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Dell Inspiron 1440 OSD is not working anymore after I reformatted it.

On Screen Display of my Dell Inspiron 1440 won’t show up? Hello, My Dell Inspiron 1440 OSD is not working anymore after I reformatted it. Any one here who knows how to reinstall it ,pls help i need to have it again ~Thank You

Dell Inspiron laptop doesn’t load desktop icons or toolbar also cannot be clicked.

How can I fix my laptop? My laptop has been not working for about a week now. It works perfectly fine on safe mode, except for it will not load word, power point or excel, but I hope that’s just on safe mode, because that could be a major problem. Ok, so on regular mode, […]

Using an HDMI cable to connect Dell studio 1555 laptop and Vizio tv.

Laptop HDMI out plus 5.1 surround sound? Alright so here’s my setup, I am using my Dell studio 1555 laptop and using an HDMI cable to connect to my Vizio tv. From my tv I have a optical (toslink w/e) cable connected from the Vizio’s audio out to my surround sound receiver. With this setup […]

“Dell XPS 15z” vs “Hp Pavilion dv7”. Which one should i get ?

Which one ? Dell XPS 15z or Hp Pavilion dv7.? Im trying to figure out which computer is best.Which one should i get ?

MacBook or Dell, Wut should I buy?

VOOTE!! MacBook or Dell?? (no other brand plz)? I’m in the market for a laptop but I DON’T want to spend a fortune like the MacBook. But I only want the MacBook becaus of the App called ‘Photo Booth’ it’s a cool thing to take pics on cuz it has a webcam.

Dell laptop with built in webcam and wifi?

I want to buy a Dell laptop but first I have a few questions…? Q#1 the laptop u want have a built in webcam, how can I take pix like on photo booth? Q#2 Can I watch movies go on YouTube and Facebook? Q#3 does any kind of dell laptop have built in wifi or […]

Dell:DeSmuME 9.6 the DS emulator gets few FPS

Why is my computer (laptop) better now? my battery stopped charging so Dell sent me a new motherboard there is only one motherboard type for my laptop type they said So i noticed when replacing the motherboard that the processor slots (slots or w/e) were different

Dell studio vs dell inspirons laptop

I’m getting a dell laptop soon.. which one should I choose? The only game I play is Sims 2, and I want iTunes on it… So what dell laptop is a good choice? My mom has a studio of some kind, and i’m really not a fan of it.. my friend told me inspirons are […]

How to connect dell laptop to wireless linksys connection?

How to connect my dell laptop to my wireless linksys connection? a couple months ago, my uncle came over to visit us and he wanted us to connect his laptop to our wireless network because he couldn’t get a signal. i don’t remember what we did, but we set it up and when he left, […]

Laptop configuration for programming and gaming

Hi Can u give a good laptop configuration? Need a good laptop configuration for programming and gaming

“Dell XPS 16” vs “MacBook Pro”, which should buy ?

Dell XPS 16 or MacBook Pro? Details: Dell Studio XPS 16 – Processor = NEW 2010 Intel® Core™ i5-430M (2.26GHz, 4Threads, turbo boost up to 2.53Ghz, 3M cache)

0x00000024 0x00190203, 0x87178318, 0x00000102, 0x00000000

My Dell laptop is giving me this code 0x00000024 HELP:)? my Dell laptop which is now a little over two years old if giving me blue screen of what it seems death!

Dell laptop shut off due to temperature’s error

What happens when i use warranty on my laptop? I have a dell laptop and it seems to be malfunctioning. First i got a ‘your computer shut off due to temperature’ error when i booted my PC. This was a day ago, now today it started up diskcheck which deleted a very valuable file which […]

Plastic part of Dell key came off

Plastic part of Dell key came to snap back on? Can you pop a Dell plastic key back on? I don’t want to replace the entire keyboard..its a new computer.

Whats the best laptop for gaming, HP, ASUS or Dell?

