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Is it legal for a school tech support to look through your webcam?

Tech Support Viewing Through Cameras? Is it legal for a school tech support to look through your webcam? Just wondering, Thanks.

My cs4 do not support the Sony hxr-nx5 avchd file.

I have a Sony hxr-nx5 and my cs4 do not support the avchd file. What can i do?

Is HDR-CX100 camera able to record the footage directly from TV screen?

Sony Handycam Camcorder – HDR-CX100 Question? I’ve had this camera for awhile now and was just wondering one thing. Is this camera able to record the footage directly from my TV screen? I know that other cameras can by using AV cables but I’m not sure how to (or if I even can) record with […]

Trying to make wireless camera rc car with canon es8100.

Trying to make a wireless camera rc car setup.? I picked up an old canon es8100 at a thrift store and thought it would be a cool idea to hook it up to an rc car and have ittransmitt the video back to a base screen.

We have 10 8mm tapes and want to convert them to VHS or DVD.

How do you convert 8mm video tapes to VHS or DVD? we have 10 8mm tapes from way back but the charger for the camera broke a really long time ago. so now all we have is the tapes. is there any way we can still watch or convert them? is there an adapter or […]

We need 2 or more video cameras going into one computer

Can you have two video cameras hooked up to one computer? Trying to do a film project. We need 2 or more video cameras going into one computer and have them record at the at the same time? What is need for this, any special type of stuff or software or hardware?

Would a standard def camera be usable in todays HD world?

Need help choosing a camera for my films!? Hello everybody, I want to start making short films and eventually a feature film, but i was wondering what camera i should get. My budget has to be under $1500 and I do a lot of action(guns, hand to hand, ect) and these were the cameras i […]

I was wondering how fisheye sizes work.

Fisheye sizes. Whats the difference? Now i have looked around and so far nobody has clearly answered how fisheye sizes work. I was wondering if the smaller the x size the wider the angle

Any suggestions for cheapest camcorder with editing software?

Camcorder suggestions for a young wannabe director/editor? I want to get my cousin a small hd video recorder, because he’s really into filming. But he likes editing as well. Any suggestions for cheapest camcorder with editing software? Separate or combined?

Looking for better camcorder than Sony DCR-SR35E.

Please help suggest the right camcorder for me (requirements included)… I’m a film University student so I mainly want to shoot short films, music videos, and anything on-the-fly. The camcorder I currently use is the Sony DCR-SR35E which has its good point but also its bad points. Here is what I’m looking for:

Do you know any better small camcorder with good sensor than HX9V?

A small camcorder with a sensor bigger than 1/8″? I’m not going to be picky, price doesn’t matter or anything else, I just want to know cameras are out there that are small enough to fit in your pocket or carry around in a small bag yet has a good sensor, especially bigger than 1/8″ […]

What is the best quality and cheapest digital video camera?

Cheapest, Best Quality Digital Video Camera? I am about to make a movie, and I want to make the video good quality. I have a Sony Handycam, but it isn’t that great of quality.

I want to transfer videos from SONY DVD-RW to PC.

How can i transfer videos from SONY DVD-RW to pc? after transfering to pc i would like 2 delete a few of dem.pls suggest a solution immediately. thanks 🙂

I have a Canon T3i and it doesn’t have continuous autofocus.

Do professional video/movie makers use auto focus when shooting? I have a Canon T3i and it doesn’t have continuous autofocus. Do filmmakers use continuous autofocus?

Looking for good home video editing software circa 2005

An older video editing program? ,? an older video editing program? l need to do a quick bit of video editing.. problem is my laptop is super old, specs below: 1.73ghz CPU 2GB ram

Sony HVR Z1U or Canon XH-A1, which is better?

Can someone help me debate which is better. HVR Z1U from Sony or XH-A1 from Canon? Im a film maker so I need a Wide screen16:9 camera. Can preferabbly go up to 60 FPS. Has a good “Film Look” to it. I have a Z1U already but am wondering for trading it for a XH-A1.

