I got a voicemail sounded deep voice like a ghost would talk.

I got a super scary voicemail? what to do?!?!?
I opened my voicemail and I had a something that sounded really deep voice almost like a ghost would talk, and I couldn’t make out what it was saying. The number was none of the numbers I know. What happened?! Could it have been someone that pocket dialed me and was rubbing in the pocket? Omg I am scared! Should I wait to see if I get another call by the same #? Or should I report this to me parents?

Best Answer

It’s very possible that somebody butt-dialed you on accident. Delete the message & don’t worry about it. If it was somebody who wants to talk to you, they’ll call back. If it happens again in the same way, and it continues to bother you, go ahead and tell your parents.
I’m a parent, and if my kid were to get creepy phone calls I’d want to investigate it just be sure that it’s not some freakwad harassing my kid.

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