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HP Pavilion Dv6-3124tx Laptop has 240pin DDR3 RAM? Just wanted to reconfirm it.

Can a laptop have 240 pin RAM? I have a HP Pavilion Dv6-3124tx Laptop. Am planning to upgrade the RAM. I called HP tech support and they informed me that this model laptop has 240pin DDR3 RAM. Just wanted to reconfirm, is it possible for a laptop to have 240DDR3 pin RAM

Which one can run the Sims 3? SAMSUNG Series 3 300E5C, TOSHIBA Satellite P850-138,HP Pavilion p6-2260ea

Would this SAMSUNG Series 3 300E5C laptop be able to run the Sims 3? Also, would it be able to run any other PC games? I presume it cant run battlefield 3, skyrim e.t.c but can it run minecraft, or maybe call of duty on a low setting? Thanks!

“Dell XPS 15z” vs “Hp Pavilion dv7”. Which one should i get ?

Which one ? Dell XPS 15z or Hp Pavilion dv7.? Im trying to figure out which computer is best.Which one should i get ?

What’s old HP Pavilion 5200 worth?

What is this old laptop worth? My friend has an old HP laptop. Tell me how old it is and what you think it is now worth. (The more info…the better answer.) Here are the basic specs. HP Pavilion 5200 -Widescreen / 1.6 Ghz / 512 RAM (Orig 256) / 55GB Hard drive / 1.6 […]

Does it really matter the laptop charger brand or whatever?

Does it matter what charger you get for your laptop? Does it really matter the charger brand or whatever, because I bought one for my hp pavalion and I don’t know but can it harm my computer? Let’s say I got a charger that wasn’t supose to go with my laptop can it affect it […]

HP Dual Core keyboard types a “quotation” mark instead of the “@”.

Why can’t I type an ‘@’ character? I reformatted my computer and the keyboard types a “quotation” mark instead of the “@”. This is a HP Dual Core (Intel Centrino). Please help me! I know that the keyboard language settings are wrong or flipped. It happened before. I just need a smart answer and not […]

Additional 40W AC Adapter for HP Pavilion mini?

Pavilion additional 40W AC Adapter? Is it necessary to purchase this when I buy my new mini laptop? Does it not already come with a cord to charge it?

Write on HP Pavilion tx2500z with a stylus?

Is HP Pavilion tx2500z CTO Entertainment Notebook PC the computer you can write on? I’ve been looking for those cool computers that you can write on with a stylus. This popped up, but I want to make sure that it’s true.

How can I change HP laptop graphic card?

How can I change graphic card in hp laptop? I have HP laptop and my current graphic card is really bad and I can’t play some games! It’s Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family Memory – 384 MB

I cann’t choose what file to save to on laptop

Why won’t my laptop let me choose what file to save something to? Like if I download a song or something it just automatically saves to “Downloads” not even giving me a chance to choose where I want to save it.

Sonny vaio laptop or HP laptop?

Help me? sonny vaio or HP laptop? i need help guys. i want to buy a laptop but i dont know which one. i like the Sonny Vaio but my mom said that HP laptop is better,! help me guys.

Whats the best laptop for gaming, HP, ASUS or Dell?

Whats the best laptop for gaming? HP Pavilion dv6-2106ea Intel Core i7 I7-720QM – 1.6 GHz RAM – 4 GB

I cant turn on the wifi switch on HP laptop?

I cant turn on the wifi switch on my computer? okay i have a newish hp computer running windows 7 that has a touch on/off wifi switch.when i tried running ubuntu i cant turn the wifi on.any ideas

CD Rom isn’t working on HP Pavilion Entertainment PC

My CD Rom is not working on my computer!!!!? I have tried finding the driver that I need myself but cannot find it, not sure I know what I am looking for anyway. Could someone please tell me what I need to be installing.

Windows Vista won’t update on my HP Compaq Presario

Why won’t Windows Vista update/install anything on my laptop? I have a HP Compaq Presario with Windows Vista and I’ve had it for possibly half a year. It’s not updating/installing anything and hasn’t been for the past 2 weeks.. Windows update doesn’t load properly, I also tried updating Adobe Reader, and that didn’t work, and […]

Would it be stupid to sell my HP laptop and get a ipad?

Would it be stupid to sell my laptop and get a ipad? I can probably get around $600 for my laptop. It is an HP from a year ago. Can the ipad pretty much do most things a laptop can?

