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Spy Camera HD Video Output Sunglasses Camera

Capture Every Moment With Ease — Hands Free in Brilliant Spy Camera HD Spy Camera HD video recording eye wear perfect for extreme sports, cyclists, fisherman, kayakers, snow skiers, tourists, equine activities, coaches, trainers and just about any other outdoor sporting activity. One-button operation makes using the glasses almost as easy as putting them on!

Could Nikkor DX 55-200mm lens work for shooting people?

Can i use a Nikkor DX 55-200mm lens for portraits? I want to buy a D40 camera online and the lens that comes with it is a 55-200mm i know thats for macro but could it work for shooting people too?

Is it smart to buy a camera Nikon D40 that was manufactured 5 years ago?

Purchasing a Nikon D40? Hi i am planning on purchasing a nikon d40 as of 2012. The camera was bought in august of 2007 and comes with all the accesories and a 18-55mm lense (Non VR). I am going to buy it for 250. The shutter count in 5800. [Is this a good deal?!] Is […]

Will Canon Rebel Eos T2i be good for filming?

Canon Rebel Eos T2i Is it good for filming? ? I have a canon rebel Eos t2i and was wondering if it any good for filming. I just need to know other peoples opinions and what they have to say. The reason I’m asking this is because I’m planning on filming a short film but […]

Shoot camera: Panasonic DMC-ZS20 vs DMC-ZS15, which is the best one?

Panasonic DMC-ZS15 vs DMC-ZS20? I am looking at buying a new point and shoot camera and I think it will be a Panasonic again. I’ve been using a Lumix TZ1 which produces great photos but is too heavy to lug around. I;ve been looking at the ZS15 and the ZS20 -the DMC-ZS20 is $100 more […]

Will Olympus x-940 14 Mega pixels be good?

Olympus x-940 good or bad 14 Mega pixels?

Is it worth upgrading from Nikon d3s to Nikon d4?

Nikon D3s vs. the new D4? Is it worth upgrading from the d3s to the d4? the only difference seems a few more megapixels and i like the d3s for it’s great low light sensitivity cuz of low amount of pixels stretched out over a full frame sensor.

Short battery life on Canon Powershot sx130is with AA Alkaline batteries.

Canon Powershot sx130is Battery Life? Help!? I got a Canon Powershot sx130is for my birthday. It worked perfectly for like the first week, but then the batteries died. I went to go replace them and I put in two AA Alkaline batteries. I went on as normal using the camera and then all the sudden […]

“Sony Alpha NEX-7” vs “Canon T3i”, which is better?

So the Sony Alpha NEX-7 is actually better then the Canon T3i? So someone stated this in a post I did. I just want to see what others say about that.

I want to make sure if the Canon Powershot D10 have video recording.

Does the Canon Powershot D10 have video recording? I was asking cause websites keep giving differing answers…and I just wanted to know for sure

The image in the view finder is very,very zoomed in

Why is my 35mm film camera so zoomed in? I bought a film camera, but in the view finder the image is very,very zoomed in. My lens is quite long- 200mm, could this be the cause? please please help me 🙂 It is a Cosina PM-1, and the lens screws in. Just wondering, can I […]

Which lens of Sony HX-100V camera will zoom the subject the most?

Camera focal length confusion, which will zoom the subject the most? I have a Sony HX-100V camera, and when the lens is fully extended (30x), the focal length is supposed to be 810mm, but when I save the image (which is clicked at 30x zoom) onto my computer and check the details by right-clicking on […]

Looking camera recording in super smooth, good quality HD at MAX of $500.

What is a good camera for recording good quality slow motion under or for $500? I want a good camera for recording in super smooth, good quality HD, slow motion for at MAX of $500. I don’t know brands too well, but I heard cannon was good along with Casio. Someone suggest some stuff, or […]

Looking for camera with waterproof durable and nice zoom distance.

I’m looking to buy a nice durable video camera for a trip to the river any suggestions? I’d like it to be waterproof durable, nice zoom distance with possible night vision. I love to record wildlife and am willing to spend a little more for the nice one.

How to use Logitech HD camera C310 taking picture?

How do I take a picture with Logitech HD camera C310?

Can the lense on Nikon CoolpixL120 camera be replaced with a better lense?

Can the lense of a Nikon CoolpixL120 be taken off? I recently got a nikon coolpix camera for my birthday and i came across a nikon lense with better quality.

