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Should I cancel the phone option and just pay for line rental for the broadband?

How can I get cheaper broadband and landline? I am on BT Unlimited Anytime Plan direct debit for £19.50 a month and BT Total Broadband Option for £17.80 DD a month. My arrears are £73.82. BT want to double my £25 a month DD to £50.50 a month from September 15th. I don’t really need […]

Dazzle HD video recorder plus does not record the people talking.

Dazzle video recorder help? I finally got my Dazzle HD video recorder plus set up and working and it works fine. I’m trying to recorded Call Of Duty gameplay for a channel on youtube me and my friend run but it wont record the voices of other players in the match.

When I buy an Netflix account is there much more films/programs?

Question regarding Netflix? I decided to get a trial version with Netflix as I love films and thought I’d give it a try rather than always DVD’s. I noticed that there isn’t as much as I’d expect them to have. Is this because I have a trial account? when I buy an account is there […]

What can record and produce very good quality videos for Xbox 360?

A good recording device/capture card for Xbox 360? So I started youtubing about games a little bit over a month ago but I only had an iPhone since then to record I dunno what is good I know lots of people use dazzles but even the HD dazzles are very bad. What would be something […]

My Sanyo television is on channel 2 and won’t go up or down.

Comcast basic cable set up? I just got the box today for my basic cable and in the set up instructions, it says to turn my TV on to channel 3 after everything is hooked up and then to also switch to channel 3 on the box.

What sound recording i need to for high quality records with my pc?

How can i record sound at studio quality with my pc? Im interested in sound recording, but as you know i cant make high quality records with a normal pc and microphone. So i bought a microphone thats better in this job. But when i try it i saw that its not working as it […]

Comcast don’t come out,but they say my house is on hold.

Comcast house on hold question? I just moved to this house, been trying to get service out here I hear from my neighbors that Comcast don’t come out here but once I call them they say my house is on hold that I need to provide prove that I’m a new resident, well that’s not […]

Sky plus says, for every channel ‘further schedule information is not available’.

Sky plus help please? Had sky plus for a couple of years and today I was taping something and it said that it would automatically delete something because there was no disc space. So I went and deleted some stuff myself which is something I’ve done before. But for some reason this time it won’t […]

The difference between TVONICS DTR HD500 and HD Z-500?

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Can anyone help me find out the difference between these two HDD Recorders MODEL TVONICS DTR HD500 500GB FREEVIEW+ RECORDER AND MODEL TVONICS DTR HD Z-500 500GB FREEVIEW+ RECORDER I am interested in getting one of these,but do not know which is the better model

What format should I use for a DVD Super Multi DL Disk?

I have a DVD Super Multi DL Disk my lap top whats the best dvd disk to buy/use? For the past few months I have tried several brands of disk with out luck. Every time I try it comes up with a invalid format message..

I have A Shelf of DVDs, should get it a Xbox to paly DVDs?

Does the Xbox HD DVD Play Regular DVDS? I have A Shelf of DVDs and My Friend is giving me his xbox and I want to know If I should get it, and if it does will it work on the slim?

How do I get to the next movie without starting all over, using a Tivo for Netflix?

Anybody here use a Tivo for Netflix? I just hooked up my Tivo to watch Netflix but can’t figure out how to navigate from one movie to the next. When a movie is over, how do I get to the next one without starting all over?

Come out to reposition the Direct TV satellite dish and it is going to cost me $50

How do you adjust a Direct TV satellite? My picture is ready distorted and half of the channels say searching for satellite. I called the customer service and we did a number of tests over the phone. They said someone needs to come out to reposition the dish and it is going to cost me […]

I’m trying to delete every recorded show off of my time warner cable dvr.

Is there a way to delete everything off a twc dvr? I’m trying to delete every recorded show off of my time warner cable dvr, is there a way that i can delete everything at once? It takes for ever to it one at a time.

