Does QVC allow you to cancel the order?

How long after you place an order with QVC do they not allow u 2 cancel it?

Best Answer

Through what the FAQ says about the cancellation policy, you have to keep tracking it to make sure it has not made its way too far into the shipping process. I work at one of these Distribution Centers in NC and we move pretty fast from when we receive the order tickets, we can usually guarantee that your order is on the truck to be shipped within 24-48 hours after you order. So long story short, if you decide to cancel, do it immediately and if its too late, you can always send it back to get your refund for the item

One Response to “Does QVC allow you to cancel the order?”

  1. iPlay says:

    qvc said they may ship it in a few days butonce they ship it it should not be able 2 cancel. i’ll askthem

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