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Should a k-12 student use iPad to type, presentiations, spreadsheets, etc?

Is iPad good for a student? They use it to type, presentations, spreadsheets, watch movies, surf the web, and games. They are a k-12 student.

I want to get a Macbook Air,But everyone tells me that I MUST get a iPad.

Can’t decide between getting an iPad or a MacBook Air? I already have a MacBook Pro, but I had it for years (and not going to get rid of it), but it pretty much has my entire life in it. I am afraid to take it places because if I lose it, I’d probably have […]

If the lost iPad dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

Please help i lost my ipad!? I lost my ipad, there’s a chance it could’ve been stolen. If its dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

What’s the difference between “VGA to HDTV” and “HDMI to HDTV” on laptop to TV?

Laptop help vga or hdmi connecting to HDtv? what is the difference in connecting vga to the tv i have an HDMI connected currently and it works fine but will there be a difference in the vga

Is retina Macbook Pro worth purchasing?

Should i get a retina Macbook Pro? It is really enticing, the only problem i have heard of is the heat issues. Which i can deal with, has anyone got one, is it worth purchasing?

I want to know the pros and cons of the kindle fire.

What are the pros and cons of Kindle fire? i am considering purchasing a kindle fire but before i do i want to know the pros and cons of the device and all the websites i have visited are either selling it or the nook.

All the words on my laptop are sort of leaning over or tilting up

Why are all the words on my laptop jumbled up? all the words on my laptop are sort of leaning over or tilting up, its very confusing. it does this on my browsers, and word documents and i dont know how to fix it. they even print out that way. its like when i type, […]

Dell Inspiron 1440 OSD is not working anymore after I reformatted it.

On Screen Display of my Dell Inspiron 1440 won’t show up? Hello, My Dell Inspiron 1440 OSD is not working anymore after I reformatted it. Any one here who knows how to reinstall it ,pls help i need to have it again ~Thank You

HP Pavilion Dv6-3124tx Laptop has 240pin DDR3 RAM? Just wanted to reconfirm it.

Can a laptop have 240 pin RAM? I have a HP Pavilion Dv6-3124tx Laptop. Am planning to upgrade the RAM. I called HP tech support and they informed me that this model laptop has 240pin DDR3 RAM. Just wanted to reconfirm, is it possible for a laptop to have 240DDR3 pin RAM

Looking for a cheap gaming pc, FX 4170 or FX 4100?

Which is better – FX 4170 or FX 4100? Looking for a cheap gaming pc… i know fx 4170 is more expensive, but is there much of a difference?

A message saying “norton confidential has crashed” while I was using Google.

I just purchased a new computer and everything keeps crashing or being nonresponsive? I’m going to call Toshiba later today, but should I just take it back? I was browsing through the programs on my computer and a lot of them were nonresponsive.

Which one can run the Sims 3? SAMSUNG Series 3 300E5C, TOSHIBA Satellite P850-138,HP Pavilion p6-2260ea

Would this SAMSUNG Series 3 300E5C laptop be able to run the Sims 3? Also, would it be able to run any other PC games? I presume it cant run battlefield 3, skyrim e.t.c but can it run minecraft, or maybe call of duty on a low setting? Thanks!

I got a new laptop, what games would you recommend?

Any good games for computer/laptop? I got a new laptop that is really fast compared to my old one and want to play games on it… What games would you recommend?

How do I enable trackpad on a used macbook pro mb985ll/a?

Enable trackpad on macbook pro? I just bought a used macbook pro mb985ll/a, and it appears the previous owner disabled the trackpad clicking, and I am therefore able to do very little. How do I enable this? Keep in mind, I can’t click on anything (in System Preferences – Trackpad).

Dell Inspiron laptop doesn’t load desktop icons or toolbar also cannot be clicked.

How can I fix my laptop? My laptop has been not working for about a week now. It works perfectly fine on safe mode, except for it will not load word, power point or excel, but I hope that’s just on safe mode, because that could be a major problem. Ok, so on regular mode, […]

If there was some keyboard command my keyboard was brokenly hitting?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for “go to first” or “return to beginning”? sometimes (actually, frequently) when operating my computer the cursor/selector returns all the way to the beginning of the selection. For instance, when i’m typing a message or document, the cursor will randomly go all the way back to the very beginning. When […]

I plan on doing some Minecraft game recording with DXTory on laptop.

