Sync old xbox 360 controllers to new Xbox 360 Slim?

I cant Sync my old xbox 360 controllers to my new Xbox 360 Slim?

I only got the controller that came with the new system but I cant get any of my other 4 controllers to sync to the slim why not???? I hit both the sync button the the slim and on the controller and it spins and spins for about 30 seconds then nothing???
besides this trouble it seems great even with the fans it is getting abit warm but not to warm and the red ring is extinct now. I never got in on my elite and 2 of my other buds have never gotten it and none of their friends have. RROD is Extinct now.

Best Answer

Yes the old controllers will work with the Xbox 360 slim.

To sync them up, power on the Xbox and the controller. Then push the sync button on the Xbox (small black button next to the USB ports on the front), then push the sync button on the controller (location varies depending on the type of controller). When you push the sync button the green light will spin in a circle (on both the Xbox and the controller). If the light doesn’t spin in a circle then it isn’t in sync mode and you might have a problem with the controller.

I did this with my own Xbox slim and my old controllers so I know it is possible.
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27 Responses to “Sync old xbox 360 controllers to new Xbox 360 Slim?”

  1. iGoldenBridge says:

    They sync on my friends Xbox 360 Elite and Pro just not mine slim? I had already done what you said though they just spun around and around for 30 seconds then nothing.

    • matt says:

      Just bought the new kinect enabled 360 slim last night, and I’m having same problem with my old controllers…no matter how many times I try to sync. The controller that came with it sync just fine. -irritAted.

      • 360slim says:

        I have the same problem of spinning lights but it never connects even with the controller i got with the 360 slim. Also when i turn my xbox of some time it doesn’t even turn the lights off or when i turn it on no lights will turn on…….

    • natw says:

      i tried it and it dosnt work.

  2. mrkevo says:

    i have the same problem. It seems that the sync button on the 360 doesnt even work. When i press it no lights start spinning. I got the controller it came with to sync but the others wont. If anyone solves this problem email me please thanks

  3. kazz says:

    yea im having the same problem with my xbox halo 3 limited edition brute controller and i really want to know how to fix it otherwise my controller is pointless i used the sync button on both the xbox and the controller but its not syncing can someone pleez tell me how to fix it

  4. KReach says:

    I was having the same problem. I hit the restart button on my XBox360 slim (the black button with three down arrows under the on button) while the controller was syncing, and it synced up fine.

    Not sure if this is the “right” way to do it. But it worked for me 🙂

  5. Danielle says:

    Our XBox only seems to work with the controller you turn it on with (old or new) but won’t sync any others at the same time. In fact, sometimes it seems to randomly choose which controller to recognise. It synced in the beginning but we were actually playing a game when one controller’s light starting looping and the “Please Reconnect Controller” message came up. From then on we’ve had nothing but problems. We can no longer play 2 player games which is a function we used very frequently. VERY annoying. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be appriciated… Please!

  6. candyman says:

    For the XBox 360 Slim I believe the problem is with the Remote Control settings. Here is how to change them.

    1. Turn off your Xbox 360 Slim and your controller.

    2. Take the batteries out of the controller and put them back in.

    3. WHILE THE CONSOLE IS OFF hold down the big X button on the controller, this will turn on the console and force-sync the controller to it.

    4. Go to the System Settings option on the XBox 360 dash board.

    5. Navigate to Console Settings->Remote Control.

    6. Deselect the “Both Remotes” option: i.e; select the “XBox 360 Media Remote” option.

    This helped me with the synch issues, hope it helps some of you too. This XBox 360 slims seem to be a real bitch with the wireless controllers.

    • gordo_guero says:

      FINALLY … thanks candyman, I have been looking for a solution to why my universal remote wouldn’t work with my new xbox for ages, and this was the reason, .. Sorted!

  7. ffrancoAM says:

    I had the same problem. I managed it conecting the usb cable that is used to recharge the battery.

  8. matt says:

    to sinc the controllers all you have to do is hit the button under the power button with the three down arrows and do the smae thing on the controller at the same time. this sincs them quickly. the sinc button on the controller is right in the very frony and has three arrows

  9. Jim B says:

    All I did was press the sync button on the XBOX Slim and the sync button on my old XBOX controller and it worked. Took about 10 seconds. I repeated the steps on a second controller and it also worked perfectly, took about 10 seconds.

    Now I have three controllers for my new XBOX Slim. VERY easy and fast.

  10. dizzydoc says:

    THe steps worked just fine for me. Just make sure that you’re a few yards in front of the x-box (and not immediately in front of it). Making sure that you’re using the sync buttons on both the main unit and the controller.

    Worked like a charm.

  11. frustrated. says:

    so i have been able to connect normal controllers no problem. but what i haven’t been able to connect is my rockband gear. the guitar won’t sync. and when i hit the sync button on the xbox slim no little light starts spinning. help?

  12. Hunter says:

    I am having a similar issue, though not with a wireless controller. I am having sync issues with a wired xbox 360 controller (without the battery pack) for xbox 360 slim. The controller will not power up when plugged into the usb port, it only briefly flashes. When I hit sync nothing happens with the controller. Any one got any ideas.



  13. Dude says:

    I held down the sync button on the remote until it synced and that worked, but just pushing it didn’t

  14. Andrew says:

    Having the same problem as igoldbridge… pressed sync on both pieces and old controller still not syncing kinda gay if you asked me I even talked to support and they were useless

  15. kaysone says:

    put the conroller you want to use on the xbox slim on….and then put the xbox 360 slim on as well….press the synced button on the controller located at the front of your controller….its a round circular button next to LB button….then on the xbox 360 slim press the squre button next to the two usb located at the front of the xbox 360 slim press it…wait a few seconds or so or until the light stop going around in circles on both the controller and the xbox slim…..and by now your the controller should be working perfectly now with the xbox 360 slim.

  16. kaysone says:

    i spell controller wrong sorry about that i must of mistype.

  17. xboxnewbie says:

    I had same problem, but the solution for me was to press the sync button on the xbox harder. seems stupid, but i wasnt pressing it hard enough – it needs to click when you press it in. Hope it helps anyone else with same problem

  18. Nick says:

    I had a problem connecting any of my controllers to my Xbox 360 Slim. It took me ages to work out how to fix the problem but I have solved it. My Xbox is connected via an HDMI cable to my amp. It seems that I had to have the amp on and the correct input selected. As soon as I turned the amp on they connected immediately. I would never have thought that the amp would have any effect on the controllers connecting but in my case I had tried all of the above suggestion and nothing worked. I don’t know how many of you will be in the same boat but I am pretty sure that there are others of you using the HDMI connectivity so I doubt I am the only case.

    Good luck one and all.

  19. lexy says:

    I’ve tried most of the suggestions posted, but none of them have helped me. I push the sync button on the slim, but the ligths don’t spin around on it at all. Any ideas what the problem is/how to fix it?

  20. knower says:

    I am not a member here. but you guys have to know that you have to HOLD both the syncing buttons


  21. kirsty and liam says:

    Thank you for this whoever wrote that best answer at the top! Was trying to do it for ages (: (:

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