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Can i make playlists like work, party, new etc on itunes and transfer to my iphone?

When i make a playlist on itunes does that playlist appear on my iphone 4s when synced? I want to make playlists like work, party, new etc but its annoying to do it on the iphone as you cant always see the entire song name and cannot uncheck songs if pressed by accident,

My iPhone’s home button broke and is not working, how to go “Home”?

Please Help!! Is there a way to go to the “Home” screen on an iPhone without using the home button? My home button broke and is not working. Im stuck in my browser, i can go around and use apps if i get a notification on top and then i click it. But i dont […]

I dont know which blackberry i should get?

What blackberry should i get? i need a new phone since my iphone broke and i want a blackberry but i dont know which one i should get?

I have to hold in my trackpad button to make blackberry 9300 work…

Blackberry 9300 Trackpad problems? I bought a blackberry 9300, it is out of warranty, but the trackpad is F*cked, when im outside it scrolls on its own, its wind sensitive, im not kidding im 100% serious, when i lock my keypad and unlock it, i have to hold in my trackpad button to make it […]

iPhone 4 ( 5.1.1) goes just to a black screen with n64ios emulator.

N64ios emulator not working on iPhone? Recently I downloaded the new n64ios emulator from cydia on my jail broken iPhone 4 ( 5.1.1), and for some reason every time i download a rom and try playing it, it just doesn’t load at all!!! It goes just to a black screen , with the controlls showing, […]

iPhone 4s takes crappy photos, the picture is not very clear.

Why does my iPhone take crappy photos? It takes bad photos. When I take a photo I make sure there’s a lot of light. Idk what I’m doing wrong? It’s supposed to have like this awesome camera but whenever I take a picture it’s not very clear. Help would be greatly appreciated!

How to convert MPEG files to MP3 for my iPhone?

Help with MPEG files to MP3? I have had a new laptop and transferred all my music over to my new one from my old one, my new laptop has put ALL my music to MPEG and not MP3! Why is this?? And how can i convert them back to MP3?? My Iphone wont let […]

Will IOS 5 updating delete all my contacts and pictures of iPhone?

How do I update my IPhone/IPod to IOS 5? (Read additional details) I have an IPhone and it has a SIM card in it but the service got canceled so I use it for apps and wifi. I want this one app really bad but it says I have to update my device to IOS […]

T-mobile: Getting 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of internet for £15.50 a month.

Contract phone problem? Ok, so on Wednesday, I set up a contract phone deal with T-mobile. I would be getting 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of internet for £15.50 a month. On Thursday I received text saying that my delivery would be here on Friday. Friday comes and I only received the sim card? […]

I want a satisfactory phone, sony erricson or W8?

Is that possible to get a touchscreen or touch&type phone in 9000rs ? I am using nokia c3-00 and I want a cellphone which will be good in use,never hangs, a good camera….and touchscreen…….I’s impressed by nokia c6-00 but

I’m not sure whether to get iPhone 4 from At&T or Verizon.

Iphone 4 question ?!? I want to purchase an iPhone 4 but I’m not sure whether to get one from At&T or Verizon. I heard Verizon is cheaper when it comes to monthly payments. Please I need opinions.

A Text Message From 6363 is SVAgICdTEAQAC5UIKLIfoVn6S/wRVSM2+48IMK/…

Im Having A Problem With My New Phone? I Just Got A New Phone Monday… It’s A Motorola Electrify From U.S Cellular.. And My Problem Is Ever Sence I Got It Iv Been Getting A Text Message From 6363 and The Message

Can I get Verizon razr for 99 bucks just by extending my contract?

Question about Verizon? They have the razr for 99 bucks, does my account have to be eligible for upgrade to get that price? or can I get it for that price just by extending my contract?

I want to get apps from google play, do I have to buy a google android phone?

Do I have to buy a google phone to get apps from google play? Do I have to buy a google android phone in order to get apps from google play? I want to make sure of this so I can buy the right android phone.

