Could I sell my metal Katana sword for the same price around $150?

I would like to sell a metal Katana sword; Price?
OK well I bought this Katana Sword for myself a few years back and now I want to sell it. I bought it for around $150. Could I sell it for the same price? It is unused; I took it out only a few times and I need to toss it out. I seriously don’t want it and I need it gone. The sword is about 4 feet long and weighs a good 10 pounds. Totally untouched. It has a wooden/plastic case and is very sturdy. It came with a minor flaw as well; the handle piece is loose, but it wont fall off… Price range?

Best Answer

The price range on a “metal Katana” is between $5 and $1,000,000.

I’m guessing your’s is closer to the $5 end of the range.

Go to and you will get all the answers you need. You’ll have to register to ask questions but that is really easy.

One important thing: Just ask questions and post pictures if you can; the people there are very nice and helpful. DO NOT immediately try to sell it in the Buy & Sell section. New posters are not allowed to post stuff for sale and you will get banned if you try to sell on your first post.

However, the people there will be able to tell you all about your sword and tell you where you can sell it.

Post your questions here in the Sword section (you might have to cut and paste this into your address bar if it doesn’t make a link):

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