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Should I cancel the phone option and just pay for line rental for the broadband?

How can I get cheaper broadband and landline? I am on BT Unlimited Anytime Plan direct debit for £19.50 a month and BT Total Broadband Option for £17.80 DD a month. My arrears are £73.82. BT want to double my £25 a month DD to £50.50 a month from September 15th. I don’t really need […]

Will me or my friend get in trouble, if i cancel the Sky direct debt?

Cancelling Sky and i need help? Hi i took out sky the other day and they’re coming out tomorrow and i forgot to cancel it, the payment is on my card but the account is in my friends name, what will happen if i cancel the direct debt? will me or my friend get in […]

Where can I look up the phone number?

Who does this phone number belong to 343-601-3942? This number appeared on the call display at the place where I work. If I was at home I would not be concerned regarding answering it, but because the people I work for are originally from overseas it could be relatives. I need to know if I […]

Will the phone be traced after I shut it off and take the batter out?

If you take the battery out of your phone can the family locator still trace you? My family has Verizon family locator on our phones. If I were to shut my phone off and take the battery out of it would my parents still be able to trace it?

How to get my phone bill? call the operator use landphone or cellphone?

Will calling the operator show up on my phone bill? So if I call the operator (Not a prank call btw) will it show up on the phone bill for my LANDLINE? or if I use my Cell PHONE will it show up? Thanks, Also is calling free?

Is it illegal to prank call my friend on restrict??

Is it illegal to prank call someone you know? i know it is if you don’t know them but what if i called my friend on restrict??

I got a voicemail sounded deep voice like a ghost would talk.

I got a super scary voicemail? what to do?!?!? I opened my voicemail and I had a something that sounded really deep voice almost like a ghost would talk, and I couldn’t make out what it was saying. The number was none of the numbers I know. What happened?! Could it have been someone that […]

How can I set up a landline phone/make calls using ethernet?

Is there a way to set up a landline phone/make calls using ethernet? My apartment is not set up for having a landline phone but I get no phone service from my cellphone here.

The phone rang, then it said “hello police department”.

I was prank calling my friend. i called they answered i did something they hung up. i called it rang.. it rang.then it said “hello police department”. and it was not my friend I was on google email. they have a free calls through gmail. will I get in trouble?

I want to take off the call list for someone trying to sell samething.

How to make sure I’m taken OFF the call list? Hey, I need a little help. My phone is always ringing with someone trying to sell something. I tell them to take me off the call list, but it doesn’t help because they call again the next day. How can I make sure I’m taken […]

I just got a creepy phone call for returning a computer…

Have you ever gotten a creepy phone call? I just got one now. It was apparently a women who went by a name i didnt recognize, and she had a strangely high pitched voice and told me she wanted to return the computer i sold her, but i never sold anyone a computer.

What codes should I need for phoning England from Australia?

If you are phoning England from Australia what codes do you need? Thanx?

Be warned! These scammers are definitely not Microsoft they never phone anyone.

Anyone else had a phone call from ‘Microsoft? An Asian lady called me to tell me I had a very ‘deadly’ virus in my computers. Spent 45 minutes trying to scare the life out of me then asked for my Bank details for ‘them’ to sort out the problem.

For playing game and in to facebook, choose Windows Phone 7 or android?

Windows Phone 7 or android? I’m lookinf for a new phone that’s fast and reliable when I need it I’m in to facebook not twitter its uselees and I also want to play games.

Im with Virgin Media for blocking numbers from calling my house phone.

How can I block Private numbers and Mobile numbers from calling my house phone? Im with Virgin Media?

I want to block someone from calling me.

How do I block someone from calling me?

Wireless phone doesn’t work with a fax.

My home phone isn’t working.. Help? Okay so I recently had a fax machine the worked as a home phone, but it had a cord on it. So I found a wireless home phone in my closet, but my mom used it in her salon like a year ago and it worked fine. Well now […]

I wanted to add a wall phone jack in my room

How do I add an extra phone jack to a room? Hi I wanted to add a wall phone jack in my room by myself but I do not know how. No, I do not have one in my room thats why I want to install one :/, please help me STEP by STEP :/

Could I only swith internet to Comcast, not phone?

Can I have Comcast internet with AT&T phone service? At the moment i have at&t home phone and internet. I wanted to know if i could switch my internet service to Comcast but keep at&t for my home phone.

I stream a movie with VOIP.

Will my VOIP suffer if im streaming a movie? I have 20 MB/s Internet(or ~2500 Down) 4MB/s Up

How to make the phone work,which goes out constantly?

Is there a trick to make cable phone service work better? I have cable phone service and it goes out constantly. (Charter Communications) Is there anything I can do to make i work? I have cable TV through them as well and it works FINE. Just my phone . I bought a new phone thinking […]

What’s the cost for call to USA from Aus?

Cost of a international call to USA from Aus???? pls help? Hey im in australia, and atm im haveing problems with an online shoe store called Eastbay. I need to call them, but i dont know what to call. their International number is: 1.715.261.9588 so i just call that, or do i need to add

What to dial from USA to Malaysia?

How to call Malaysia from USA using land line? just dialed * for the + THEN 601-332-731-32 didn’t work?

How to retrieve the message on home phone?