How much per month since iPhone contract free?

Confused about iPhone 4 unlocked? So I really want an iPhone, but a contract one is too expensive. Can someone please tell me how the whole iPhone unlocked thing works? Like how much per month since its contract free? What about 4g? So yeah…

Verizon always rips me off, I want to cancel the contract.

How much would it be to cancel a verizon contract…? Verizon always rips me off and I cnt keep affording their bills. I’ve went in there several times to try and get my bill to be lower and they say it will but its always high. So I have 1 yr left on my contract […]

The flv. doesn’t work and mp4 files only come with audio on Nokia c5-03 Phone.

Video files on Nokia C5-03? I have a Nokia c5-03 touchscreen and want to watch videos on it flv. doesn’t work and mp4 files only come with audio What video files would work?

Sony Ericsson Arc S battery dies within 12hours of doing absolutely nothing.

Battery life – Sony Ericsson Arc S? I had this phone for a while and didn’t encounter any major problems but now I have, the battery dies within 12hours of doing absolutely nothing, don’t play any games or listen to music.

“Blackberry bold 9700” vs “Blackberry 9780”, are there any visual differences?

What’s the difference between blackberry bold 9700 and 9780? apparently the 9780 has better memory. (etc) but are there any visual differences? thanks!=) x

I’m not getting any emails of the iMessage conversations of the iPhone.

Does iMessage send copies of conversations to email? I just got an iphone. I used to use my sister’s Apple ID. She told me she was getting emails of my texts and that I should get my own Apple ID. I did, and got the confirmation email. However, I’m not getting any emails of the […]

The galaxy nexus charge cable slips out WAY too easy.

Does the charge cable slips out of your galaxy nexus easily? I just got my galaxy nexus yesterday and i notice that the charge cable slips out WAY too easy, while the phone is on the charger, I cant pick the phone up without the charge cable slipping out. Is it just me?

Which is more advanced: A phone having camera with Fixed focus or Auto focus?

Fixed Focus or Auto Focus for a phone’s camera? Which is more advanced: A phone having a camera with a Fixed focus or Auto focus? Dont really understand the diff. between the two.

Should I get an iphone blackberry or android?

Confused what type of phone i should get? i really want a phone that can have apps and a phone where there’s a keyboard so i don’t know if i should get a iphone blackberry or a android?

Who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple?

Who’s going to make the future iPads, iPhones, and iPods? Now that Steve Jobs is dead, who’s going to make the future gadgets by Apple? He was the one inventing them, who is now?

How can i transfer videos to iphone?

How to easily convert my laptop videos in iphone? help needed guys….how can i transfer videos to iphone?

Blackberry or Nokia e7, for going internet and downloading skype.

What phone should i get? its my birthday and i dont know what phone i should get, im more into touch screen as long as its not hard to touch.. and qwerty keyboards, i know theres blackberry, but im not sure if i should get that, im still looking for nokia e7. and i love […]

“iPhone 4” vs “HTC sensation” vs “Samsung galaxy s2” vs “nokia n9”?

Samsung galaxy s2 vs nokia n9 vs iphone 4 vs HTC sensation?

Does anyone know how to get coloured covers for Blackberry Curve 8520 ?

Where to get Blackberry Curve 8520 coloured cover? Hi, I have a blackberry curve 8520 and it is in its original plain black colour, I want to change the colour of it and get different colours such as a red battery cover and a white keypad cover etc. I have searched on amazon but I […]

if unknown person give a miss call, then Tata Indicom land-line display it as mobile numbers?

In Tata Indicom landlines displays the unknown calls like mobile numbers? please tell me if unknown person can give a miss call/call from other numbers/mobiles, then Tata Indicom land-line display that..?

Blackberry 8530 fell in toilet water(clean), how I can get it work?

