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Should a k-12 student use iPad to type, presentiations, spreadsheets, etc?

Is iPad good for a student? They use it to type, presentations, spreadsheets, watch movies, surf the web, and games. They are a k-12 student.

I want to get a Macbook Air,But everyone tells me that I MUST get a iPad.

Can’t decide between getting an iPad or a MacBook Air? I already have a MacBook Pro, but I had it for years (and not going to get rid of it), but it pretty much has my entire life in it. I am afraid to take it places because if I lose it, I’d probably have […]

If the lost iPad dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

Please help i lost my ipad!? I lost my ipad, there’s a chance it could’ve been stolen. If its dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

Is retina Macbook Pro worth purchasing?

Should i get a retina Macbook Pro? It is really enticing, the only problem i have heard of is the heat issues. Which i can deal with, has anyone got one, is it worth purchasing?

How do I enable trackpad on a used macbook pro mb985ll/a?

Enable trackpad on macbook pro? I just bought a used macbook pro mb985ll/a, and it appears the previous owner disabled the trackpad clicking, and I am therefore able to do very little. How do I enable this? Keep in mind, I can’t click on anything (in System Preferences – Trackpad).

WhatsApp didn’t work on iPad

WhatsApp iPad – how do I install WhatsApp on my iPad? I tried installing whatsapp on my ipad before but it didn’t work. Please help!

Who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple?

Who’s going to make the future iPads, iPhones, and iPods? Now that Steve Jobs is dead, who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple? He was the one inventing them, who is now?

iPad 2 and Macbook, should I get both?

SHOULD I GET BOTH A MACBOOK PRO AND IPAD 2? should i get both? i could have the ipad 2 to play on, and i could have the macbook pro to do homework, and play more involved games on. 

I can’t buy the Macbook pro because its to much money 2000!

I wanna buy a mac book pro but its way too much!? Guys i’m 13,i’m going to high school this year and i want a laptop the mac book pro.I can’t buy it because its to much money 2000!!!!Like what the hell. I do chores for my parents but i only get 1 dollar.That’s gonna […]

PCs are better than Macs? More compatible and cheaper

What are some reasons why PCs are better than Macs? I have to do a school debate where I must argue why PCs are better than Macs. I have found a few points such as their cheaper and offer more hardware for less, they are more compatible with games and other software and there is […]

Macbook or iMac, which one should I buy?

Which mac should i buy? hi, i am wandering which mac notebook to buy i won’t be downloading loads of games (probably no games at all) all it would be used for would be word processing, homework, maybe a bit of DJing.

Which laptop should I choose, Macbook por 13″ or 15″?

Macbook por 13″ model or 15″ model? I have a chance to get either macbook pro 13″ model or a 15 ” model and i can’t decide which one Is there a noticeable difference in the display does the bigger one have less resolution. is it noticeably faster with its i think i7 processor? thanks

The specifications of 2006 MacBook Pro 15 inch?

How can I find out the specs of a 2006 MacBook Pro 15 inch with a broken screen? My little cousin broke his laptop and now wants to sell it on eBay for parts. He asked me to do it for him but I don’t want to put it up for sale without knowing the […]

Weird buzzing noise is on Mac, When I play games.

My Mac is making a weird buzzing noise, which gets louder when I play games on my Mac what’s going on? Is it? the fan or something else?

How much time will it cost to put HDD to apple laptop?

How much would it cost to have apple put in a hard drive in to my laptop? I already have the hard drive i want ot be put in and I also have the laptop

Annotate PowerPoint with Wacom Bamboo Pen on Mac

How can I annotate a PowerPoint presentation with my Wacom Bamboo Pen on a Mac? I have Office 2008 for Mac on my MacBook Pro and a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet. I’m in medical school and would like to draw on the slides the professors send out, especially in anatomy.

What is the two tabs On Macbook pros big charger for?

What is on the Macbook pros charger? On the big charger not the adapter there is two tabs. [one on each side] does anyone know what this is for?