I5 vs i7 for game recording laptop? i5 vs i7 3610qm (quad-core) or better.I plan on doing some Minecraft game recording with DXTory, but I’ve heard that when it comes to games, not all 8 threads from the i7 will be used. Would it be worth it since I’ll also be recording? I know I’ll […]

I want to buy a tablet, the nexus 7 seems like a viable answer.

Is the nexus 7 a good tablet to consider buying. I want to buy a tablet, the iPad is too expensive for me, laptop is to big to carry around for my situation. The nexus 7 seems like a viable answer, but what do you guys think about it, how does it compare to other […]

Can I change Win 7 to Win XP on my laptop came with Home Premium Windows 7?

Can I install Windows XP on a laptop that came with Windows 7? I started to do a system recovery on my Toshiba laptop and I stopped it and now theres an error when my computer starts up saying Windows is no longer there. My laptop came with Home Premium Windows 7. If I have […]

Using an HDMI cable to connect Dell studio 1555 laptop and Vizio tv.

Laptop HDMI out plus 5.1 surround sound? Alright so here’s my setup, I am using my Dell studio 1555 laptop and using an HDMI cable to connect to my Vizio tv. From my tv I have a optical (toslink w/e) cable connected from the Vizio’s audio out to my surround sound receiver. With this setup […]

WhatsApp didn’t work on iPad

WhatsApp iPad – how do I install WhatsApp on my iPad? I tried installing whatsapp on my ipad before but it didn’t work. Please help!

Who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple?

Who’s going to make the future iPads, iPhones, and iPods? Now that Steve Jobs is dead, who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple? He was the one inventing them, who is now?

I have a ps3 so m nt lukin fr a gamin laptop….

Best laptop under $1500? i hav a ps3 so m nt lukin fr a gamin laptop….though i want it with a gud ram, decent graphics, probably blu-ray and gud sound…?>…

My Asus UL-80’s battery power is not lasting long…

Battery power doesn’t last long on laptop? My Asus UL-80’s battery power is not lasting long on its own w/o plugging it in. It will just shut off, and not restart, probably now when still showing over 50% battery power remaining.

“Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Vista” didn’t work.

How to Turn Windows 7 Back To Vista!!!! I Bought a Laptop at a Pawn Shop. At the back of the laptop it said Windows Vista, But when i turned it on it said Windows 7 Ultimate. I recently learned that having the laptop like that makes it slower and its true because its SLOW!!! […]

My laptop HDD has 15 bad sectors. How can I fix this?

How do I fix bad sectors on my Hard Drive? I have my hard drive unmounted and running Ubuntu from a live CD, and the disk utility reads that the disk has 15 bad sectors. How can I fix this? I noticed something what wrong when I was unable to keep Windows installed

The back side of the laptop monitor can set a solar power.

Why arent laptops solar powered? I mean the entire back side of the monitor could get a lot of sun.

iPad 2 and Macbook, should I get both?

SHOULD I GET BOTH A MACBOOK PRO AND IPAD 2? should i get both? i could have the ipad 2 to play on, and i could have the macbook pro to do homework, and play more involved games on. 

Any suggestion for buying wireless mouse for my Acer laptop?

What kind of a wireless mouse do I buy for my new acer laptop? There are so many choices?

If a Laptop overheats, will it freeze?

Can a Laptop freeze if it overheats? My sister was using it for over an hour on the wooden table. When she was in the middle of skype, it froze. I got really mad at her for the freezing and i told her many times to move it from the table.

“ASUS G71GX-RX05” vs “ASUS G51VX-RX05”

Which laptop is better? I am thinking on purchasing either of the following laptops: ASUS G71GX-RX05 ASUS G Series G51VX-RX05 speaking of specs, for some gaming and at there price which is better? are there any other laptops around with the same price range and with better or equal specs for a gaming?

“Dell XPS 15z” vs “Hp Pavilion dv7”. Which one should i get ?

Which one ? Dell XPS 15z or Hp Pavilion dv7.? Im trying to figure out which computer is best.Which one should i get ?

I can’t buy the Macbook pro because its to much money 2000!