Standard, Ultra, ExtremePro or ExtremeHD for Canon EOS 60D?

What kind of SanDisk memory card do I need for a Canon EOS 60D? Standard, Ultra, ExtremePro or ExtremeHD? Photo’s will be taken in .raw

Would a Nikon COOPLIX 14.1MP Camera (L120) be a good choice for pictures of people in fast motion?

Nikon COOPLIX 14.1MP Digital Camera (L120)? im thinking of getting a camera! would a Nikon COOPLIX 14.1MP Digital Camera (L120) be a good choice for pictures of people in fast motion, and up close pictures? thanks in advance!!! -luna

Will SIGMA 28-90mm Macro lens be fully operational with a Pentax K-r DSLR?

Will my SIGMA 28-90mm Macro lens work with the Pentax K-r? The lens is currently mounted on a Pentax MZ-60,

Are Nikon D2x Cameras for around £500?

Are Nikon D2x Cameras worth buying.I have seen ones in mint condition for around £500 (Body only)? I think you are getting a LOT of camera for around £500 buying a 2nd hand Nikon D2x. Anyway back to my question are these old “Pro” cameras worth buying for around the £500 mark in good condition,Or […]

Which one is better,Canon 550D or Nikon D5100?

Canon 550D vs Nikon D5100 ? Which one is better for me? I care about image quality and features for taking pics I don’t care about video capabilities, because i don’t record videos Nikon con : it doesn’t has Built-in focus motor.

What lens is a good balance for taking facial portrait pictures and full body pictures?

Which Canon lenses are best in this situation? I’m trying to look for a good portrait lenses, with wide enough apertures to get good enough bokeh. But I also want the lenses to have a focal length small enough that I am able to do full body shots without having to go far away.

Canon eos 60D vs Nikon d7000?

Canon eos 60D or Nikon d7000? Which one do you prefer?

“Canon T3i” vs.”Sony Nex-5″ vs.”Sony Nex-7″

Which camera would you prefer. A Canon T3i or a Sony Nex-5 or upcoming Sony Nex-7? In the market for a new camera, and the new NEX series from Sony has caught my eye for features and portability. Everyone keeps recommending the T3i however. What are your thoughts?

How can I make better pictures using Sony HX5V?

I think my Sony HX5V takes terrible pictures. Is it just me and what can I do to make them better? I got a Sony HX5V because I thought it would be perfect for my needs. I’ve had it about a year, and I’m not happy with it at all. I wanted it to be […]

Is Canon PowerShot SX130 a good choice as my first camera?

Is Canon – PowerShot SX130 a good starter camera?Also how do you use a camera? ok this will be my first camera ever. I took photography class in high school but I forgot everything i learned from class -_-” anyways I’ll be traveling for awhile and I was thinking about buying the canon powershot sx130 […]

I need a Canon Rebel XSI, just the body and basic lens.

Where can i find a reasonably priced Canon Rebel XSI? i need one, no extra lenses or anything. just the body and basic lens for at the most $500, is that a possibility anywhere??

What are the sizes of the uv filters and the petal lens hood?

I bought a Nikon D3100 Twin Vr lens Kit (18-55 and 55-200) What are the sizes for the uv filters? Also, I want to get a petal lens hood for both lenses, Can you tell me the sizes as well?

Which one is better, Canon EOS 60D or 600D?

Canon EOS 60D vs. Canon EOS 600D? Main characteristics and differences? As an expert, choose the best, please.

Could I use the lenses from the Minolta 7000 to other camera?

Can lenses from the Minolta 7000 be used on any digital cameras that are sold today? I’m looking to buy a digital camera but I have a Minolta 7000 with many lenses. If at all possible I would like to get a camera that can use those lenses. Does anyone know any cameras that can […]

1. lightning bolt 2. lightning bolt with the letters SL 3. tulip 4. man from chest up

What do these symbols on my camera mean? It’s an Insignia but I’m guessing these are universal symbols as I have seen them before: 1. lightning bolt 2. lightning bolt with the letters SL 3. tulip 4. man from chest up

Casio Exilim ex-S88O doesn’t hold a charge very long

What’s wrong with my camera? My friend recently gave me her old camera (a Casio Exilim ex-S88O) because it wasn’t functioning the right way after she dropped it. She told me it still works, but it doesn’t hold a charge very long and it acts a bit funny. She hadn’t used it in a while, […]

Picture is super white and looks oily and greasy!

