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Blackberry bold smartphone battery can’t go red it just goes yellow.

Blackberry bold smartphone battery issue? Ok so I had half a battery yesterday and I was only on bbm, nothing more, so nothing could use all my battery. And it was half full, not on yellow and it said battery drained shutting down device now.

Blackberry has been freezing and always bringing up the little timer clock and then being fine again.

Blackberry phone battery draining!!? Ok so I’ve had my Blackberry curve 9300 for just over a year, it has been ok apart from the scroller scrolls when I am texting sometimes when I don’t want it to! Anyway over the past week, my phone has been freezing and always bringing up the little timer clock […]

I want to unlock Blackberry Bold 9900, how much will it cost?

How much would cost to unlock Blackberry Bold 9900?

Copy files,messages on Blackberry Curve 8520 to sim and memory cards.

What is the quickest way to copy my Blackberry Curve 8520 data to my sim and memory card? I’m having my phone swapped out tomorrow due to a speaker issue, and need to copy my contacts, files, media and email/text messages to my sim and memory cards.

Is Blackberry curve 8520s the best one?

Which do you think the best Blackberry is? I am thinking about getting a blackberry but I don’t know the difference between all the blackberrys together so if you know please will you tell me which you think

I have a Blackberry and was wondering whether to get a HTC .

2 questions, HTC or Blackberry? and Where can i get HTC’s for cheaper? I have a bb and was wondering whether to get a htc or stay with the bb. the only problem is, im not that keen on the wildfires or the cha cha but dont want to go over a £200 budget :/

Blackberry doesn’t show new msg, but I really have it.

HELP w/ BLACKBERRY! How can I resolve this? My blackberry indicates that I have a new msg but when I go to my inbox it doesn’t show. HELP!?

How do I stop facebook social feed updating on blackberry?

Updating social feeds on the blackberry torch? I have the new blackberry torch and facebook updates its social feed every 15 minutes. How do I stop this? It’s very annoying.

Twitter has already been schceduled for deletion.

I deleted the Twitter app off of my Blackberry but…? it won’t go off. When I click delete again it says, “Twitter has already been schceduled for deletion. Deletion will occur when handheld is restarted.” And when I click on it, it says, “Uncaught exception: java.lang.Error.”

Where Can I update my blackberry?

What web site can i go on to find blackberry updates? like what new download are out and stuff like that

Blackberry “curve 8900” vs “javelin 8900”

Are the blackberry curve 8900 AND the blackberry javelin 8900 the same thing?

Is Blackberry 8520 good to get?

shall i get the blackberry 8520 if i want to use it for internet texts and calls only or another blackberry? please answer anyone who has this phone.

Blackberry Bold 9700 sim card in other phone.

Am I allowed to use more than one cell phone with only ONE SIM card? Sometimes when I visit my friend (which is in a very bad neighborhood where there’s lots of robberies, etc.)

Put Blackberry 8520 SIM into Blackberry 9700

Can I put a Blackberry 8520 SIM into a 9700? Hi, awhile back before I knew much about smartphones I got a Blackberry Bold 9700 on a 24 month vodafone contract, however I got sold a SIM with just texts and minutes (because I didn’t know!)

Reviews about the Blackberry Curve 8900?

What are some features or reviews about the Blackberry Curve 8900? Okay so I have the iphone as of now and I don’t want to upgrade to the 4g because I don’t like the look of it and I’m looking to branch out from the iphone. So considering this, I wanted to switch to a […]

I want to transfer video files from blackberry to computer.

How to transfer video files from blackberry media card to computer? I have some video files saved on my blackberry that I want to transfer to my computer. I have a SD card converter, which means I put my mini-sd card (from the blackberry) into the converter and it’s the size of a regular SD […]

Blackberry Curve 8520 bluetooth is not working.

I have a problem with my blackberry? Hiya, I have got a Blackberry Curve 8520 and my bluetooth is not working. I can send other phones stuff, but I can’t receive stuff. Does it only work with other Blackberrys? Can you please tell me how to fix it if theres a possible way? Thanks.

Which is best Blackberry,8520, 8900, 9000, 9700?

Which is the best Blackberry phone and why? I’m looking to buy a new phone and have been looking at blackberry’s. There seems to be several models like the curve, bold & storm and each of these has different numbers

My friend gave me his pin for my blackberry 8520

Blackberry question, answer if you can please? I have just bought a blackberry 8520 and my friend gave me his pin and then went offline, he said something about free texts or something between me and him?

Blackberry screen not work,just plain white

HELP. i dropped my blackberry screen does not work its just plain white? it is perfectly fine its just the screen, if i send it bak under warranty would they be able to exchange without me paying?

“iPhone 4” vs “Blackberry Curve 8520”

Blackberry Curve 8520 or iPhone 4? I’m going someday this week to get a new phone and I was wondering if I should get the blackberry or the iphone? I have an iPod Touch already so i don’t know if i need the iphone. Let me know your opinions, thanks.

BlackBerry video isn’t recognized to computer

BlackBerry videos to computer… help!? I took a video with my BlackBerry but the format it’s in isn’t recognized and cannot be played on my computer… what do I need to do? Thanks!

AT&T for BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 – White

BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 – White & AT&T? I am a customer of AT&T and I would really love to buy the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 – White and only T-Mobile is the carrier for that phone. AT&T has the phone but not in white, what do I do?? I want it in white not black.

“Blackberry curve 8530” vs “Blackberry bold 9650”

Should I get a blackberry curve 8530 or the blackberry bold 9650? If you have one of these phones please tell me what you think?

