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Should a k-12 student use iPad to type, presentiations, spreadsheets, etc?

Is iPad good for a student? They use it to type, presentations, spreadsheets, watch movies, surf the web, and games. They are a k-12 student.

I want to get a Macbook Air,But everyone tells me that I MUST get a iPad.

Can’t decide between getting an iPad or a MacBook Air? I already have a MacBook Pro, but I had it for years (and not going to get rid of it), but it pretty much has my entire life in it. I am afraid to take it places because if I lose it, I’d probably have […]

If the lost iPad dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

Please help i lost my ipad!? I lost my ipad, there’s a chance it could’ve been stolen. If its dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

WhatsApp didn’t work on iPad

WhatsApp iPad – how do I install WhatsApp on my iPad? I tried installing whatsapp on my ipad before but it didn’t work. Please help!

iPad 2 and Macbook, should I get both?

SHOULD I GET BOTH A MACBOOK PRO AND IPAD 2? should i get both? i could have the ipad 2 to play on, and i could have the macbook pro to do homework, and play more involved games on. 

Which place is good to get an Apple Ipad?

What is a good gpt site to get an Apple Ipad? well i really want an apple ipad all my friends have one but i don’t and their saying its so cool so does anyone know a free gpt site where i can cash out my points for a free Apple Ipad?

Ipad or Xbox 360, for middle school?

What should I get an Ipad or Xbox 360? I like them both and im in middle school. the ipad can do more things but xbox kinect also seems great. which should i get?

I want to rip “Avatar” dvds to my iPad

Rip DVD to iPad,any help? I want to rip “Avatar” dvds to my ipad,I found many DVD to iPad Converters when i searched in google.But I don’t know much about that so please tell me If someone konw how to rip dvds to ipad via a better dvd to ipad converter?

What’s the best iPad racing game?

Whats the best racing game for the Ipad? I’m gonna get one, I’ve seen real racing HD, asphalt 5, any others????

iPad is worth the money or is it all hype?

Anyone think the iPad is worth the money or is it all hype? Just wondered what everyone thought. £430 seems very dear for the basic Wi-Fi model in the UK, but I suppose you pay for quality.

Ipad vs. Laptop for college?

Ipad vs. Laptop for college? I would rather buy the ipad than a new laptop but will is it worth it? I’ll be typing lots of papers… So how is that program on the ipad??

How do I export files from or backup iPad?

How do I export files from or backup my iPad? I want to copy my ipad files to my local pc, so that I can have backups of my ipad. iTunes does’t have such feature like exporting files from iPad, also I found it was so difficult to use when sync stuff with my pc.

How much will the ipad cost in Australia?

How much will the ipad cost in Australia? Hi, how much will the ipad cost in Australia when it comes out ( or around abouts ) I worked out if it’s the same price as in the us it should be about $550 or are apple just gonna rip us Aussies off??

Is it ok to use an ipad as a school laptop?

Is it ok to use an ipad as a school laptop? i’m thinking about getting an ipad instead of a laptop to use for school but i’m not so sure about it. so can someone who has one tell me if that’s a wise choice?

Speaker on iPod created loud crackling noise.

Static energy damage speakers? I plugged my audio jack into my iPod while music was playing on it. This created a loud crackling noise. Is this likely to damage speakers?

Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad ?

Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle? I want to buy a Kindle, but then my brother was telling me that the iPad would be better? I already have an iPod Touch, so I don’t really want the iPad if I can just buy a Kindle. But then again the iPad looks so cool. Please help 🙂

I was curious if the iPad 3g is worth it…

Should I get the iPad in 3g or just wifi? ok so i’ll be getting my ipad in the summer, I was curious if the 3g is worth it, i have an laptop i bring all the time to my college campus but it pretty heavy in size. my school has wifi access.

American iTunes account buy Canadian iPad cash cards

IPad Question in Canada ? So I live in Canada and i just got an ipad. I made a American iTunes account so that I could download apps, and its working great. Now I was thinking if I go the the store and buy some Canadian iTunes cash cards will i be able to use […]

Would it be stupid to sell my HP laptop and get a ipad?

Would it be stupid to sell my laptop and get a ipad? I can probably get around $600 for my laptop. It is an HP from a year ago. Can the ipad pretty much do most things a laptop can?

Is the ipad just a big ipod touch?