Hi i have the blackberry 8530 but it fell in toilet water(clean) the thing is it was last friday. so i have no idea what to do my mom is getting suspicious nd she most def wont get me a replacement because my birthday is coming up soon nd she already

HTC “Desire S” vs “Wildfire S”

Is HTC Desire S good phone? Or is Wildfire S better? Are they both good?

“Sony Ericsson Arc LT1A” vs “Sony Ericsson Arc Lt15I” ?

Difference Between: Sony Ericsson Arc “LT1A” and “Lt15I” ?

What are some good Android apps for HTC evo with Sprint service?

What are the best Android apps for HTC? I just got the HTC evo with Sprint service, what are some good apps to have?

I was wondering if *67 still tricks an iphone?

Does using *67 always block your number and make it anonymous, even calling the Iphone?

How do I uninstall Android apps that came default with Phone.

I am new to Android Phones. Is there a way I can remove apps that came with the phone if I don’t want them? I know I can easily uninstall apps that I myself downloaded but I would like to make room for things that I actually want.

I cannot sign in Android APP with Yahoo Account.

Does anyone have Yahoo Account as an Android APP? I downloaded weeks ago and i cannot sign in, i am using the correct login because it works on my laptop,

Transfer Photo&Videos from Samsung SGH-D900i Phone to Win7 Laptop?

How can i Transfer Photo&Videos from my Samsung SGH-D900i Phone to my Win7 Laptop? Okay i took some family picture and i was wondering how to since i never done this before but it won’t let me when i plug in the Usb thingy in to my usb spot to my phone but nothing happens

“Blackberry Bold 9900” vs “mytouch slide 4g” vs “HTC sensation”

New phone for college student? Hi I will be a freshman this coming year and was wondering which phone I should get or in my case would benefit me while in college.

Can I swap out the sim card from nokia E71 to Galaxy?

Can I use my sim card from my nokia E71 on my galaxy with straight talk? I’m buying the galaxy precedent from straight talk. Already have a nokia E71

Transfer contacts a pay as you go sim to Blackberry Torch

How can I transfer contacts from a pay as you go sim to a NEW contract sim? I currently have the Samsung Tocco light on Pay as you go and I have just brought the Blackberry Torch on Contract…

How to use Blackberry branded T-Mobile out site USA?

Is it possible to unlock a Blackberry Style to all networks? i live in South Africa and i would really like to buy a Blackberry Style from the USA because they are a lot cheaper. but the problem is all the cheap ones are branded to a network like Sprint or T-Mobile or Verison and […]

How do Smartphone connect the 4g network?

Smartphone and the 4g network? how do they connect and what are the pros and cons of each one

What does Cydia stand for?

Tell me what Cydia is and what it does please!?

On Samsung GT E2550 mobile phone, how to activate voice mail?

How do I activate voice mail on a Samsung GT E2550 mobile phone?

Sims 3 Cheats for iPhone?

Cheats for sims ambitions 3 for iphone? I have looked every were for this but still cant find it do you know any???

Whats wrong with iOS 4.1 of iPhone 4?

Whats the big deal about iOS 4.1 (iPhone 4)? i just got a iPhone 4 and everyone and even the ppl at the store were tilling me not to update to iOS 4.1 … whats wrong with 4.1?

Can iPhone 3GS run the most current ios? 4.x.x?

Is it possible to jailbreak and iPhone 3GS running the most current ios? 4.x.x? Possible? How? An iPhone 3GS *

How to block cell phone signals?

Is their anything that you can use to block cell phone signals with? like if you get it close to a cell phone or completely surrond it with the item it would make it loose it’s signal.

IPhone 3G keeps saying “No SIM” with Sim Card in.

IPhone 3G Sim Card Issue? I found the Sim Card Slot and put the Sim Card in, but it keeps saying “No SIM”. I shut it off and put it in, but doesn’t work.

I can’t stop using the cell phone….

How do I stop using my cell phone so much? I text 24/7. My phone NEVER leaves my hand. I freak out without it and if it dies while I am out I freak out and it is all I can think about. When I am out with friends all I do is text. I […]

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