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Could I find all PSVita games on PSN store?

Are all ps vita games on the psn store? I have been looking around and haven’t found an answer yet. The newly released games for ps vita should be on the store right? And are they the same amount of money as the actual game cartridge?

More quest in Skyrim after the main quests?

How many quest does Skyrim have? I finished the main quests, halfway done with the imperial quest. Halfway done with the thieves guild, mage guild, and dark brotherhood.

Will CoD: MW3 be outsold by Halo?

Will Halo 4 outsell Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Halo is a big deal in the video game industry and Call of Duty Modern Warfare made history in it’s sells. What do you think? Do you think that Halo 4 can pull it off?

Is there a store that I can go to buy swords in Skyrim?

Where are good places to buy swords in Skyrim? I keep on getting all of these swords with little damage. Is there a store or anything that I can go to to get a nice one?

Mace or Sword, which wepon should I use in Skyrim?

Which weapon should i use for skyrim?mace or sword? I am still not sure which one to use in skyrim. either a mace or sword? please help.

Fallout 3 or Skyrim, which game should I get?

Which game should i get……..? I want to get a fallout game. Which one should i get? Is Fallout 3 and new vegas same? Is new vegas a expansion pack for fallout 3 or is it a separate game? ( I don’t know) And what is it about? I have played (sill playing) skyrim. People […]

I can’t login WOW with good internet connection and valid account…

Why won’t World of Warcraft let me log in? I just tried to log into World of Warcraft and it wouldn’t let me connect. I have a good internet connection and my account is valid. I can’t see any reason that I wouldn’t be able to log in. Can somebody help me out?

I like scary games for Xbox 360.

What are some scary games already available for the Xbox 360? Be specific for right answer.

Can anyone give a suggestion of a good MMORPG except Warcraft.

I need a new MMORPG I recently finished a job and don’t expect to be finding a new one any time soon. I need a MMORPG. Not Warcraft, I’ve played it and it’s going to seed.

Looking fun games for GBA emulator for my Galaxy S.

Any fun gameboy advanced games? I got the gba emulator for my galaxy s lol. Having loads of fun. I just finished final fantasy 6, castlevania, advance wars, and currently playing pokemon emerald and green 🙂 anything else?

Sims 3: Pets Cartridge can’t be read on 3DS buy good in Sonic Generations..

3DS Problem – Not Reading Cartridge? I have a problem with my 3DS. I’ve just recently bought and had shipped The Sims 3: Pets for my 3DS. My problem is that the 3DS isn’t reading the cartridge. I tried putting in Sonic Generations, and it worked just fine. What could be the problem?

I want a video game which can make good movies.

What video games do you think would make good movies? Fall out new vegas Bioshock Paper mario (cartoon) Zombies ate my neighbors Marvel alliances Maybe skyrim

What is the best way to get credits on halo reach??

Halo reach CREDITS!!!!!? What is the best way to get credits on halo reach??

Is it necessary to play Elder Scrolls games to understand Skyrim?

Should I play any of the Elder Scrolls games before Skyrim? I’ve heard so many good reviews about Skyrim that I’m thinking about buying it but I know it is part of the Elder Scrolls Saga. Is it necessary that I’ve played any of the other Elder Scroll games to understand anything of the story […]

“PC” vs “Playstation 3” vs “Xbox 360”, which one is the most used gaming system?

What is the most used gaming system out of these 3? Im just curious to know what (order from greatest to least) gaming system has the most “Gamers” on them worldwide… ie the most sold for gaming purpose which would be excluding notebooks for business etc.

Skyrim or Assassins Creed, which one should I buy?

Should I buy skyrim or assassins creed?

Nintendo 64 doesn’t make it like it used to.

Who misses old school video games? You know, the classics! Like the Nintendo 64! I used to have one. It was so much fun. They don’t make them like they used to. Do you agree?

where to find Dwarven Metal Ingots and Dwemer ruins?

Where can I found Dwarven material in Skyrim? Ever since I’ve seen a Dwarven armor set I’ve become obsessed with Dwarven smithing, but I can’t forge a armor set because I can’t find any Dwarven Metal Ingots.

Modern Warfare 3 or Mass Effect 3, which first?

Which game should i buy first? Mass Effect 3 or Modern Warfare 3? I don’t want to buy both at the same time.

Assassins Creed 3 isn’t about Ezio or Altair.

I can’t believe there making ANOTHER Assassins Creed? This one is going to be called Assassins Creed 3.. It isn’t about Ezio or Altair. It’s about a new guy in the revolutionary war. Seems pretty cool actually

Which gun quiz would you pick in MW3?

Mw3 gun quiz which would you choose? Pick one: type95 acr 6.8 pp90 p90 msr

I’m barely at level 28 in Battlefield 3…

Why does it take so long to level up in Battlefield 3? I have had the game since launch day I’m barely at level 28. Im not bad at the game but it feels slow.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer online pass check failed.

I just bought battlefield 3 yesterday then when I try to play multiplayer it says online pass check failed. ? And then when I enter the online pass on redeem codes it says ‘the code you entered may noy be correct or may no longer valid. PLEASE HELPPPP

Where you can choose your good xbox 360 offline game?

A need a good xbox 360 game where you can choose evil or good? Hello guys, i need a good one player offline game on xbox 360 where you can choose your path? I haven’t been gaming over the past few years other than black ops online every now n then, but i recently bought […]

Embarrassing games..Leisure Suit Larry Magna *** Laude

What embarrassing video game purchase did you not want people to know about? Leisure Suit Larry Magna *** Laude

Bad internet connection for COD MW3 on Xbox 360

How to improve my internet connection for Call of Duty MW3 on Xbox 360… So after playing COD since it’s release with a really shitty internet service I had, I came to the conclusion that being good at COD is almost more about the connection you have than the skill you have to some degree…I […]

I dont want to give any informations about my real life on youtube.

I gave too much real life information on a game.. What should i do? So, I want to make videos on youtube about a game but, I dont want to give any informations about my real life… But i met a guy on that game and gave him too much information.. (like name,age etc) And […]

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