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Could I use the Gateway laptop while it is charging?

Is it okay to charge a laptop while using it? I have a Gateway – Laptop with AMD Athlon™ II X2 Dual-Core Processor – Midnight Blue. I was wondering if it is okay because the battery life isn’t really that high. Also, will the battery fry out or lose power or something if i do?

The CPU of my Gateway P-6860 laptop drastic drop in performance

Whats is wrong with my laptop? I have a gateway p-6860 fx i recently took to best buy for a few repairs. Everything worked excellent except for a few minor problems such as one usb port didn’t work, one blown speaker, and the card reader was not working.

My gateway laptop isn’t charging…

My laptop isn’t charging, what should i do? my gateway laptop isn’t working right, when you roll over the battery icon in the toolbar it says plugged in but not charging, i checked the outlet and it’s working when i plug in other things

Wireless headset for Gateway ML-6270 laptop without bluetooth?

Wireless headset for a laptop without bluetooth? Cheapest way to go wireless on a gateway ML-6720 120gig hd and 2gigs of ram, I want to use it with skype, msn live messenger ect.

Is Gateway NV5909H a good gaming laptop?

Is a Gateway 15.6″ Intel Core i3-330M 2.13GHz Laptop (NV5909H) a good gaming laptop ? i have looked and this one looks good but i wanted a second opinion

Trouble installing AIM 7.1 onto Gateway laptop

I am having trouble installing AIM 7.1 onto my BRAND NEW laptop. WHY? I just bought this gateway laptop. Link is provided where you can see what I bought.

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