I want to take off the call list for someone trying to sell samething.

How to make sure I’m taken OFF the call list?
Hey, I need a little help. My phone is always ringing with someone trying to sell something. I tell them to take me off the call list, but it doesn’t help because they call again the next day. How can I make sure I’m taken OFF the call list?

Best Answer

get the name, date, time, and phone number of the person calling and write it down… tell them to remove you from their calling list, and advise them that any further contact from them will be considered by you as harassment and that you will be filing a complaint against them for any future calls

then follow thru with reporting them to the FTC https://ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

also get your number onto the do not call list over at http://donotcall.gov you have to give it upto 30 days to fully take effect, but once on the do not call list you can also file a complaint with them as well…

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