This HP Laptop vs a self build desktop computer

This Laptop vs a self build desktop computer I want a new computer but i can’t decide between a laptop or a desktop. This laptop has to last me about 5 years. The laptop is a HP and has 4 gb of ram Intel Core i5 processor. I thought it was the quad core but […]

What’s the laptop model of HP Pavillion?

HP laptop model There is this laptop i really lie and the year 9’s at my school got them. they are around $1200 Australian currency they are part of the “the computer is personal again campaign”. They have slim lines across the front part where the mouse pad is. The HP symbol is in the […]

HP laptop question

I bought my HP laptop in Oct09. It likes to restart/turn on/light up @ 3am everyday. Why is this and what can I do to stop it?

“Compaq Presario CQ71-403sa” vs “HP 6735s” for playing games

Will this laptop play games better than my old one? at the moment i have a HP 6735s with an ATI Redeon HD 3200 graphics crad running on a AMD Turion x2 Processor 2.10ghz and the new laptop that im thinking of upgrading to is the Compaq Presario CQ71-403sa witch runs on a Intel Pentium […]

What are the most valuable parts of a HP Pavilion Dv7 1103ea laptop?

What are the most valuable parts of a HP Pavilion Dv7 1103ea laptop? I recently discovered after leaving my laptop in for repair that the motherboard was fried.. I am going to break it up and sell anything to recoup lost $$ so what can i reasonably assume is still in working order and saleable.

What is this flashing light under my HP laptop?

What is this flashing light under my HP laptop? I found this video on Youtube and it’s the same exact problem I’m facing with my HP Pavilion laptop.

Connect my HP laptop to my TV

Is there a cord i can connect my laptop to my TV so my family can watch movies? I have HP laptop please tell me what to buy and how to connect step by step

How to use recovery disc on hp laptop?

I have 2 dvd recovery discs and partition, I have hp pavilion dv6000 laptop… how to use recovery to fix my laptop?

How to change HP G61-304NR laptop from 64-bit to 32-bit?

How to change from 64-bit to 32-bit? It’s a Windows 7 HP G61-304NR Laptop computer, if you need all that information.

How do you take pictures with a webcam of HP Compaq Presario CQ20?

How do you use a built-in webcam to take pictures? I have a HP Compaq Presario CQ20 with a built-in webcam. How do you use the webcam to take pictures or videos? Do you have to download a driver or something? There was no software installed on my laptop.

What model is this HP computer?

What model is this HP computer? I saw a HP computer where the screen turns backwards and you can write on it. I’m saving up my money to buy one but I don’t know what the model is. Does anyone know?

My HP laptop’s charger can not work

I just got an hp laptop not too long ago and the i’m already having problems getting the charger to work?!?!? i have to wiggle the tip a lot to get the light to come on. is there a website i can go to or something where they can get me a new one under […]

Why is there a toolbar at the bottom of my HP laptop?

I cut on my computer today – HP with Vista – and there is a toolbar on the bottom left that has never been there before. I have not changed anything. But I have an icon for Internet Explorer, Show Desktop, Outlook, Spybot, Switch between windows, Windows Media Player, Messernger and mail.

Is this a good computer(HP, laptop)?

I am pretty set on getting this computer, and I just wanted to make sure it will live up to it’s $600 price tag. I will mainly use this computer for internet, music(this is a huge part, I have a lot of music), typing, and other entertainment/school usage. Is this worth it, I have been […]

HELP With College Laptop?

I will be starting college this next fall and am going to study Computer Science and Business. I know I will want a 15″+ screen because of all the coding I will be doing and i have a flexible budget. Not only do I want good processing and memory but I also want something somewhat […]

Please help me with my hp pavillon dv6 laptop!!!?

ok yesterday i accidentally spilled like 2 drops of juice on my laptop keyboard. now every time i press the a button this happens….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… it hesitates then does it. i took the top off but idk how to clean it or what to do. please help! hp pavillon dv6 laptop

HP Pavilion Dv5000 not boot up, but all lights come on.

If a motherboard or processor is bad, will anything still have power on the laptop? We have 2 HP Pavilion Dv5000 laptops. One of them will not start up. I have tested the ram, the hard drive, AC adapter/power cord, both batteries in the other laptop and the hardware all works.

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