Is the ipad just a big ipod touch? i gotta know before i blow 500 bones…..dollars

“Laptop” vs “ipad” vs “ipod classic”

Which is better? laptop, ipad, or ipod classic……? my dad out of our country for work and he will be coming home. we talked on the phone and he asked me as to what do i like for a present… my birthday is fast approaching too..

Buy iPad or wait the price going down.

Who is going to buy an iPad in April 3 or are you guys going to wait until price goes down? I would rather buy an iPad later, because look at the iPhone it started has a $500 product but now you can get for $99 with a plan with AT&T.

Where can i find a cheap ipad?

Where can i find a cheap ipad? hey all heard you can pick them up super cheap by being part of a test group. Can anyone elaborate on this or have a site to check out?

Should I get a apple laptop or iPad?

Should I get a apple laptop or iPad?

What is 3G connectivity?

What is 3G connectivity? I’m thinking about buying an ipad and i don’t know what it means to have 3G connectivity?does it mean i can go online anywhere (by satelite)

Would Hitler or Jesus use an iPad or a netbook?

If Hitler or Jesus were alive today, would they use an iPad or a netbook? With the current hysteria with the iPad amongst the media, would Hitler or Jesus prefer the functionality of a netbook, even though they are not as ‘cool’, especially as the iPad lack connectivity and support for flash content?

How Much Does the Amazon Kindle Cost in Australia?

After my disappointment with the outcome of the Apple iPad not including the feature to be able to read iBooks from the iBook Store, I have no choice but to return my concerns of ebooks on the Amazon Kindle, quick I have no problem with. I was wondering how the cost in Australia.

Apple’s decision to oust “sexy apps” for iPhone and iPads

What do you think of Apple’s decision to oust “sexy apps” for iPhone and iPads?

What Apple product should I buy?

What Apple product should I buy? I am going to buy either the ipad or the iphone … i do have att so that wont be a problem but i still dont know which to get HELP!!!!!!!!

How to switch from Sprint to ATT?

How to switch from Sprint to ATT? My instinct got stolen and i got this crappy replacement phone. Now i have been saving up for an i phone. But im still on a contract with sprint and have been hearing that apple is canceling with ATT (Dont know if its true) and my dad is […]

Is it worth getting an iPad?

Ok, so the iPad was unveiled this week and if you haven’t seen it or if you don’t know what it is, i advise you to go on youtube and watch the unveiling video. Anyway, I have a mini laptop (10′ inch screen) and my iPod broke at Christmas, and the iPad costs around £350. […]

What exactly is an iPad?

I was on the apple website and saw they had released there newest device called an iPad what is it and what does it do, what features does it have is it a phone, laptop, computer?and is it worth buying? please let me know; Thanks!

Is the iPad a big deal, worth buying?

I mean when the iPod came out, it wasn’t that it was just a nice little MP3 player. It’s that it came with a whole new way to purchase and distribute music. To me, the iPad just looks like an iPod Touch with a bigger screen. Does it bring anything new in the way of […]

IPad: what’s your view?

What is your view on the iPad. I personally am a little skeptical. Are the selling it as a computer, or just a giant iphone. Can you do absolutely everything on the ipad that you can on a computer (I don’t think so) so what is the point of spending the money on it, if […]

Whats an Ipad?!

Yeah so i just got an email form apple about the “ipad” that is new, so like is it a computer like thing or just an oversized touch?

Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth Receiver?

I was looking into Apples new product, the iPad, and was planning on fully replacing my computer with this new device. The problem is that it is not meant to function like a traditional computer – it all touchscreen and no peripherals. My Concern: I will still need to use my speakers, printer, and scanner […]

Is the iPad just a giant iPod touch?

That’s what it looks like to me! And are you going to get one?

Apple IPad or Apple IFail

Will this help me? I was very excited when first hearing about the Ipad coming out but now im not sure anymore…. Please read this you might be buying some thing you might not need:

Is there any point in getting an iPad when I already own an iPod Touch?

I mean, there hasn’t really been much of a change regarding features in the newly launched iPad. Same apps, same internet feature, same email feature, same photos feature, same movies feature etc. Really, isn’t the iPad just a bigger screen really? I’m pretty fine with the small screen of my iPod Touch (except for reading […]

Will the Ipad be able to read pdfs?

Will the Ipad be able to read pdfs? I have a ton of pdf books on my computer so will I be able to transfer them to it?

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