I wanna buy a mac book pro but its way too much!? Guys i’m 13,i’m going to high school this year and i want a laptop the mac book pro.I can’t buy it because its to much money 2000!!!!Like what the hell. I do chores for my parents but i only get 1 dollar.That’s gonna […]

PCs are better than Macs? More compatible and cheaper

What are some reasons why PCs are better than Macs? I have to do a school debate where I must argue why PCs are better than Macs. I have found a few points such as their cheaper and offer more hardware for less, they are more compatible with games and other software and there is […]

Macbook or iMac, which one should I buy?

Which mac should i buy? hi, i am wandering which mac notebook to buy i won’t be downloading loads of games (probably no games at all) all it would be used for would be word processing, homework, maybe a bit of DJing.

Which laptop should I choose, Macbook por 13″ or 15″?

Macbook por 13″ model or 15″ model? I have a chance to get either macbook pro 13″ model or a 15 ” model and i can’t decide which one Is there a noticeable difference in the display does the bigger one have less resolution. is it noticeably faster with its i think i7 processor? thanks

How can i transfer videos to iphone?

How to easily convert my laptop videos in iphone? help needed guys….how can i transfer videos to iphone?

Use Alienware M11x to surf net and play FiFa 11.

Should my brother get an Alienware M11x ? Should my little brother get an Alienware M11x for christmas He wants to use his laptop to surf the net and play a few new games e.g. Fifa 11 If not which other laptop would you recommend getting At a max of £600

Allow Xbox to connect to the internet though my laptop…

Turning laptop into router for my xbox? i looked at someone elses question went to my wireless settings and allowed others to connect to the internet though my laptop. Put an Ethernet cord into it and then into my xbox and its not letting me connect any help would be awesome

The specifications of 2006 MacBook Pro 15 inch?

How can I find out the specs of a 2006 MacBook Pro 15 inch with a broken screen? My little cousin broke his laptop and now wants to sell it on eBay for parts. He asked me to do it for him but I don’t want to put it up for sale without knowing the […]

What’s old HP Pavilion 5200 worth?

What is this old laptop worth? My friend has an old HP laptop. Tell me how old it is and what you think it is now worth. (The more info…the better answer.) Here are the basic specs. HP Pavilion 5200 -Widescreen / 1.6 Ghz / 512 RAM (Orig 256) / 55GB Hard drive / 1.6 […]

Is it possible to upgrade the graphics of Toshiba Satellite?

Can I upgrade the graphics to my laptop? I have a Toshiba Satellite with a Intel HD chipset. Is it possible to buy a video card and upgrade? Or is it not possible?

How do i access the info on the hard disk of a dead laptop?

How to read a laptops hard disk if laptop is dead? I have a dead laptop, won’t even start…how do i access the info on the hard disk? can I pull it out and connect it to my other computers tower somehow and read it that way?im not interested in fixing the laptop, motherboard, power […]

Status: 0xc0000225, can’t get to the windows home screen.

When my friend turns on his laptop he can’t get to the windows home screen? my friend come to my flat because he can’t get get his laptop on i thought i might be able to get it working but i can’t get it working to its just he can’t get to the windows home […]

Does it really matter the laptop charger brand or whatever?

Does it matter what charger you get for your laptop? Does it really matter the charger brand or whatever, because I bought one for my hp pavalion and I don’t know but can it harm my computer? Let’s say I got a charger that wasn’t supose to go with my laptop can it affect it […]

What should i use to wipe my laptop screen?

What’s best to wipe my laptop screen with? I dont really know what i should use to wipe my laptop screen. because it gets fingerprints and all. any recommendations?

Upgrade Intel i7-920 2.66GHz to Core i7 970 3.2 Ghz

CPU upgrade do i need to change it? Hi ive got a Intel i7-920 (Bloomfield) Quad Core Processor – 2.66 GHz CPU im thinking of upgrading it to the Core i7 970 3.2 ghz or the 980x if i can find it for the same price.Im a massive online gamer but i dont use photo […]

Weird buzzing noise is on Mac, When I play games.

My Mac is making a weird buzzing noise, which gets louder when I play games on my Mac what’s going on? Is it? the fan or something else?

laptop vs notebook, what’s the difference?

What is the diff between a laptop and a note book? old school here can you please tell me the diff between a laptop and notebook? thanks

Laptop keeps saying low on memory disc get rid of some programs

Disc low on memory ,? A pop up at the bottom left of my laptop keeps saying your low on your memory disc get rid of some programs but i only have five programs running at the moment what are the few program’s important ,i dont want to get rid of something thats going to […]

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