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Can i make playlists like work, party, new etc on itunes and transfer to my iphone?

When i make a playlist on itunes does that playlist appear on my iphone 4s when synced? I want to make playlists like work, party, new etc but its annoying to do it on the iphone as you cant always see the entire song name and cannot uncheck songs if pressed by accident,

My iPhone’s home button broke and is not working, how to go “Home”?

Please Help!! Is there a way to go to the “Home” screen on an iPhone without using the home button? My home button broke and is not working. Im stuck in my browser, i can go around and use apps if i get a notification on top and then i click it. But i dont […]

iPhone 4 ( 5.1.1) goes just to a black screen with n64ios emulator.

N64ios emulator not working on iPhone? Recently I downloaded the new n64ios emulator from cydia on my jail broken iPhone 4 ( 5.1.1), and for some reason every time i download a rom and try playing it, it just doesn’t load at all!!! It goes just to a black screen , with the controlls showing, […]

iPhone 4s takes crappy photos, the picture is not very clear.

Why does my iPhone take crappy photos? It takes bad photos. When I take a photo I make sure there’s a lot of light. Idk what I’m doing wrong? It’s supposed to have like this awesome camera but whenever I take a picture it’s not very clear. Help would be greatly appreciated!

How to convert MPEG files to MP3 for my iPhone?

Help with MPEG files to MP3? I have had a new laptop and transferred all my music over to my new one from my old one, my new laptop has put ALL my music to MPEG and not MP3! Why is this?? And how can i convert them back to MP3?? My Iphone wont let […]

Will IOS 5 updating delete all my contacts and pictures of iPhone?

How do I update my IPhone/IPod to IOS 5? (Read additional details) I have an IPhone and it has a SIM card in it but the service got canceled so I use it for apps and wifi. I want this one app really bad but it says I have to update my device to IOS […]

How much per month since iPhone contract free?

Confused about iPhone 4 unlocked? So I really want an iPhone, but a contract one is too expensive. Can someone please tell me how the whole iPhone unlocked thing works? Like how much per month since its contract free? What about 4g? So yeah…

I’m not getting any emails of the iMessage conversations of the iPhone.

Does iMessage send copies of conversations to email? I just got an iphone. I used to use my sister’s Apple ID. She told me she was getting emails of my texts and that I should get my own Apple ID. I did, and got the confirmation email. However, I’m not getting any emails of the […]

Should I get an iphone blackberry or android?

Confused what type of phone i should get? i really want a phone that can have apps and a phone where there’s a keyboard so i don’t know if i should get a iphone blackberry or a android?

Who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple?

Who’s going to make the future iPads, iPhones, and iPods? Now that Steve Jobs is dead, who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple? He was the one inventing them, who is now?

How can i transfer videos to iphone?

How to easily convert my laptop videos in iphone? help needed guys….how can i transfer videos to iphone?

I was wondering if *67 still tricks an iphone?

Does using *67 always block your number and make it anonymous, even calling the Iphone?

Sims 3 Cheats for iPhone?

Cheats for sims ambitions 3 for iphone? I have looked every were for this but still cant find it do you know any???

Whats wrong with iOS 4.1 of iPhone 4?

Whats the big deal about iOS 4.1 (iPhone 4)? i just got a iPhone 4 and everyone and even the ppl at the store were tilling me not to update to iOS 4.1 … whats wrong with 4.1?

Can iPhone 3GS run the most current ios? 4.x.x?

Is it possible to jailbreak and iPhone 3GS running the most current ios? 4.x.x? Possible? How? An iPhone 3GS *

IPhone 3G keeps saying “No SIM” with Sim Card in.

IPhone 3G Sim Card Issue? I found the Sim Card Slot and put the Sim Card in, but it keeps saying “No SIM”. I shut it off and put it in, but doesn’t work.

Downloaded Apps to iPohone Device

IPhone owners: What kind of apps have you downloaded to your mobile device? I have downloaded some trivia games, word games and few podcasts.

