Was it weird for a kid to like dolls or disney princesses movies?

Im a 14 year old BOY that loves Barbie Dolls ( just the collector ones and fashionistas, am i weird?
Im a 14 year old boy and i love the fashionistas and barbie basics dolls (mostly barbie basics dolls), i think they are beautiful, cute, and pretty i really think theres nothing weird with me liking barbies, but when i was a kid ( 7 years old kid) i never had a doll and i wished one sooooo much but my dad thought that it was weird for a kid to like dolls or disney princesses movies, one day i forgot about dolls but 3 months ago, i saw the first barbie commercial ever (1959) and the feeling of buying a doll desperately, appeared again so i runned to target and buy a fashionista barbie and a barbie basics one, please i need somebodys opinion because my dad thinks i am weird, help please !!!!( Only my mom and my female cousin knows that i have 2 dolls they think it is ok that it is only a phase im living and that i will leave it in a year or so)

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Well… Im a 13 year old girl ill be 14 in july I had about 4 barbie dolls and a bag full of clothes for them I still dressed them up in different outfits until i was about 12 being a 14 year old BOY that has barbie dolls is yes its strange but i wont judge you to be ‘gay’ like other people did it certainly doesnt make you gay also i dont blame you father for thinking its werid cause it is but as your mum says its just a phase and it will go away in a while i went through a phase last year when i wanted to be a elf so i walked around in long dresses and had a bow and a quiver full of arows over my sholder eventally i got all the arrow heads stuck in a tree and i was over it at 14 if you have some dolls already dont get anymore just stick with that one dont spend more of your money on others youll thank me later maybe try to stick to other more ‘boyish’ things from now on.

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-Hope i helped

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