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Is i7 2600 an 8 core processor because of hyper threading? Is that true?

Is the Intel I72600 an 8 core processor? my pc has an intel 2600 processor which is listed as a quad core but a neighbor of mine told me it is essentially an 8 core processor because of hyper threading

How does the graphics card’s ram/core speed differ from normal ram/core speed?

What is the difference between graphics card speed and graphics card RAM? Yeah, it’s in the question. For example: – This card has 2 gigs of ram and a clock speed of 1006Mhz… Say I had a 2.13Ghz dual core processor, what is the core processor and the core of the GPU’s different uses […]

Should i get a singel AMD HD7950 or two AMD HD6950

AMD HD 7950 or AMD HD 6950 SLI? should i get a singel AMD HD7950 or two AMD HD6950

Would this be a good gaming rig? i5-2500K,Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3…etc.

Help with Gaming setup? Would this be a good gaming rig? Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Intel Core i5-2500K Processor Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt

“Saphire radeon 6780” vs “Evga geforce gtx 560”, which one is better?

Evga geforce gtx 560 Superclocked factory vs saphire radeon 6780? Anyone got some input on both these cards which one best to get. I plan on playing games at performance level.

Will i destroy the PC fan if i connect the USB cable wrong?

How do I connect a USB cable to a PC fan? hello, I know how to connect the usb to the fan alright… but the fan I have does not have a black and red cable… both are just coated in colorless plastic. My question is: will i destroy the fan if i get it […]

My cases psu has 24 pin ; 1 x 4 pin 12vl 2 x SATA: 2 x molex; 1 x FDD connectors.

Am I supposed to use one of the PSU connectors to power up my ata hard drive? Im building a pc for the first time and everything works fine so far only need to add a hard drive. I have added a serial data cable to my drive and to the motherboard but don’t know […]

For Sims3: MSI N450GTS-MD1GD3 GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit DDR3

Is this graphics card an overkill for the Sims 3? GTS 450? MSI N450GTS-MD1GD3 GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card I just want to be able to max the game out. I got the card for 80 bucks

Windows explorer says it’s found a problem of the external drive and closes it.

I have an external drive 500GB.I have been using for about three months. I still have 166GB free space, but suddenly every time I open and start to scroll. Windows explorer says it’s found a problem and closes the drive any ideas on how to correct this problem?

If i moved the sims 3 files onto an external device, would it still run properley?

Would putting sims 3 onto a external hard drive corrupt the files? Basically I have the sims 3, and all of the extion packs, however I want to put it onto a external hard drive 1) because it’s taking up a lot of space on my computer and 2) I have now sold on some […]

Minecraft always deletes saved data, when i put a texture pack on it.

Why is when i try to put a texture pack on minecraft on my mac it always deletes my saved data?

I was just wandering if it’s a good gaming laptop.

Are these specs good for gaming? I’ve had this laptop for a while now and I was just curious. Intel celeron duo 2.0ghz 3.5gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 9300 ge 250gb hard drive. I was just wandering if it’s a good gaming laptop.

I’m looking for an adapter for a USB to 3.5mm for USB headphones with a mic.

Headphone USB to 3.5mm Adapter? I am looking for an adapter for a USB to 3.5mm for my USB headphones with a mic. I’ve found some that only support the headphones and not the mic. I do plug it in via USB on my PC but when I travel I prefer using my own headphones. […]

When my pc is running at night, I want to unplug graphics card power connector.

Can I unplug my graphics card power connector while the pc is turned on? Ok here is the thing, until recently, I had a basic video card, which gave little noise while plugged in, but I Just got a ATI 6950 and that gives a lot of noise with its two fans.

PQI 500GB External HDD H560 USB Wire is short.

I have a PQI 500GB High Speed External Hard Drive H560 and it`s USB Wire is so short what should i do?

I’m not able to watch any DVDs on laptop with windows 7.

I have windows 7 and I used to be able to view, download DVDs and cd’s but now I can’t see or play any dvds? I previously reformatted my laptop but now I can’t seem to be able to watch any

“Asus ENGTX570” vs. “EVGA GeForce GTX 570”

Which one is a better graphics card, 10 points!!? 1. Asus ENGTX570 DCII/2DIS/1280MD5 nVidia GeForce GTX 570 Chipset (742Mhz) 1280MB (3800Mhz) GDDR5 Dual Dual-Link DVI-I/ HDMI/Display Port PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card 2. EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD 1280MB GDDR5 (012-P3-1571-KR) nVidia GeForce GTX 570 Chipset (732Mhz) 1280MB (3800Mhz) DDR5 Dual Display DVI-I/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI Express 2.0 […]

Will Do 3d graphics card work with normal HD 1920×1080 games?

Do 3d graphics card work in 2d HD? Do 3D graphics cards work on non-3d games , because im going to get the HIS HD6870 ICEQX turbo , but all the reviews ive seen are saying if you want a 3d card get this one,

How do you work out the effective memory frequency of a graphics card?

Memory Frequency help needed !!? How do you work out the effective memory frequency of a graphics card, because I have seen people say they have achieved “1010MHz (4000 effective)” how do i work out the effective clock?

Will a XFX Radeon HD6870 work on an ASUS P5P43TD PRO motherboard?

Does a 2.1 PCI-E x16 graphics card work on a 2.0 PCI-E motherboard? Will a XFX Radeon HD6870 work on an ASUS P5P43TD PRO motherboard which has 2.0 PCI-e bus interface

Windows 98 wont read my flash drive…

Usb devices not working.? alright i have a rlly old computer that runs on windows 98. and it wont read my flash drive it wont let me look in it or use it. is there anyway to get it to work or get the computer to recognize it?if you can help thanks. i also have […]

What’s SD/MMC – MS/Pro?

