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Where can i get a fairly cheap hair straightener?

Cheapest hair straighteners? my friend straightened my hair last night, and it looked AMAZING. where can i get a fairly cheap one?

I want to get straight hair, but I don’t want to use Straighteners.

How to get straight hair without using Straighteners…?

Which straightener is cheap and gentle on hair from Walmart?

Whats the best brand of straightener? Not too expensive. Gentle on hair??:) Preferably from Walmart

I have a CONAIR flat iron, is it good?

I have a CONAIR flat iron. Are CONAIR straighteners good?

My hair is think & curly, It doesn’t stay straight by using Chi Straightener.

Hair help? Suggestions? My hair is think & curly. It doesn’t stay straight whenever I straighten it. What can I use to keep it straight? I have a Chi Straightener.

Is there any straightners around $50 that are better than a conair flat iron?

Flat-Iron / Straightner Help? I’m 14, and I have like REALLY thick hair, but it’s managable. It get’s a little frizzy but that only affects me the day I do my hair…ANYWAYS. I’ve tried to use my sister’s Conair 4 in 1 straightner but I saw no difference…

I want to know about the CHI flat iron before I buy one!

CAN YOU TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT CHI FLAT IRONS!!!!? i just want to know about it before i buy one! 😀

I can only do about one strand of hair at a time using the Chi Flat Iron.

My Chi Flat Iron Broke!!!!? I have had my Chi straightener for about 2 years now. I love it, it does great on my long, thick, Asian hair. But now, whenever I plug it in, you have to hold it a certain position for it to work. And then, when I go to straighten my […]

I was wondering if the Chi flat iron was good or not.

Is the Chi flat iron good? I recently ordered one through the mail and was wondering if it was good or not. And is their anything I should know about it?

Is CHI flat iron’s like 100% Ceramic?

Are CHI flat iron’s plates really only coated with ceramic? Or is it like 100% Ceramic?

My long hair just don’t come out right when I use a 1 inch chi iron.

What is a good brand of flat iron to use to curl long hair besides chi? I have a 1 inch chi iron but for whatever reason when I try to curl my own hair with it they just don’t come out right.

Do I need to replace with GFCI for Chi flat iron?

I’m looking to replace the plug on my Chi flat iron. Where can I find one and which would be the best? Does it need to be grounded? Volts? I’ve repaired our vacuum and carpet shampooer but my hair straightener scares me the most! It has a grounded plug/GFCI (with the reset)..

For growing hair faster, what shampoo and conditioner is best?

What shampoo works the best for growing hair faster? And conditioner? ? Thank u so much all answers are appreciated!

I don’t want to spend too much money at the salon

How to apply clips in hair extensions? Help!!! I don’t want to spend too much money at the salon, so i decided to learn it at home, thanks for help.

I’m sweaty from skateboarding should i wash my hair or what?

Hair routine questions… ok i am constantly active like i skate a lot and sweat and surf which makes salt water go in my hair right and wash it everytime because i think both are bad for my hair so thjat makes it kinda wavy curly very pussy and dry.

I wanna make sure my hair is growing well…

Would you consider my hair medium or long length? It touches my bra strap in the back and is a little past my arm pits in the front.

I don’t know if I should dye my hair myself or have it done at a salon.

I want to dye my hair for the first time.. I’ve never had my hair dyed before and I need some one experienced to walk me through what I should do. I have dirty blonde hair and I want to dye it reddish brown.

If its better to dye my hair when its dirty?

Is it best to bleach your hair when its dirty? I havent washed my hair in a couple days and I was just wondering

Do you know what color will come out on dark hair?

I wanna tint my hair but idk what color? My hair is like a black-brown color and I wanted to tint it burgundy but It didn’t come out well…

My hair is really thick and knotty and frizzy…

How to scrunch my hair? please help me? its really thick and knotty and frizzy. help me please. i dont have a diffuser . my hair either gets to dry or soaking wet and it just looks so wet and hard.

My hair has a weird smell,whatsoever plus I only put argan oil in it..

Why does my hair start to smell!? The first day I shower it smells amazing but I don’t wash it for 2 days or something and it has a weird smell? Kind of burnt or just dirty?!?

Why is my hair breaking? what products can repair it?

Why is my hair breaking? im 16 and i have very thick and long hair. about 2 months ago i suffered from dehydration and vitamin deficiency. i just realized recently that my hair is thick at the top and thin at the bottom. and yes i flat iron my hair but not on 400 on […]

What’s your favorite hair straightener?

What’s your favorite hair straightener? Or what have u heard is good? All answers are appreciated and there is not price range for the straightener because I can ask for it for Christmas or save up money. Thanks!

Cute hairstyles for short-ish, curly, thick, brown hair?

What are some cute hairstyles I can do?? ANY ideas!? Hi! I’ll tell you a little bit about my hair ~ it’s short-ish, but I’m growing it out. When i straighten it, it’s about 3-4 inches below my shoulders. ~it’s naturally curly. Poofy curly. ~ It’s thick

“Ti Titanium Touch” vs “Karmin Titanium” flat iron

Which straightener is better? I’m on the fence on whether I should get the Ti Titanium Touch flat iron or the Karmin Titanium. Which one is better? I have thick frizzy curly hair. Why do you like the one you picked?? Thanks!

I flat ironed my bangs a lot and like it’s still wavy.

