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I want to get apps from google play, do I have to buy a google android phone?

Do I have to buy a google phone to get apps from google play? Do I have to buy a google android phone in order to get apps from google play? I want to make sure of this so I can buy the right android phone.

Should I get an iphone blackberry or android?

Confused what type of phone i should get? i really want a phone that can have apps and a phone where there’s a keyboard so i don’t know if i should get a iphone blackberry or a android?

How do I uninstall Android apps that came default with Phone.

I am new to Android Phones. Is there a way I can remove apps that came with the phone if I don’t want them? I know I can easily uninstall apps that I myself downloaded but I would like to make room for things that I actually want.

I cannot sign in Android APP with Yahoo Account.

Does anyone have Yahoo Account as an Android APP? I downloaded weeks ago and i cannot sign in, i am using the correct login because it works on my laptop,

“Blackberry Bold 9900” vs “mytouch slide 4g” vs “HTC sensation”

New phone for college student? Hi I will be a freshman this coming year and was wondering which phone I should get or in my case would benefit me while in college.

How do Smartphone connect the 4g network?

Smartphone and the 4g network? how do they connect and what are the pros and cons of each one

How much will Switch phones with my mom?

Switch phones with my mom Is it possible to for me to switch phones with my mom? We both have Verizon and we are on the same family plan. I want to retain my number but i want her phone lol. She is fine with it. How much will it be if its possible?

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