Whats the best laptop for gaming? HP Pavilion dv6-2106ea Intel Core i7 I7-720QM – 1.6 GHz RAM – 4 GB

Power light on my Dell 1545 not working?

Power light on my Dell 1545 not working? The small power light on the front of my Dell 1545 doesn’t work and it hasn’t ever since I had to do an Emergency Back-Up and System Restore at Christmas.

Hot Key for dell 1525…

What keys to press to reboot dell 1525 ?

Need extra USB ports for Dell XPS 1340

I need more usb ports for my laptop? I have a Dell XPS 1340 (no longer sold) but have to use my only usb port for my wireless adapter (laptops built in isn’t compatible with my netgear router) how can i get extra usb ports?

Is the dell inspiron 15 good?

I’m thinking about getting a dell laptop. not sure if this Dell inspiron 15 is a good one? need your opinion on this laptop…

Will Dell studio 14z run World of Warcraft?

Will this laptop run World of Warcraft? The laptop i am looking at is a dell studio 14z it has an intell core 2 duo 2.2ghz processor Windows 7

Buy Dell Studio or buy McBook?

Dell Studio or McBook? Im looking forward to buy a laptop.I have shortlisted : a)Dell studio:320GB HD, 3GB RAM,I GB Graphics card b)Apple McBook:250GB HD,2GB RAM,500MB graphics card. Cost is almost same for both INR Rs45000.

Dell laptop not showing camera memory chip.

Why is my Dell laptop not showing that I have a camera memory chip in it? It wont let me find it and I put it in the right slot, just wont show up.

Dell laptop 1735 replacement battery won’t fit

Dell laptop 1735 replacement battery won’t fit Hey folks, I’ve hit a real annoying dilemma and I joined this site specifically to ask. I have a Dell Studio 1735 laptop. The battery (a 6-cell/4400mah) started dying so I tried purchasing a 9-cell/6600mah battery off of

People us laptops for hours buy my dell 1545 only run 2 Hrs

People us laptops for hours on long haul flights,how? My battery runs out after 2 hrs? My laptop is Dell 1545 with supplied battery.

MY Dell inspiron notebook is misbehaving…

HELP!!MY Dell inspiron notebook is misbehaving…? For approximately 2 weeks my computer’s has gradually reduced its performance. At first i had problems shutting it off. The screen would stay there and i would end up having to press the power button in order to shut it off. More recently i had been having problems turning […]

How to connect Dell laptop to Hitachi 50inch TV.?

How to connect Dell laptop to Hitachi 50inch TV.? TV has S-Video. I bought VGA to TV Converter S-Video RCA OUT CABLE ADAPTER ( 2 Converter). Connection to PC okay, but yellow and black Converter`s don’t, they have same ends (don`t know proper name) as my TV. The only way I can explain it is,

“Dell Studio 15” vs “ALIENWARE M15X” for extreme gaming?

Hi! Guys Please tell me which laptop is better for extreme gaming? And Answer Honestly Money is not budget.? Dell Studio 15: (1) INTEL CORE 540M (2.43 GHZ) (2) WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM 64BIT (3) 15.6 ” Full HD(1080p)WLED (1920 x 1080)Display with TrueLife™ (4) 6GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM

I wish replace the keyboard of my Dell xps m1530

I have a dell xps m1530, i wish to replace my conventional keyboard with a backlit version, is it possible? It would also be great if the approximate price is quoted and how to acquire it. As i treaure my XPS i wish to go about my changes to the unit using only dell parts. […]

Dell inspiron 1525 keeps shutting off

Dell inspiron 1525 keeps shutting off I just purchased a new battery for it today hoping it would stop crashing, but it stilldoes. it’s almost 2 years old, and it’s been crashing for about 6 months now, i also have a USB fan for it and it still crashes, it just shuts down randomly.

My Dell laptop overheats and then shuts down.