How do I retrieve a message left on my home number? About four days ago, my parents switched their home phone service from whoever the local carrier is to Comcast Digital Voice. Now, their phone is saying that the have a message that isn’t on the main answering machine. How do they retrieve that message? […]

How does caller id show the correct time and date?

My caller id shows the correct time and date I didn’t program it how does it know that? is there a signal coming through the phone line?

Can you call your phone from another?

Can you call your home phone from another phone in the house?

What to say, when you prank call someone?

If u r gonna prank call someone, what is the best thing to say? im havin a sleepover and i need ideas for good prank calls

Does that Magic Jack phone thing really work

Does that Magic Jack phone thing really work? How well does that Magic Jack phone thing work? I have seen it on tv,i guess you get phone through your internet or something? And it’s $19.95 a year…? Are you suppose to buy a new one every year or how does it work?

How to setup a home intercom from one room to kitchen?

How do I setup a home intercom? We have a need in our home for an intercom that would function from one room in the back corner of the house out to the kitchen. This is not a big distance, but we have some people in our family who can’t hear very well.

How to fix the phone which was wet?

Got Phone wet what to do? I think I got some water into my cordless phone. Now it does not work, I don’t hear a dial tone or anything. What should I do to fix it?

I can’t call it back, when a number call me.

What’s up with this number calling me and it not working when I call it back? I got a phone call early this morning from a number I traced to Florida, but when I try to call it back it instantly disconnects my phone after 2 seconds.

How about the Vonage?

Do you have Vonage? If so, do you recommend it? We just had Verizon FIOS installed — just the internet and phone (I don’t need tv), but we are so unhappy with it. There is always a problem and especially hard to deal with Verizon operators.

How to lookup someone calling us?

Someone is prank calling us!? Hi ok so last night they called my dads number he asked if he was my uncles brother my dad said yes (ik stupid answer) then they hung up my dad was gonna ask who was this!

How to call UK cell from Canada?

Calling a UK cell from Canada? What do I have to dial before entering the number? I’m calling from a home phone to a cell phone using a phone card..

How to reduce the bill of droid?

Anyone who has the droid how much do your bill be? i don’t talk on the phone much will that reduce the bill? and how many free apps does it have? is it worth it?

Dirty voicemails from unknown numbers

I keep getting dirty voicemails from unknown numbers…? So if it is you..can you send more?

Dail *67,whoever is calling u can easily call his?

Is this true? Dail *67 and then the number, but take in account that whoever is calling u can easily call his? /her telephone company and find out who called them.

Can girl freind sue me for my phone calling?

Can my girl freind sue me for my phone calling? Im sincerley trying to get back with her. I’m not calling often am not use harrassing or violant language. she asked me not to call. me calling might me harrasment. is it true and what can she do against me??

Prank Caller claims to be Michael Jackon.

Prank Caller claims to be Michael Jackon. Plenty of people getting the same call? We got a call from a wireless phone # 8032379332

How can i tap a cordless phone?

How can i tap a cordless phone? i think my girlfriend is cheating on me with another guy. and she talks to the guy on her home cordless phone. she doesnt have a cell phone. and i wanted to know if there was ANY way to hear there conversations and know that she is there […]

My BT phone line no ring tone problem.

My BT phone line no ring tone problem. I’ve got a BT land line connected to a corded telephone and it was working O.K. But recently stopped ringing (sometime rings once) although the phone is detecting the call. There is no loose wires. Is anyone knows what is wrong with it?

Cable telephone work with an apartment’s intercom

Does a cable telephone service work with an apartment’s intercom service? I was told that for the intercom (i.e. someone from outside the building wants to call me to get in) to work in my apartment, I would need a landline. I was wondering if I getting telephone service provided by a cable company will […]

Do I need to return Rogers Home phone device?

Do I need to return Rogers Home phone device? I am thinking to switch my current Rogers Home phone to other company. They will just transfer my numbers and cancel it.

What is the cheapest way to call Canada from the US?

What is the cheapest way to call Canada from the US? is it cheaper to just call on my regular phone or get a calling card

I don’t understand how vonage works

I don’t understand how vonage works, how do you actually talk to a person for there CSR? Have an LG verizon, moving to italy, want to use it to call anywhere the usa and europe how do i do this??

How can i reverse look up a phone number

How can i reverse look up a phone number to show up lat and long? someone is bothering me and i wanna know who it is thx

My phone won’t give a dialtone

My phone won’t give a dialtone, what’s wrong with it? OK, so one of our phones started breaking up in certain parts of the house…no big deal..until they all started doing that. Now, we can’t get a dialtone. We bought a new phone, and still no dialtone.

PSN not working correctly?

PSN not working correctly? When I tried to access the playstation store today it told me that the service was not available in my country/region. I live in the USA and have never had this problem before. This happening to anyone else?

Why wont my house phone charge?

Why wont my house phone charge? i have a v-tech house phone and a couple nights ago i stayed up talking on the phone until it completely died on me.

Fax and Answering Machine on the Same Line?

Fax and Answering Machine on the Same Line? I have a LexMark 5600/6600 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax. The fax machine is setup on the same phone line as my answering machine (phone built in.) The answering machine picks up after 6 rings, should I set the fax to pick up after 8 rings? From what I understand […]

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