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Use Alienware M11x to surf net and play FiFa 11.

Should my brother get an Alienware M11x ? Should my little brother get an Alienware M11x for christmas He wants to use his laptop to surf the net and play a few new games e.g. Fifa 11 If not which other laptop would you recommend getting At a max of £600

“Dell Studio 15” vs “ALIENWARE M15X” for extreme gaming?

Hi! Guys Please tell me which laptop is better for extreme gaming? And Answer Honestly Money is not budget.? Dell Studio 15: (1) INTEL CORE 540M (2.43 GHZ) (2) WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM 64BIT (3) 15.6 ” Full HD(1080p)WLED (1920 x 1080)Display with TrueLife™ (4) 6GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM

Buying Alienware laptop or others

Buying a New Laptop Anyone Want to Help? I am looking for a new laptop and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I’m looking to spend $800-$900. I would like an intel i5 processor with turbo mode but I could live with an i3 without turbo mode. I want a fairly good size […]

Are Macbooks good for gaming?

Need opinion…macbook? Okay, I was in the mindset of ordering an Alienware M15x…for gaming purposes. Then a friend of mine suggested I get a Macbook Pro instead. For a tad bit smaller price, I can get almost the same setup on the comp.

Gaming laptop suggestions?

Gaming laptop suggestions? Ok I’m looking for a decent laptop for gaming (mainly runescape) and a few other (downloaded) mmorpgs My budget is pretty cheap (under $800)

What type of Computer should I buy?

I’m looking for a computer that has really good graphics, because I am going to use it for gaming most of the time. also, a majority of the time i will be downloading movies and stuff, which i would like to download really fast as well. the last feature is school work (but thats not […]

Alienware m11x laptop?

Okay so im looking for a powerhouse laptop that i can play demanding games (cod, l4d, mass effect) with high fps. it also needs to be able to run music and recording/editing programs for my band. i would like to hold up to 30g of just music.

Thinking about buying a Alienware m15x?

Thinking about buying a Alienware m15x? help? Ok, first of all i would like to say, I Want to buy this computer and this computer only. Keep that in mind please. So I play the game runescape and i was wondering if the M15x stock, with maybe a 4gb upgrade and bigger hard drive, would […]

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