My Dell laptop overheats and then shuts down. What should I do? It’s a Dell Inspiron 1520, I’ve had it for 1-2 years now. Warranty expired 🙁 Anyways, after some time of being turned on (just 2 or 3 hours), it follows this exact sequence:

Which dell laptop is the most worth buying?

Which dell laptop is the most worth buying buy between the “Inspiron” series and the “Studio” series? Please explain your answer.

How much could I get for my Dell Inspiron 1505?

I want to downgrade to a small laptop…how much could i get for my 4 yr old Dell Inspiron 1505…works great comestically almost perfect has the larger 17″ screen. I have updated it recently has windows XP, any ideas?

My laptop eject a CD from the CD drive when I boot it up.

Whenever I boot up my laptop, it tries to eject a CD from the CD drive…(more inside)? Basically, whenever I boot up my laptop, about 5-10 minutes after I log on to my username, the computer tries 6 or 7 times to eject a CD that is in the CD-ROM drive when there isn’t a […]

Dell XPS M1730 keeps going into hibernation mode at random?

Dell XPS M1730 keeps going into hibernation mode at random? The battery on my XPS is dieing, currently at 2%, I’m looking into getting a new one but in the mean time I don’t understand why the system can’t run off the power from the wall alone.

I have a Dell Inspiron1501 its extremely slow

I have a Dell Inspiron1501 its extremely slow, I was told about PC Medkit and by another told not to trust it?

Which Laptop Is Right For Me?

Netbook? Notebook? Which Laptop Is Right For Me? Here is a list of what I do daily. Youtube,G-Mail,Yahoo Answers,Google,Homework. I don’t game. (I might play a flash game once in awhile.) Needs good battery life

My Dell inspiron 15 laptop doesn’t play youtube videos?

My laptop Dell inspiron 15 does not want to play youtube videos? i just brought my laptop .

dell inspiron laptop problems.

Really annoying laptop problems. HELP!? so i got a dell inspiron 15 inch laptop computer about a month ago. since then my laptop has been getting minor problems. like… the computer does its own thing.

New video card for Dell precision m6300 laptop?

Need help looking for new video card for laptop? I have a Dell precision m6300 which is loaded with 8gb of ram, windows 7, core 2 duo core, and a Nvidia quadro 1600m. I need to know whats the best Video Card i could get for my laptop, i am a gamer and my budget […]

Dell Studio 1535 cam not recognized

Dell Studio 1535 Issue… cam not recognized (integrated)? Hi, I bought a used Dell about a year ago. No disks came with it. I backed up everything on disks just in case I had to reload the computer. Anyway, one day I turned the computer on and tried to use the webcam, which worked fine […]

Whats wrong with Latitude C540 PCMCIA Slot?

Whats wrong with my PCMCIA Slot? I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate X86 on a DELL Latitude C540. My problem is that the PCMCIA Wireless card i use , ( BT Voyager 1065 ) is installing flawlessly, however the lights on the card are not functioning and i cannot see any wireless networks. I have formatted […]

Is Dell Inspiron a good Laptop?

I’m looking to buy my very first laptop. I’m looking at Dells and I found a Inspiron 15 online. Are they a good computer and where are the best places to go to buy one?

Question about Dell laptops

When does Dell upgrade their laptops? I don’t want to buy a laptop only to find out a month later that a better version came out. Specifically, I am looking at the Studio 15, and I’m hoping they’ll upgrade the graphics card (it’s currently an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570)

Does Dell void my warranty?

If I have my computer fixed by someone other than Dell, does that void my warranty? I’ve had my dell laptop for less than 9 months. The lsd internal screen cracked and I have no idea how. I called them up and they won’t cover it under my 2 year warranty and want close to […]

Where are the memory slots of Dell Latitude D410 laptop.

Where are the memory slots of my laptop? My problem is, i can’t find the 2 memory slots for the RAM of my Dell Latitude D410 laptop. Others keeps on saying there are 2 memory slots but i can’t find both, i can only find one. the one that i found was in below-center of […]

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