Are there any electronic gadgets – not too expensive for my teen brother?

Electronic Gadget gift ideas for a teen boy?
Are there any new – not too expensive – electronic gadgets out? I don’t know what I want to get for Birthday for my teen brother,I was thinking along the lines of webcam, new phone, pay half for laptop etc.
Are there any cool gadgets out there that you like to give to your younger brother?

Best Answer

I would suggest an MP3 Player, a Nintendo DS, gift cards. You can even get a notebook for less than a laptop and they are small and cute. Check out think geek, they have a bunch of quirky stuff. Hopefully, this helps. Look for electronic gadgets sections, you will lots of other interesting stuff too.

If your budget is not too small, i would finally recommend you a notebook, that will not only a cool gadget but can also help your brother in studies.

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