Use nextel sim on unlocked iphone with sprint

If i have sprint can i use a nextel sim on my unlocked iphone? i thought that they merged or something

I want to update iPhone 3 G to iOs 4.

IPhone update question? I have an iPhone 3 G and I want to update to iOs 4. Mine in jailbroked and unlocked because I use it with T-Mobile. How do I install the new Os 4?

Could I transfer music on iPhone 3GS?

Is it possible to transfer / share music on iphone 3gs? my wife downloaded some music onto her iphone… is it possible to transfer that music to your computer or can it only stay on the iphone?

“iPhone 4” vs “Blackberry Curve 8520”

Blackberry Curve 8520 or iPhone 4? I’m going someday this week to get a new phone and I was wondering if I should get the blackberry or the iphone? I have an iPod Touch already so i don’t know if i need the iphone. Let me know your opinions, thanks.

Unlock iphone 3.1.3 with the same firmware

Unlocking iphone version 3.1.2 BUT WITH FIRMWARE 05.12.01? Have seen ,any programs that unlock the 3.1.3 with the same firmware but not with the 3.1.2.

iPhone won’t let me transfer songs

My iPhone won’t let me transfer songs that i bought on my phone to my computer library, how do i fix this? i got an iPhone in march and synced it with my library to get all my music on it and everytthing seemed fine but after i had bought music on my actual iPhone

How to Unlock Iphone 2g

How to Unlock Iphone 2g? I have an Iphone 2g with firmware 1.1.4 and I want to upgrade it to 3.1.2 there fore I can unlock it from there. So what I need is How would I upgrade it to 3.1.2 instead of 3.1.3 that iTunes makes me upgrade to? Should I download it from […]

“iPhone 3gs” vs “HTC hd2” vs “iPhone 4”

Iphone 3gs or htc hd2 or iphone 4 (any help would be appreciated)? i really have no idea what to do. do i get the htc hd2 or the iphone 3gs? which one and why. or do i wait 2-3months for the iphone4 prices to go down a little, is it really worth waiting?

“Iphone 4” vs “iphone 3gs” vs “motorola backflip”

Iphone 4, iphone 3gs, or motorola backflip?!? i was planning on getting myself a new smartphone this month and im not sure which one to get between these three. i’m not sure about the iphones because it does NOT have insurance (warranty) for it, i’m kind of afraid to drop it and having to pay […]

Iphone 4 preorder confirmation email

Iphone 4 preorder confirmation email? Hello This morning I woke up very early to pre-order the iphone 4 (USA). The site kept crashing and locking up. I must of gotten the “ooops” error 50 times and had to keep retrying. Sometimes the site would go down completely when I was almost done.

Iphone or BlackBerry?

Iphone or BlackBerry? Money is sort of an issue but not really, i’m getting a new phone today, can’t decide between iphone 3g, 3gs, or blackberry. If you say Blackberry, please say which type (storm, curve etc.) thanks

Google Droid VS Apple iPhone

Google’s Droid or Apples iPhone? Pros and Cons. Personal Experience. Opinion driven question so fill er up.

Iphone vs dell streak

i just need to know which ones the best i want to upload loads of songs on it want it to be reliable and have loads of applications any ideas which one is the best the guy at the phone shop told me that iphone has problems

iPod touch VS iPhone, better for Music

Which is better for Music ? i am curious to know which is better an Ipod touch or the Iphone and why ? also give reasons and give me advantages and disadvantages 🙂

iPhone 4 or HTC Evo 4G ?

FACEOFF: iPhone 4 or HTC Evo 4G ? I am wondering which phone to get this summer. Both seems like a good phone though. Should go for iphone 4? Its slick new glassy look sure makes it looks very tempting and it comes in a high graphic and hd vidz display and a battery life […]

Jailbreak an iPhone and take the sim card to another

If you Jailbreak an iPhone, and you take the SIM card out of it and put it in another iPhone, what happens? I have two iPhones. One is the 3G, which I store and use only for emergencies. The other is the 3GS, which is my daily all-around phone. Please note that my 3G does […]

IPhone 4 has 326 pixels 2X as many?

