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My hair is think & curly, It doesn’t stay straight by using Chi Straightener.

Hair help? Suggestions? My hair is think & curly. It doesn’t stay straight whenever I straighten it. What can I use to keep it straight? I have a Chi Straightener.

I want to know about the CHI flat iron before I buy one!

CAN YOU TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT CHI FLAT IRONS!!!!? i just want to know about it before i buy one! 😀

I can only do about one strand of hair at a time using the Chi Flat Iron.

My Chi Flat Iron Broke!!!!? I have had my Chi straightener for about 2 years now. I love it, it does great on my long, thick, Asian hair. But now, whenever I plug it in, you have to hold it a certain position for it to work. And then, when I go to straighten my […]

I was wondering if the Chi flat iron was good or not.

Is the Chi flat iron good? I recently ordered one through the mail and was wondering if it was good or not. And is their anything I should know about it?

Is CHI flat iron’s like 100% Ceramic?

Are CHI flat iron’s plates really only coated with ceramic? Or is it like 100% Ceramic?

My long hair just don’t come out right when I use a 1 inch chi iron.

What is a good brand of flat iron to use to curl long hair besides chi? I have a 1 inch chi iron but for whatever reason when I try to curl my own hair with it they just don’t come out right.

Do I need to replace with GFCI for Chi flat iron?

I’m looking to replace the plug on my Chi flat iron. Where can I find one and which would be the best? Does it need to be grounded? Volts? I’ve repaired our vacuum and carpet shampooer but my hair straightener scares me the most! It has a grounded plug/GFCI (with the reset)..

For afircan american hair, is Chi the best flat iron?

What is the best flat iron for african american hair? I am looking for a flat iron that works really well on afircan american hair..

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