easy cheap ways to do it?

Wii modded 4.2u channel: neogamma

How do I install neogamma as a wii channel on my modded 4.2u wii? Hey I am trying to install neogamma as a wii channel on my modded 4.2u wii through wad manager but I keep on getting error ticket -2011. Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong? And here are some quick […]

“Nintendo wii black” vs “Nintendo wii white”

Does a black nintendo wii have any different features from the white one? Does the new black nintendo wii do anything that the white one doesn’t or is it just the colour that has changed? Thanks.

Why does Wii remote run out so fast?

Why does my Wii remote run out so fast? Hi. I have chargable batteries. Whenever i charge those batteries, i put them in thee wii remote and like after 3 minutes it says “Battery running low”. Like i dont get it. They just got fully charged.

Nintendo Wii Good Games,Resident Evil 4?

What are some good games for Nintendo Wii? While I’m not interested in what Xbox’s have to offer, with games like Call Of Duty etc.. The Nintendo Wii seems to be mostly things like Mario, and a lot more child friendly..

How many players on wii monopoly?

How many players on wii monopoly? I am wondering if you can play multiple players on monoploy with 1 remote?

Where should i sell my wii and playstation 2?

Where should i sell my wii and playstation 2? Should I give my wii to best buy for 80 dollars, or should i sell it on ebay? if so how much…i have 3 controllers, one of those two controller charging dock thing, wii balance board, 2 numchucks, about 7 games and the wii looks and […]

The Wiimote apparently has an exotic scent on it

Should I sell my Wii? I have been considering selling my Wii video game home console. The Wiimote apparently has an exotic scent on it? My friend says he thinks that it may have been someone’s rectum? What does that mean? I think it smells fine! Actually, I like the smell! Should I charge extra […]

Can you play multiplayer on COD MWR Wii?

COD Modern Warfare Reflex:Wii, can you play multiplayer? Can you play multiplayer on COD MWR Wii if so what mode, can you do it in wi-fi mode. also i know theres no split screen.

I want a Wii game,fun and addictive obviously.

Wii Game Recommendation? I want a game that is fun and addictive obviously on the Wii. It game be a wii game or one that you download from WiiStore I’ve got like mario and zelda games and I really enjoy them. But i want a different type of game

Where can you buy Wii points cards in the USA?

Where can you buy Wii points cards in the USA? Because I don’t like buying things online.

Are there any Wii games you play against real people?

I have a ? about the wii? okay so i just got a wii today for my b-day..and like i have it all set up and everything..and i got the internet connected to it..but on my brothers ps3 they can play games against real people..and so on wii sports or wii sports resort can you […]

Love Xbox 360, hate Wii?

Why does everyone hate on the Wii? I don’t understand at all. All 360 fanboys know two things: I don’t care it doesn’t have shooters, and I don’t care about the graphics (but they’re not really that bad) the Wii has some of the best exclusives, IE.

Wii vs PS3 vs PSP vs Xbox 360

What is better wii or ps3 or psp or xbox 360? in art,control and wii or ps3 or psp or xbox 360 have the most popularity?????? in really i like wii but are the art good????

I want to try gamecube games on my wii…

Gamecube/wii need help!? I want to try gamecube games on my wii my question is Do gamecube games work the same as wii games? I no the graphics might not be great but are the gamecube games worth it?

Is monster hunter 3 for Wii worth buying?

Is monster hunter 3 (wii) worth buying? (pro’s and con’s ?)? Im thinking of buying monster hunter three for the wii, ive been looking for a new good wii game for a while. The last few ive bought i have been unhappy with and ended up returning them. Can I have the good and bad […]

What if your wii controller breaks?

What if your wii controller breaks? My wii controller isn’t completely broken, but the B button is now super sensitive. The slightest touch sets it off. Is there a way to use your wii with a different controller? The way I see it is if your main wii controller breaks, you cant use your wii […]

Highest quality video and audio for Wii

How can I get the highest quality video and audio out of my Wii? I know that the Wii isn’t really meant for high quality and HD gaming, but how can I get the best I can do? What cables should I use, and what other things can I do?

How to return a Wii Game back to walmart?

How to return a stupid WII Game back to walmart? We bought mario kart last night, not even 12 hours ago. It was $50 and it sucks. I want to return it. I was careful to open it. I opened it from the bottom and did not tear the stickers. The game itself was wrapped […]

Machalite Ore For MH3 Wii

Where to find Machalite Ore? For MH3 Wii. Where do i find machalite ore? I heard the flooded forest…but which areas and which quest do i choose? Thanks!

Wii MH3 problems!

MH3 (Wii) Questions!? Are villager requests that important? Is there some i should do? I have like 6 i havent done and i dont know if i should waste my time doing that stuff…plus the stuff i gotta get are really hard. Or do you kno a good website that helps with that stuff?

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