Deleting most contacts from a blackberry

Deleting contacts from a blackberry? Is there any way you can delete most of your contacts but leave some? I have 1200+ contacts coz the phone came from my dad so I wanna delete them but maintain about 20% of the contacts I actually know.

Setting email on blackberry curve 8520

I need help setting up my email on my blackberry curve 8520, help? When i go into my options folder > Setup Wizard > email setup, it says ‘i want to use work email account with a blackberry enterprise server’. Ive looked so many other places on how to setup my email and when other […]

Iphone or BlackBerry?

Iphone or BlackBerry? Money is sort of an issue but not really, i’m getting a new phone today, can’t decide between iphone 3g, 3gs, or blackberry. If you say Blackberry, please say which type (storm, curve etc.) thanks

How do i unlock blackberry 95300?

How do i unlock my blackberry 95300? I just canceled my verizon and now I just brought a interntional sim card. ….I want to use it on my blackberry how do I do this?

Videos from Blackberry to Computer?

Videos from Blackberry to Computer? Okay I have a BlackBerry Curve 8530 and I have many videos I’ve recorded on it, and I was wondering if there is a way to get them from my blackberry onto my computer.

Blackberry Bold or Blackberry Curve?

Blackberry Bold or Blackberry Curve? What is the date that the blackberry curve came out? What is the date that the blackberry bold came out?

Keep Blackberry Curve v.8900 or get to a cheaper one

Is this a stupid thing to do? Okay so this is what happened. Pretty boring. I have a Blackberry Curve v.8900, and I love it to death. I’ve had it for almost a year now and it’s never let me down. But my mom’s complaining that its too expensive per month, and to get a […]

How much would a used blackberry sell for?

How much would a used blackberry sell for? I only have it a few months now…its a dark purple/blue pearl no scratches of faults everything works perfectly…im selling it bcuz i want to buy a ipod touch….bought it for US$400.

Listen to 710 ESPN Los Angeles on Blackberry tour?

How can I listen to 710 ESPN Los Angeles on my Blackberry tour? I’m trying to figure out a way to listen to a Laker game on my Verizon Wireless Blackberry tour. The radio station its on is 710 ESPN. I’ve tired a few live radio apps but have had no success in finding this […]

Cancel $30 service after buy Blackberry a month?

To get a Blackberry, you have to at least buy $30 Blackberry service. Can you cancel this after a month? I want to get a Blackberry, but I don’t want to pay for the Blackberry service, which includes unlimited email and internet.

People don’t recieve Blackberry Bold 9000 Messenger Requests

Blackberry questions? People do not recieve my Blackberry Messenger Requests, Also I cannot access App World or the Facebook app, unless I am connected to WiFi is this right?

Stop notifications of text to Blackberry storm?

How can I stop notifications of text messages to my Blackberry storm? I have a blackberry storm and I recently downloaded a new app called SMScrunch, where it makes my text messages easier to read and more like an iphone texting screen.

Blackberry Bold 9000 red light no longer flashes?

Blackberry Bold 9000 Flashing red light no longer flashes? I just bought a Blackberry Bold 9000, and for the whole day, when i received a text message, the upper right hand side of the phone flashes red.

Blackberry vs Sony experia

Which is best phone blackberry or sony experia ?

“iPhone 4g” vs “blackberry slider”

Iphone 4g or blackberry slider? which one should i get? im a college student, not really business oriented but i have been using a BB curve for the past year and I have gotten accustomed to the messaging system. Best Answer Definitely iPhone 4G 🙂

What model of blackberry should I get?

Should I get a blackberry if yes what model should I get? Please if you know anything about a blackberry let me know what you think of it. the pros and cons For Verizon

Blackberry curve 8520 to blackberry tour 9630

Should i upgrade to a blackberry tour 9630? ok so i am currently using a blackberry curve 8520 and i was wondering if i should or should not uprade to a blackberry tour 9630.

I want to break my enV touch for blackberry

How do I break my phone? Okay I have a enV touch and I hate it I want a blackberry and my dad says as soon as my phone is completely broken I can get a blackberry storm.

I was curious if the iPad 3g is worth it…

Should I get the iPad in 3g or just wifi? ok so i’ll be getting my ipad in the summer, I was curious if the 3g is worth it, i have an laptop i bring all the time to my college campus but it pretty heavy in size. my school has wifi access.

How do you rip a DVD?

How do you rip a DVD? i want to rip a DVD,who can help me ?

BlackBerry BES Connection Unavailable

BlackBerry BES Connection Unavailable, Please Help? I have been trying to set up the BES option on my blackberry, i was having an issuing with it responding to the server, so I decided to turn off my phone and turn it back on again.

Why my blackberry’s internet is so slow?

Why is the internet so slow on my blackberry? im connected to wifi at my house when i first set it up it was really fast. now jus using my mobile internet is alot faster.

Charge blackberry till its full? Or charge it for 3+ hours?

How many hours should I charge my blackberry for the first time? Charge it till its full? Or charge it for 3+ hours?

Which Cell Phone is the most efficient for a pastor?

Which Cell Phone is the most efficient for a pastor? It would have to be a cell phone that could hold a lot of contacts,

How can i watch youtube on Blackberry Curve 8520?

Blackberry Curve 8520 question? How can i watch youtube on it? and can i instill microsoft office on it? or at least word??? Everytime I wanna watch videos from youtube, it always says error….. And I really want to watch videos from it, so badly.. So any idea?

Update for blackberrys to have new threaded text msging

Is there an update for other blackberrys [like the bold] to have the new threaded text msging that the new? my friend had tour sent to her because hers was acting up, and the one they sent her has a whole new sms looks just like bbm but it’s for text messaging.

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