I think would make boy ball jointed dolls really nice looking females.

Can I put a boy ball jointed doll head on a girl body?
I’ve seen many boy ball jointed dolls that I think would make really nice looking females. Is it possible that I can put the boy’s head on the girl’s body or would it not fit?

Best Answer

Yes, you can. This is actually pretty common within the hobby. A lot of companies give you the option to buy the opposite gender body actually!

If the dolls are within the same size and company, there is a good chance it will fit. If they are from different companies, you may have to do research on hybrid-able bodies.

It honestly depends on the neck opening size. I would double check the neck circumference of both bodies before buying, just to be safe, or look up the hybrid you’re looking to make to see if other have done it as well. i.e. “DollX on female body” or “DollX Girls”

Good luck!

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