IPhone 4 pixels? In the iPhone 4 design video Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of hardware, says that the iPhone 4 has 326 pixels per inch which is 4X as many pixels before.

Should i jailbreak my iphone?

Should i jailbreak my iphone? my mom gave me her old iphone g3 about a month ago. i don’t have AT&T (and don’t plan on getting it. i have virgin mobile & i like my service), so it doesn’t have a simcard, so i pretty much use it as an itouch (with a camera). my […]

“iPhone 4g” vs “blackberry slider”

Iphone 4g or blackberry slider? which one should i get? im a college student, not really business oriented but i have been using a BB curve for the past year and I have gotten accustomed to the messaging system. Best Answer Definitely iPhone 4G 🙂

Should I buy the iPhone 3GS or wait for iPhone 4G?

Should I buy the $97 16GB iPhone 3GS deal from Walmart or wait for the new iPhone 4G? decisions, decisions.

Music on itunes of iPod transfer to iPhone?

I am getting an iphone and i will sell my ipod and have a problem.? All those apps and music i bought on itunes can they transfer to my new iphone ?

Is there a car game for iPhone?

Is there a car game for iPhone (sth like GTI) where two or more iPhones can sync and play in multiplayer mode?

Where can I buy an unlocked iPhone?

Where can I buy an unlocked iPhone? From stores like Best Buy, Apple, etc.,tried looking at their site, but then I have to be in a 2 year contract with AT&T. There’s some on eBay, but I’m scared to buy it from there, or should I but it from a Power Seller?

Will OS4 of iPhone 4G work on the iPhone 3GS?

When iPhone 4G is released will OS4 work on the iPhone 3GS? I am considering getting an iPhone 3GS – I don’t want the 4G as I have to upgrade my phone contract before May so its just not an option.

Verizon’s Blackberry Storm’s SIM car on the ATT Iphone

Is it possible to have verizon on the Iphone if I put the SIM card from a blackberry storm I or II into an unlocked iphone?

How can I unlock my iPhone?

How can I unlock my iPhone? So I got this used iPhone and it’s locked! But the thing is that I restored my iPhone and now the iTunes wont work either. When I plug in the USB, it says the SIM you inserted is invalid. The iPhone itself says your SIM is invalid and I […]

Take iPhone videos and put them in Windows Movie Maker

Is there a way to take iPhone videos and put them in Windows Movie Maker? It won’t let me add the videos I took on my iPhone I think it’s because they are .MOV or something but I really wanna make videos to post them on YouTube and stuff, can someone please help me^^”

What can the iPhone do?

Hey guys, i’m thinking about buying an iPhone, and i’d like to ask, WHAT CAN THE iPHONE DO? “Aaaahaaa retarded question!” NOT. I’m just concerned.

How to put my own ringtones on iphone?

How to put my own ringtones on iphone (the easy way)? Please can someone help iv tried always to put my own ringtone on my phone and nothing works please can someone help

Suggestions about iPhone apps.

I need some good iPhone apps, any suggestions?

Do you have an iPhone?

Do you have an iPhone? My bf got an iPhone for christmas, and I love it, I really want one. Do you own an iPhone? If you do, do you like it? What kind do you have? Are you ok with the amount of space it has?

What makes iphone data plan so expensive?

What makes iphone data plan so expensive? i am getting at&t to get a new iphone and the data plan is 30 dollars while other data plans on the same service for regular phones are only 10 dollars???

Can i use the internet on my iphone?

Can i use the internet on my iphone if………….? lets say that i didnt get internet with my phone plan. If i get a router or go to starbucks can i use the internet on my phone?

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