Can I back Mac up with a regular external hard drive?

Can I use a regular external hard drive for a mac? I just bought a mac and I want to back it up, but I’m not sure if I can buy a regular external hard drive or do I need to buy one that is specific for mac.

Parallel or boot camp for mac? Which is better to run?

How and what does parallels software do for mac? I am a prospective mechanical engineer and have been told that I will need a PC for some specific programs. I am just wondering if these programs can actually be installed to parallel or if it would be better to run boot camp.

Which place is good to get an Apple Ipad?

What is a good gpt site to get an Apple Ipad? well i really want an apple ipad all my friends have one but i don’t and their saying its so cool so does anyone know a free gpt site where i can cash out my points for a free Apple Ipad?

Where can I purchasing a MacBook?

What’s the difference between purchasing a MacBook ..? I’m purchasing a MacBook tomorrow and I was kind of contemplating on weather I should purchase it from Best Buy or the Apple store, I’ve read that purchasing the MacBook from Best Buy you would have a good warranty plan o it if any damaged happened to […]

Is 13” Macbook Pro $1450 good for my college?

Is this too much for a Macbook pro? Okay so i’m trying to convince my dad to buy this particular laptop (macbook pro) for college…. There is this bundle that i get with my college which altogether is $1450

How to make “dock” bigger on Mac?

I made the “dock” on my mac computer too small to see how do I make it bigger? please help me, thanks!

£1499 MacBook Pro, is it OK for my daughter?

I want to buy a MacBook Pro Please Please!!! I want to buy a MacBook Pro for my 15 year old daughter. The one I looked up on the apple website has the following features: 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor

MacBook or Dell, Wut should I buy?

VOOTE!! MacBook or Dell?? (no other brand plz)? I’m in the market for a laptop but I DON’T want to spend a fortune like the MacBook. But I only want the MacBook becaus of the App called ‘Photo Booth’ it’s a cool thing to take pics on cuz it has a webcam.

What are good features about Macbook Pro?

Apple MAC books? Hey peeps! I went to and ordered the apple mac book pro. What are some good features about it. Like things like the photo booth and what you can do garage band and imovie! Also write your own experince with the mac book pro.

Accessories for Macbook Pro and iPod?

Some good Macbook Pro and iPod touch accessories? I have an iPod touch, a case for it, a charger, some headphones(not in ear), a Macbook Pro, a hardcase for it, a bag, a cooling stand. What else do I need for these two items. Name it please.

Ipad or Xbox 360, for middle school?

What should I get an Ipad or Xbox 360? I like them both and im in middle school. the ipad can do more things but xbox kinect also seems great. which should i get?

I want to rip “Avatar” dvds to my iPad

Rip DVD to iPad,any help? I want to rip “Avatar” dvds to my ipad,I found many DVD to iPad Converters when i searched in google.But I don’t know much about that so please tell me If someone konw how to rip dvds to ipad via a better dvd to ipad converter?

Mac mini with a hauppauge HD PVR

Can i use a mac mini with a hauppauge HD PVR? i am getting a mac mini with a duo core with 1 GB ram and 8GB memory. will it work? i dont mind using didnt editing software. thanks

What’s the best iPad racing game?

Whats the best racing game for the Ipad? I’m gonna get one, I’ve seen real racing HD, asphalt 5, any others????

I need to project videos from mac onto a big wall

Best projector for mac ? Any advice for the best projector for my Macbook? I need to project videos from my mac onto a big wall or screen so my students will see it from their seats. Thanks

Is Gateway Moakuo Mouse compatible with Mac?

Is this mouse Mac compatible? I am using a Gateway Moakuo Mouse. It is a mouse that I connect to my PC via USB, and seeing I will be getting a mac in a few days, I was wondering if this mouse is mac compatible.

Wondering about the heat of Macbook Pro?

Just got Macbook Pro and wondering about the heat? So i just got the macbook pro and downloaded googlechrome, was playing around with chrome and played a little bloods td 4 and then i hear an odd sound and i touch the bottom of the macbook and its burning hot,

Sony Vaio or Mac, which laptop should I get?