Which one’s video is good, Sony vx2100 vs. Sony vx2000?

Sony vx2100 vs. vx2000 (in video performance)? I’m gunna sell my HDR-fx1 soon since I’m not an expert 24/7 filmer and want a cheaper camera that is pretty good and these are the two cameras I’ really looking forward to buying.

Sony Vegas timeline has shrunk

Sony Movie Studio Timeline has shrunk? I don’t know how this happened but my Sony Vegas timeline has shrunk to the point that I can’t see what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’ve done but it is annoying.

What’s a good camera around 100$ used for YouTube?

What’s a good camera used for YouTube? I film random stuff here and there. I currently have a Canon PowerShot A490 which is okay for pictures but terrible for videos. The quality is crap. I’m looking more into creating videos and skits to upload to my YouTube channel. My budget is 100$,

How do i use Kodak playsport HD camcorder as a webcam?

On my hard drive camcorder I would like to use it as a webcam, but how do I do this? pls help? it’s a Kodak playsport

Does flip cam work well with green screens?

Windows movie maker, flip cam, and a green screen? I have windows movie maker and a flip cam. Im thinking about buying a green screen.

How to transfer Panasonic P2 Cam files to PC?

Panasonic P2 Cam files want to edit them in vegas 9 platinum? Shooting a short with a Panasonic AG-HVX 200P When I transfer the files to my pc the show up either as pics or broken down into folders that say video audio clip etc..

The Fish eye Lens for Toshiba Camileo H30 Full-HD Camcorder?

What kind of Fish eye Lens should I buy for my Toshiba Camileo H30 Full-HD Camcorder?

How many frames does Sony HDR-HC5 camera offer?

Does Sony HDR-HC5 video camera offer different frames per second? for example 24, 30, 60? if yes please let me know where to choose

Should I get camcorders take photos or camera video record?

Can camcorders take good photos or should i get a camera that can video record?

What kind of the flip video camera is the best?

Are flip video cameras good? which is the best type? what kind of the flip is the best?

What’s MiniDV, and how can it be HDV?

How can MiniDV be HDV? Apparently, MiniDV tapes can work perfectly fine in HD tape-based cameras, since the data rate of HDV is the same as DV. But how can this be? I don’t get it.

How to upload videos from Sony DCR-HC21 Handycam?

Problems with DCR-HC21 Handycam? I have a Sony DCR-HC21 Handycam with files I would like to upload to my computer but I don’t have the driver for it. Also, when i connect it to my pc with the included USB cable, nothing happens. Is there any way I could get the software required or is […]

How to speed up a movie clip?

Is there a video editor that can speed up a movie clip? Free Please 🙂

How to convert videos from flip to movie maker on windows?

How can i convert videos from my flip onto windows movie maker without downloading websites? so i have been searching for quit a while and i am wondering how can i convert videos from my flip onto windows movie maker.Every time i drag the video on the timeline,i can only hear it but not see […]

How to convert AVI Video to DVD format?

I was trouble with finding a way to convert my avi video to DVD format. These days I have found many ways to convert,but it just too complicated for me. Do you have any easy?

MP4 or MPG, which format should I convert from FLV?

Is MP4 smaller than MPG? I want to convert a video from FLV format to something else. I recently converted it to MPG, but it went from 60MB to 250MB, that’s quite a difference. I need to convert the video to a file type that is the same size as it was in FLV format, […]

Do i have to download anything to watch .AVI Video?

How to watch .AVI video? i downloaded a .AVI video.. and i can’t play the video. So i would like to know how to play that video in windows vista?

How to convert a VHS home video to computer?

Is there any way to convert a VHS home video to the computer? For BMA(business managment administration) were making a “trip down memory lane” DVD so we’re getting a bunch of our pictures and achievements and my teacher said we can get home movies if we have any..but I don’t know if you can get […]

I need an HD webcam with at least 720p under $140

What is the best HD webcam for the best price? I need an HD webcam with at least 720p so I can shoot high quality vids of me playing guitar and put them on youtube. I’ve been looking around and the Microsoft Lifecam looks pretty good.