My hair is being retarded….? Dude, my hair is bugging me. -I showered and then like I blowed dried it and then like, flat ironed it. But it is just being bushy, and like my bangs are like down to my eyes again and their like look OK but then they bug me. And then […]

How to keep my real hair straightened on top without flat iron it everyday?

Its unbeweavable! Help from former or current swen in weave wearers? I got a sewn in and i decided to leave some hair out for a part but like how do i keep my real hair straightened on top to make it look good without having to flat iron it everyday? I do not want […]

How to make dead straight hair with a flat iron?

I want dead straight hair ! tips? help !? I don’t have a round brush unfortunately! BUT, i do have a flat iron, normal old hairbrush and hairdryer. any tips? :]

How to make stylish hairstyles for thick hair?

What are easy, stylish hairstyles for thick hair medium length hair? I have really thick hair. It’s not wavy, it’s just very thick, and i have a lot of it. I can’t seem to find any style to wear it besides using a flat iron to straighten it. Braids don’t work because my hair is […]

When i used flat iron, my hair smelling burnt…

Why is my hair smelling burnt? okay, i recently got my new flat iron a little over 2 months ago, and when i used it my hair smelled like something was burning. My friends describe it as smelly burnt hair. 🙁 as i use it, it gets better, and i do use heat protect ant […]

“Vidal Sassoon VS182C Professional” vs “Karmin Professional Black Titanium” Flat Iron

Which straightener should I get? Should I get the one I have had for years and love (Vidal Sassoon VS182C Professional 2-1/4-Inch High-Heat Hair Straightener) for 25 dollars? OR Should I upgrade and get the Karmin Professional Black Titanium Flat Iron / Hair Straightener (1″) for 100 dollars?

I want to get some Purple hair extensions…

Do Synthetic Clip-on Hair Extensions Look nice? Okay…So I’m debating whether i should get some Purple hair extensions ( I Have Dark Brown Hair ) For a new years party Im playing at ( In a rock band ) and some people say that you can’t flat iron or curl the synthetic hair or it […]

I’m not begging God for straight hair.

If I prayed & asked God to bless me with silky hair? Ok well I’m Christian. I love God. God loves me. I used to be a confident person but all that has been lost. I feel like im ugly because of my hair. I’m a pretty girl yeah,

I have a flat iron and whenever I straighten my hair it puffs up.

How to straighten short boy’s hair? I have a flat iron and whenever I straighten my hair it puffs up. Is the flat iron working properly? Or am I doing something wrong? I use heat protection shampoo and conditioner. I also put in olive oil leave-in conditioner after my showers.

My long curly hair is flat only it gets wet, should I buy a flat iron?

Do flat irons that work? (don’t laugh, I’m a male with long curly hair)? do they work? i wanna buy the cheapest one for 20 bucks or 15 my hair poofs too much and ive had it. when its wet it looks great and its flat but when it gets dry it does not. […]

Do i have heat damage using flat iron without a heat protectant?

If you have heat damage will that make your hair straight even after you wet it if your hair is curly? I am Black and my hair is very curly when it is wet. I think i used my flat iron to much on the hair in the back and front of my head and […]

What flat iron can get my hair pin straight and reduces the bulk?

What would be a good flat iron for my situation? Okay so I have very thick layered hair that is razored but growing out ( a mullet), it isn’t wavy but not exactly curly, its a mix. I have a Revlon titanium smooth stay that’s pretty good but not great and I also have a […]

What flat irons can be used for wet thick hair?

What’s better? Flat irons for dry or wet hair? The straightening iron I’m using right now can only be used for dry hair…but I was thinking of getting one that can be used for wet hair as well. Which is better to use? Btw I have thick hair

How should i straighten hair without using a flat iron?

How to straighten hair? without flat iron 😕 So i have this problem, i was flat ironing my hair everyday 3 years and it got really damaged. So my mom took my straightener and she doesn’t let me use it ! :@ So now i have a bf, and i want my hair straight…

Apply flat iron to a guy’s hair using nothing…

This sounds REALLY weird but a guy using a flat iron? My mom has a Belson Pro..i have no idea if its the cheap one or not my hair is fluffy curly at the moment (but its usually wavy) if i apply the flat iron to my hair right now using nothing, what happens?

For african american hair, will GVP flat iron work?

Does the GVP flat iron work for african american hair?

Would weekly flat-ironing be too much stress on my kinky hair?

African American Hair Flat Ironing question.? I have unpermed kinky hair, not too kinky, but kinky enough to be described as such, when I flat iron my hair, I use Frizz-ease hair serum which works quite fine, it keeps my hair relatively frizz free and shiny.

My hair ends are dry, after I used flat iron.

I flat iron my hair and now the ends are dry? Does anyone know what can make the hair seem less dry and brittle

For thick coarse hair, what’s the best flat iron?

What is the best flat iron for people with very thick coarse hair? I have 2 Chi flat irons and they stop getting hot after a while. I have very thick coarse hair because my mom’s family are Cherokee and my Dad’s family are red heads. (Red hair tends to be very coarse) The iron […]

For afircan american hair, is Chi the best flat iron?

What is the best flat iron for african american hair? I am looking for a flat iron that works really well on afircan american hair..

Using flat-iron for daring a Girlish hairstyles

Girlish hairstyles for a dare, please!? I have long hair and on a stupid occasion I got into a truth & dare. I choose dare. One of my friends dared me to wear my hair girlish and feminine for two whole weeks!! I have to roll a dice every day and the number tells me […]

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