I enjoy collecting toys from my childhood, because they bring back great memories.

Is it immature to collect toys from my childhood?
So I started collecting toys that I used to play with as a child. Most of my family members and friends don’t understand why I do this and consider it to be immature and childish.

I don’t play with them, but I do have them displayed.

I enjoy collecting them because they bring back great childhood memories.

So…Is it immature to collect such things (small collection)? Or????

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Answer

Thousands of adults all over the world collect vintage toys, including me (I’m 60 years old).

Most collectors tend to specialise, perhaps after an initial period of more general collecting, and there are websites and reference books for each of the main types of toy – cars, trains, dolls, soldiers, farm toys, doll houses, soft toys, sci-fi toys, etc.

Having a good collection of relevant reference books is vital, as some include value guides, but perhaps more important is identification and learning the complete ranges (if known by anyone) of each manufacturer. This is important as most collectors who have a few toys they like will want to know what others were made like them, so they knw what to look out for.
The reference books written by Richard O’Brien (now deceased) are huge, packed with info, and usually not too expensive, so are good starter books.

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  1. iPlay says:

    Thanks to all who answered! Hard to choose a best answer, but I appreciate the extra info. Thank you.

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