What’s the meaning of SD/MMC? What does MS/Pro stand for?

Annotate PowerPoint with Wacom Bamboo Pen on Mac

How can I annotate a PowerPoint presentation with my Wacom Bamboo Pen on a Mac? I have Office 2008 for Mac on my MacBook Pro and a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet. I’m in medical school and would like to draw on the slides the professors send out, especially in anatomy.

“partition magic” does not work.

How do i make my unallocated drive ntfs, for some reason my drive wont show up as a drive anymore, windows notices it, and everything, but still i cant put stuff on the drive at all.

Graphics card for 3ds max, photoshop and autocad

Best graphics card for my PC? plz suggest me a best graphics card for PC. i use 3ds max, photoshop and autocad as main applications. Plz suggest me best graphics card. money is not the criteria. my system configuration is:

Targus 4-port USB hub doesn’t recognis External HDD

Usb Hub Question…any suggestions? my manager has a Targus 4-port USB hub, and a Toshiba USB 20. External HDD….The Hub works well with any other USB device like USB mouse, 2Gb flash drive and even my PSP, but the problem is the External HDD isnt recognised when connected via the hub, but is recognised when […]

How good the Gaming headset are?

Gaming headset please help me? it looks madd im gona get it but is it any good or is it ****? i just wont to no how good they are im not buying any think els

Downloading the drivers for Installing a graphics card

Installing a graphics card? When installing a new graphics card, is it necessary to use the disc that comes with it to go through the install, or is downloading the drivers off the site good enough/same thing? Thanks.

NVIDIA GeForce “GTS 250” vs “9800 GT”

What is a better graphics card? I currently have the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 comparing it to NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

My 2GB flash Drive said “0 items – 1 MB available”

What is wrong with my flash drive? It’s a 2 GB flash drive but when I pluged it in it said “0 items – 1 MB available”. There is nothing on it!! I un-plugged it and plugged it back in.. then it said “916 KB available”, did it again, and it said “868 KB available”.

Are all the PCI ports the same?

What are PCI and its ports? could someone tell me what are PCI?? Are all the PCI ports the same??? do old models of motherboards have any difference from the new one in terms of the PCI?? and if so…how can I determine which??

850W power supply is good for 2 gtx 470’s in sli?

Good enough to OC 2 GTX 470’s in SLI? I have looked around and most sites say an 850W power supply is good for 2 gtx 470’s in sli, but the psu I am looking at is a little cheaper and is only up to 78% efficient. I am on a budget and have just […]

I can not update the sound driver

PCI DEVICE problem!!! I have recently re-installed my windows XP Service Pack 2. but I have a little problem with the sound which I believe is the PCI device. whenever I go to Device Manager and try to update this driver, it wouldnt let me do it.

Video editing graphics card advice?

What graphics card to get for video editing? Ok, so I’ve finally decided to upgrade my computer, as it only has a built in graphics card, and PCI slots. i plan on buying a new motherboard, RAM, and graphics card. However, I am unsure which to buy as i have no experience in this field […]

Can Asus P6X58D motherboard support HDMI?

Can my motherboard use Hdmi? I have hdmi cables that can connect to my monitor. I dont find anything that says my Asus P6X58D motherboard has an hdmi port. I also read that graphics card can use hdmi? im not really sure about that.

One ear of the Logitech Headphones have no sound.

Logitech Headphones: Sound from one ear? I have these logitech headset for my computer and all of a sudden i can only hear from the right ear pierce.

Speakers or headphones can’t be detected by my PC

My computer does not detect my speakers or headphones? I have an eMachines and my OS is Windows XP. I recently reset my whole computer to factory default, and everything was fine, but about 2 days later my computer stopped detecting my speakers.

“Nvidia geforce 9600 gt 512MB” vs “ATI radeon hd 5450 1GB”

Which graphics card is better? nvidia geforce 9600 gt 512MB or ati radeon hd 5450 1GB

What’s the device about flash driver with memory card?

HOW IS IT CALLED? Flash drive with memory card in it? Give me the name please, I don’t know how it’s called 🙂 TEN POINTS!

Eagle 500 Watts Power Supply PC can’t start

Why doesn’t my computer start for this GTX 480 X2 SLI PC? I just built a new PC but for some reason, it doesn’t start. I connected everything right. Here’s my spec. Tell me if there’s a hardware I need to change.

Mouse jumps elsewhere on the screen and lags

Really laggy mouse help? i have installed anew mouse on my pc and has its own software con fig as well as windows settings, the problem is sometimes it moves by itself when im moving the pointer it will jump elsewhere on the screen and lags,

I want to add a new Ram to my laptop to increase the Ram

Is it possible to use 2 sets of RAM on one pc? I have recently brought some new RAM for my laptop, however i’m wondering whether I can combine the two pieces of RAM and increase my laptops ability. I apologize for the fact that this question may be really difficult to understand.Basically can I […]

Can I back Mac up with a regular external hard drive?

Can I use a regular external hard drive for a mac? I just bought a mac and I want to back it up, but I’m not sure if I can buy a regular external hard drive or do I need to buy one that is specific for mac.

How to copy documents to a USB?

How do you copy to a usb? i have one document i need to copy.

My laptop supports usb 1.1, but I have usb 2.0 devices

USB problem.. guys need your help my laptop supports usb 1.1… i am not able to use any device dat is 2.0 compatible.. if i purchase a usb hub 2.0 but compatible with 1.1 will i be able to use usb 2.0 devices…

My mouse shakes on the screen

Mouse isnt working properly My mouse isn’t working properly at all, it kind of ‘shakes’? on the screen. Why is it doing this?

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