Does they still make the model of remote nearly been 10 years?

Do you think there is a solution to this problem (broken remote that came with the TV)?
The remote that came with my 9 year old TV/VCR/DVD combo no longer works. I doubt the TV is still under warranty after this long and that they would send a replacement remote. I may be able to buy one but I’m not sure if they still make this model it’s nearly been 10 years. What sort of solution do I have for this problem? I can watch television as the set top box has a separate remote but if I want to play a VHS tape or DVD I have to operate it by hand.

To be clear the remote did not come broken it merely stopped working after several years.

Best Answer

Do a search for a universal remote that operates your TV.

I have an older model than yours and the Universal I bought worked with it.

Any other solution would probably be impractical as troubleshooting a remote is hardly worth it, unless you’re a hobbyist.

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