The cable box says ‘one moment please your channel will return shortly’..

My cable box won’t work! ?
Technically the cable box works since it turns on but each time I turn it on it says something like ‘one moment please your channel will return shortly’ so the next day I check my TV and it’s still like that. Is there any way I could fix this or do I resort to my sole option and call the cable company? Also, could it be my TV that doesn’t work? It turns on and everything, but i just was wondering if that could be a possibility.

Please answer if you have any ideas! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

Best Answer

Your TV is working and is correctly connected to the cable box, since it’s showing the message from the cable box.

And your cable box seems to be working too – at least basically – since it’s able to display a message on your TV.

So make sure the cable is connected from your wall to the box, and make sure you actually are paying for cable. If those don’t work, then call the cable company.

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