Does Amazon Prime have many selections for TV shows and movies?

Amazon Prime vs. Netflix instant?
I know Amazon Prime is cheaper than Netflix, but does it have as many selections for TV shows and movies?
basically, what are the pros and cons to each?

Best Answer

Actually there are not that many FREE offerings on Amazon Prime. Not that I have seen in the last 6 months of using it. Now they may have low cost per show offerings, but you still are paying for them per episode. So it is basically going to be a crap shoot.

Get Netflix for a few months, then switch to Amazon Prime for an entire year, get the “Free” stuff that you can, get options for free shipping on some items (third part companies may or may not offer Prime free shipping), but most Amazon offerings are free shipping with a Prime membership.

The pros and cons are going tp be based on YOUR personal taste in movies and shows. So best thing to do is search on both to see if there is enough of the things YOU like watch before you get either.

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