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I dont know which blackberry i should get?

What blackberry should i get? i need a new phone since my iphone broke and i want a blackberry but i dont know which one i should get?

I have to hold in my trackpad button to make blackberry 9300 work…

Blackberry 9300 Trackpad problems? I bought a blackberry 9300, it is out of warranty, but the trackpad is F*cked, when im outside it scrolls on its own, its wind sensitive, im not kidding im 100% serious, when i lock my keypad and unlock it, i have to hold in my trackpad button to make it […]

“Blackberry bold 9700” vs “Blackberry 9780”, are there any visual differences?

What’s the difference between blackberry bold 9700 and 9780? apparently the 9780 has better memory. (etc) but are there any visual differences? thanks!=) x

Should I get an iphone blackberry or android?

Confused what type of phone i should get? i really want a phone that can have apps and a phone where there’s a keyboard so i don’t know if i should get a iphone blackberry or a android?

Blackberry or Nokia e7, for going internet and downloading skype.

What phone should i get? its my birthday and i dont know what phone i should get, im more into touch screen as long as its not hard to touch.. and qwerty keyboards, i know theres blackberry, but im not sure if i should get that, im still looking for nokia e7. and i love […]

Does anyone know how to get coloured covers for Blackberry Curve 8520 ?

Where to get Blackberry Curve 8520 coloured cover? Hi, I have a blackberry curve 8520 and it is in its original plain black colour, I want to change the colour of it and get different colours such as a red battery cover and a white keypad cover etc. I have searched on amazon but I […]

Blackberry 8530 fell in toilet water(clean), how I can get it work?

Hi i have the blackberry 8530 but it fell in toilet water(clean) the thing is it was last friday. so i have no idea what to do my mom is getting suspicious nd she most def wont get me a replacement because my birthday is coming up soon nd she already

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