I cant pick up ANY freeview channels with the LG37LS570T TV

Why cant i pick up freeview?
So i have an LG37LS570T television which has freeviewHD built in. and i have a digital TV dish outside on the side of my house which it is connected to via a coaxial cable. i used a female to male coax plug adaptor to connect the coaxial cable to the tv but i cant pick up ANY freeview channels. i connected the coaxial cable to a freesat box and connected that to the tv and the freesat box picked up a few channels however the freeview built in to the tv is not working. i tried auto and manual tuning but it wont pick up any channels. what could be the problem? thanks in advance

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Freeview can not be picked up from a dish at all. There is absolutely no way that this can work.

Dishes are designed only for satellite reception (Sky or Freesat). They are fitted with special receiving devices called LNBs (the black object in the middle of the dish) which are NOT capable of picking up terrestrial Freeview tv signals.

To receive Freeview you must connect the television set to an ordinary external terrestrial television aerial. The television sets all have standard aerial sockets fitted so no adaptors will be necessary. Then it will work perfectly. If you don’t have one mounted on your house then try using an indoor aerial until you can get a roof-mounted one installed.

Indoor aerials are not brilliant and you may get some reception problems but at least you’ll have some Freeview until a proper aerial is provided.

Your Freesat box should have picked up all of the Freesat channels when connected to the dish. If it cannot get them all then your LNB is not working properly.

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  1. iPlay says:

    as you can tell im not too clued up on this stuff so thanks for clearing that up!

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