What can i do instead of buying a new camera? Hey everybody, so i have a point an shoot camera but the problem is that the flash is always WAY to bright. It always highlights the defaults of things and never shows the REAL colors in a picture.

Best and cheapest webcam for staying in touch with my friend

Best and Cheapest for staying in contact with best freind? I will be moving back to texas soon and i was wondering what would be the best and cheapest webcam for staying in touch with my best friend since I’m gonna be able to hang with him until december.

No sound on the sony DSC-S930 Camera

Do i get sound with the sony DSC-S930 Camera? I have a Sony Cyber Shot camera; DSC-S930 and i want to try to record some videos, but when i am testing it out i am not getting any sound when i try to watch it. How can i get sound? And also, how long can […]

Memory card won’t be recognised on camera

Digital camera won’t recognise memory card? I’ve just purchased a Canon IXUS 100 IS and a Kingston 4GB Micro SDHC Class 4 memory card (the shop assistant advised me that this card was compatible with the camera).

Use ANOTHER camera USB cord to connect camera to computer

Camera & the USB that connects it to the Computer I was just wondering if you can use ANOTHER camera USB cord to connect a camera to the computer. & it fits. Just wondering before I do it. o.o it fits at both ends. Kinda.

Print a 12.3 megapixal photo

How large a print could a 12.3 megapixal photo be printed at? I wanted to buy some 20X30 poster prints off snapfish taken with my 12 megapixel slr, it says that the pictures may be distorted but i was sure i could blow them up that large and im sure my camera is taking the […]

Stop motion option is not available with current settings!

Help with my nikon d60 please? I want to make a stop motion of me laying on the floor and have it me like spinning. When I click stop motion is says this option is not available with current settings!

Sony Cyber-Shot gets into water, takes white picture…

I dropped my Sony Cyber-Shot yesterday into water. I let it dry off for a day before turning it on. It worked. However, when i take a picture, they turn out all white. Can anyone explain to me what got damaged? And how i can fix it if it can be? Thank you!

I cann’t see the picture on CANON POWER SHOT A520

CANON POWER SHOT A520 digital camera? can not see what I’m taking a picture of until i zoom in on the subject.i believe someone messed with the setting.the screen show very small in the center until i zoom in and i can clearly see what I’m taking a picture of.

3 Million dollar home for Canon 7D and two lenses

Will a Crumpler 3 Million dollar home fit my Canon 7D and two lenses? My 7d will be attached to an 18-135mm, and I’d like to carry a 50mm 1.4 along too. That’s all. Will they fit safely into a 3 million dollar home or is the 4 million necessary?

Fujifilms finepix s1000 cameras flash is broken

My cameras flash is broken? One more question… I have a finepix s1000, nothing fancy I know. One day i hit the button to open my flash and when I did, i heard a small pop. When i tried to close the flash, it was stuck.

How to take photos with clear background?

Question From An Amateur, Is My Camera Capable…? (Canon Powershot)? My friend is an aspiring model and also a big fan of Lauren Bacall. She did not want to spend a ton of money on professional photographers so she asked if I can help. The problem is I only have a Canon Powershot A630 and […]

Canon EF and EF-S lenses for Canon 50D

Are canon EF and EF-S lenses compatible with Canon 50D?

Flashing pixels on nikon D60 (DSLR)

Why is there flashing pixels on nikon D60 (DSLR)? I bought a nikon D60 last week and when I review my pictures I sometimes get flashing pixels? Why is this happening? What can I do to fix it?

What’s the best camera for taking Great photos?

Best Camera For … ? I want to take Great photos since i love photography. im planning to get into it and i want to get a new camera. what’s the best one. for outdoor photos/ moving photos. [so it dosent blurr Out]

How bad is the 0.3 megapixel camera on laptop?

Just bought a laptop with a 0.3 megapixel camera? i know thats not gonna be very good i mean my phone has a 5 megapixel camera but just wondering how bad it will actually be?

How do I reduce the distortion of the music or noise?

How do I reduce the distortion when I record a live concert on my camera? I need your help and im confused. So everytime I record a live rock concert with my digital camera, the music or noise comes out very distorted, like you can’t make out the music or lyrics.

Nikon camera, “fx” vs “dx”

What is difference between fx and dx on nikon cameras?

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