Should a k-12 student use iPad to type, presentiations, spreadsheets, etc?

Is iPad good for a student? They use it to type, presentations, spreadsheets, watch movies, surf the web, and games. They are a k-12 student.

Would a web cam work through the same USB connection of Kindle Fire?

I’m researching a Kindle Fire. I see that you can charge the battery by plugging it into USB on your computer. Would a web cam work through the same USB connection? Is there a USB port to plug into the device or is it just a charging wire that has a USB plug at the […]

Blackberry bold smartphone battery can’t go red it just goes yellow.

Blackberry bold smartphone battery issue? Ok so I had half a battery yesterday and I was only on bbm, nothing more, so nothing could use all my battery. And it was half full, not on yellow and it said battery drained shutting down device now.

Blackberry has been freezing and always bringing up the little timer clock and then being fine again.

Blackberry phone battery draining!!? Ok so I’ve had my Blackberry curve 9300 for just over a year, it has been ok apart from the scroller scrolls when I am texting sometimes when I don’t want it to! Anyway over the past week, my phone has been freezing and always bringing up the little timer clock […]

I want to unlock Blackberry Bold 9900, how much will it cost?

How much would cost to unlock Blackberry Bold 9900?

How to use PanDigital 72-70FW 7-Inch Tablet Computer?

Can I put my own backgrounds, save pictures, use a browser, and upload must own .mobi files to use with the kindle App on this??? First and last questions are most important.

I want to get a Macbook Air,But everyone tells me that I MUST get a iPad.

Can’t decide between getting an iPad or a MacBook Air? I already have a MacBook Pro, but I had it for years (and not going to get rid of it), but it pretty much has my entire life in it. I am afraid to take it places because if I lose it, I’d probably have […]

How do I buy apps for my Android Nexus 7?

How Do I Buy Things On The Play Store Or Android Market? Hi guys. Im planning on getting a Nexus 7. And Like, how do you buy things on the Android Market Or Play Store or what ever its called? I heard that they just charge it to your bill, but, the Nexus 7 is […]

If the lost iPad dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

Please help i lost my ipad!? I lost my ipad, there’s a chance it could’ve been stolen. If its dead will Icloud still be able to trace it?

If i block a person on whatsapp can they still see my profile pic?

Can they still see my profile pic if i block them on whatsapp? if i block a person on whatsapp can they still see my profile pic

How do i customize the Samsung Galaxy s2 messaging notification tone?

Changing Samsung Galaxy s2 messaging notification tone? I just bought the Samsung s2 but having trouble changing the tone for my messaging Notification and I am getting a little bored with the whistle I want to customize to something I want to hear. Please can you give me some steps 🙂 I would really appreciate […]

How comon are the Nexus 7 screen issues?

Nexus 7 screen issue? should i still get it? I herd their are ways to fix it but still don’t know if I should get it. I herd it is a sweet tablet. But afraid of the screen issues.

What to do to stop the PSP custom firmware deleting itself?

Problem with my psp and how do i stop the problem? ok so the stupid custom firmware is deleting it self and i had to go to the fking store 5 times to put it back. what to do to stop the custom firmware deleting itself and i dont knw any thing about it like […]

Pepsi soda fell on my phone before, the touch screen won’t work):

My phone got soaked in Pepsi now the touch screen won’t work..? Soda fell on my phone before now when I try to use touch screen it won’t work): I don’t want to tell my parents!! How do I fix it )’:

I want to cascade the Android device and don’t want to log out of marketplace.

How do I log out of Android Market. My tablet holds my login and does not have a logoff option.? I want to cascade the device and don’t want to log out of marketplace

Can i make playlists like work, party, new etc on itunes and transfer to my iphone?

When i make a playlist on itunes does that playlist appear on my iphone 4s when synced? I want to make playlists like work, party, new etc but its annoying to do it on the iphone as you cant always see the entire song name and cannot uncheck songs if pressed by accident,

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