I know the 2 back speakers wont work for everything.

Samsung blu-ray/DVD Home Theater System’s 2 back speakers don’t work at all on satellite TV?
I know the 2 back speakers wont work for everything. But they don’t work at all when we watch satellite TV. We switch it to AUX cause that’s the only way it works but the back speakers do not work at all. Even when we play a DVD instead of blu-ray movie they do not work. Should I get a hub? So all HDMI connects as one?

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Keep in mind that not all tv program have surround sound. The only program with surround sound will have a Dolby Digital Logo. You also need to connect the tv to the home theater using optical audio cable. If you use AUX and rca jack you are only going to get stereo sound. Those home theater in a box are mainly designed for you to watch a movie in the built in DVD or blu ray with surround sound. You have to look and see if that DVD has surround sound or stereo. Hope this will help you out.

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  1. iPlay says:

    Thanks that helps a lot. We got surround sound cause the speakers on our plasma TV keep going out and we didn’t want to buy a new. I know the speakers work fine with the blue ray but not DVD but I think we just need optical digital audio cable to go into Dish receiver.

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