“Sanyo HD1000/HD1010/HD2000” vs “Canon HV30”

Which camera is better? I’m a short film maker and use a Mac with After Effects CS5 and Final Cut Pro. Which is the best camera I can get, Sanyo HD1000, Sanyo HD1010, or Sanyo HD2000? I’m also considering the Canon HV30. Which is the highest quality?

Trial version of Sony vegas hd platinum won’t work

Sony vegas hd platinum won’t render full video? I tried editing a 3 minute video today. It allowed me to edit the whole entire thing but when I rendered it it only rendered about 30-45 seconds of the video. Why is it doing this? by the way, I have the trial version so could that […]

Insignia NS-DV720P Video editing software?

Video editing software compatible with the Insignia NS-DV720P? I know when you buy the camcorder that it comes with a video editing software already but after many days of research and trying that the software isn’t able to produce audio for the video taken. I have downloaded other video editing software such as the AVS […]

How to change the definition optical sensor from standard to high?

How do you change out the standard definition optical sensor of your camcorder to a high definition sensor? I want to change out the 1/8 inch CCD standard definition optical sensor on my Panasonic SDR S26 camcorder to a high definition optical sensor. Either 3CCD or a larger 1/4 to 1/6 inch CCD sensor. My […]

Is making nanny cams illegal?

Since video taping people without them knowing it is illegal, what about nanny cams? At a water park near me they discovered a hidden camera in an area where lifeguards would change into and out of their bathing suits. They don’t know who put the camera there, but they did say it’s against the law […]

I need a camcorder to film skateboarding with a fisheye lense.

Best skateboard filming camera? i need a camcorder to film skateboarding with a fisheye lense. my price range is 250-350 dollars total cost with fisheye?

Cheep or free video editing software?

In need of a new video editing software but I need help finding/choosing? Alright so Windows Movie Maker just isn’t cutting it anymore. When I was making simple noncomplex videos it was fine but now I that im getting more into it, I need one that can do more and make better videos. Yes i […]

Sony a550 “usa model” vs “import model”

Sony a550 usa model and import model? I’m wondering what is the real difference between sony a550 import model and usa model..because the usa model cost around 800-900 bucks ..but the import model cost 595 bucks…so if they say that is not difference…..

Good camcorder under £300?

Advice on a good camcorder? Anyone know of a good camcorder I can get for £300 or less? Anyone have any advice, experience or ideas of what i should avoid? I’m thinking something which is a bit more professional, used for making short films etc, thanks

Mirror a video but without changing the size?

I want to mirror a video but I don’t know how? I want to mirror a video but without changing the size,type or anything else of the respective video file. Can some one tell me a good program (Don’t mention Windows Movie Maker because it doesn’t work)

Good software for editing videos except movie maker?

What is a good programme for editing videos? I need something simple Please dont say movie maker, I got it bugged Thanks

Where to find the videos imported from flip video?

I imported videos from flip video now i can’t find them ? a.s.a.p? I imported some videos from my flip ultra HD and now i cant find them anywhere? i don’t have a mac i have a xps. i looked everywhere so far but ill keep looking

A video camera shoots clear videos and has a long battery

What type of video camera should I get? Hello, I bought a camera a few years back and now I don’t like it. I am really into XBOX LIVE, computer, IPODS, and Televisons. When I tape it however, it looks blurry and there is a black bar going across. I have a youtube and I […]

Flip MinoHD’s USB Drive is loose.

How do I fix a broken Flip MinoHD’s USB Drive? Hi, I have a broken flip camera in which the USB drive is loose and is about to pop out. I tried asking Flip Support for help, but they told me that they “have forwarded your status request to the appropriate party and a representative […]

How to use Logitech webacam to record me playing piano to youtube?

How do I get my Logitech webacam to JUST record? I want to post videos of me playing piano on youtube…

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