Which laptop should I get? Recently, I was talking about Macs with my dad and how I wanted a new laptop because although I love my pink Sony Vaio, it isn’t in the best condition and the battery life isn’t that good. My dad said that I deserved a new laptop because I get straight […]

“Dell XPS 16” vs “MacBook Pro”, which should buy ?

Dell XPS 16 or MacBook Pro? Details: Dell Studio XPS 16 – Processor = NEW 2010 Intel® Core™ i5-430M (2.26GHz, 4Threads, turbo boost up to 2.53Ghz, 3M cache)

Refurbished MacBook 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Which macbook is a better deal? Refurbished MacBook 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 13.3-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen display 2GB memory 250GB hard drive NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics Built-in 7-hour battery

Mac Book Pro won’t charge with green light on

What is wrong with my Mac Book Pro? I have it plugged in and the green light is on, but it will not charge. The Laptop runs fine as long as it is plugged in but as soon as I unplug it the laptop dies.

New Macbook Pro battery only lasts for 4 hrs?

New Macbook Pro battery only lasts for 4 hrs? I brought a new macbook pro with specs of: 2.66 Ghz, Intel Core i7, 4GB 1067 mHz DDR3, 15 inches

iPad is worth the money or is it all hype?

Anyone think the iPad is worth the money or is it all hype? Just wondered what everyone thought. £430 seems very dear for the basic Wi-Fi model in the UK, but I suppose you pay for quality.

Is Final Cut Studio the same as Sony Vegas?

Is Final Cut Studio the same as Sony Vegas? I was going to buy Sony Vegas 9 but at the last minute I switched to a MacBook Pro. On all the web sites I checked, they said Sony Vegas was only for windows. When I searched for something similar at, all I found was […]

Under $800 camcorder for clip store and HD quality

What is the best camcorder to use thats under $800 for my clip store and HD quality? Its for a small tshirt business i started but i do short little interviews and want to shoot small little events i have so good sound quality would be nice as well as zoom? also would it be […]

Can I get a warranty on MacBook after the sale?

Can I get a warranty on a product such as a MacBook after the sale n is their away to get a lifetime warranty? I recently bought a macbook and I didn’t get the warranty because I was told by a friends that you can buy the warranty later.

Leave macbook’s battery plugged in

Should i leave my macbook’s battery plugged in at the office? I never know whether to let it fully discharge at the office or to keep the macbook plugged in the whole time. I want to lengthen battery life.

Ipad vs. Laptop for college?

Ipad vs. Laptop for college? I would rather buy the ipad than a new laptop but will is it worth it? I’ll be typing lots of papers… So how is that program on the ipad??

How do I export files from or backup iPad?

How do I export files from or backup my iPad? I want to copy my ipad files to my local pc, so that I can have backups of my ipad. iTunes does’t have such feature like exporting files from iPad, also I found it was so difficult to use when sync stuff with my pc.

How much will the ipad cost in Australia?

How much will the ipad cost in Australia? Hi, how much will the ipad cost in Australia when it comes out ( or around abouts ) I worked out if it’s the same price as in the us it should be about $550 or are apple just gonna rip us Aussies off??

Why did my macbook screen go pitch black?

Why did my macbook do this just now? The screen went pitch black, as if it got turned off, while I was typing something, and it it was fully charged, had nothing to do with power/screen saver settings, and i kept pressing the power putton to have the screen go back to normal and nothing […]

Is it ok to use an ipad as a school laptop?

Is it ok to use an ipad as a school laptop? i’m thinking about getting an ipad instead of a laptop to use for school but i’m not so sure about it. so can someone who has one tell me if that’s a wise choice?

Is a Macbook pro good for me?

Is a Macbook pro good for me? im looking for a computer i can use on a day to day basis for school papers internet and iTunes and a few down loads now and there.. i want a fast capable computer that can be used for pictures and ect.

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