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My really old tv won’t turn on and then has a burning smell…

My TV has a bad burning smell…? My really old tv(like early 90’s) is plugged in but won’t turn on even the power light won’t turn on and then has a burning smell…I’m terrified of electricity and other sorts so I’m not even going to try to figure it out for myself…

Give marks out of 10 (1 being disappointed and 10 being elated) for 3D TV.

Do you own a 3D television set, if so are you glad or disappointed? Give marks out of 10 (1 being disappointed and 10 being elated). Also, please give a reason why you’ve given that choice. Thank you (^_^)

My TV says ‘Out Of Range’ after it connected my PC with VGA port.

Why does my 22″ LCD TV say ‘Out Of Range’ after the windows logo when connected to my PC? NEED HELP ASAP!? I have a Luxor 22″ TV that has a PC/VGA port. When I turn on my PC it displays the windows logo then goes blank and displays the ‘out of range message’.

I seen a kit at berlinton coat factory can change regular TV to 3D.

Is there way to change my tv to 3d? I seen a kit at berlinton coat factory that said change your regular tv to 3d

Humax LGB 18DZT goes buzzy and vibrates on some channels.

I have a problem with my tv- Humax 19 inch digital – model number LGB 18DZT? ive had it for 3 years now and ive been happy with it, but recently the sound seems to be playing up, on some channels it goes buzzy and vibrates, even when the volume is on low. this is […]

I can’t find an audio-out to hook up a sound system.

I am having trouble hooking a sound system to my Visio 32 LCD HD TV? I can’t find an audio-out to hook up a sound system? Can someone help me! Sorry i’m so dumb!   Best Answer Edit your question with the Vizio model number, and a good answer should follow. —————– There are a […]

Can the PiP of Sony BRAVIA KDL32BX320 works with 2 different cable channels?

Does Sony BRAVIA KDL32BX320 picture in picture work with 2 different cable channels?

SONY Bravia 40BX420 only outputs 2ch audio.

How to output 5.1 surround sound from sony lcd tv to home theater? My home theater can’t play high resolution videos (by usb playback nor by hd dvd) so it’s up to my TV to play them for me. However, when I play the files using my TV (by USB port), it only outputs 2ch […]

What’s the difference between LED and LCD, which TV is better?

Is LED or LCD better and what’s the difference?

9 inch screen made in 1992 KTV TV

Does a KTV TV pick up cable stations? 9 inch screen made in 1992

Comcast only works on ONE TV, others have white snow screen.

Why is Comcast only working on one TV? We just moved into a new house, had a comcast technician come and install our cable on Friday. It’s only working on the one TV he hooked it up on. In my daughters room, her tv is hooked up to the cable jack and all we get […]

The movie on Razor LED Samsung HDTV looked AMAZING

That wasn’t 3D. Maybe 2.5D? That was amazing!? So in Best Buy, I saw this Razor LED Samsung HDTV showing Transformers: Rise of the Fallen (the second one). The contrast ratio was 1,000,000:1. 55inches. The movie looked AMAZING. It almost looked like the bots were slightly popping out the TV, but they weren’t. I’m pretty […]

What things really matter for a TV, 720p or 1080p, plasma or LCD?

What should I look for when buying a new TV? I want to buy my dad a TV for Christmas. I’m thinking no smaller than 42 inches, but he doesn’t want one over 50 either. I want to get a good deal, but I still was good quality. When I buy a TV, what things […]

My verizon Fios TV has blue mosaic screen…

Why is my TV nothing static on this one channel? I have verision Fios I was trying to watch channel 192…and this is all that comes up,how can i fix it ?

If a gaming console like xbox can wreck a flat screen t.v?

Does an xbox or any other gaming console wreck a t.v? I would like to know if a gaming console can wreck a flat screen t.v?

Tutorial for Jailbreaking Apple TV 2 using Seas0nPass?

Jailbreak my Apple TV 2 using Seas0nPass(Untethered) any tutorial? I’ve already searched around the web and no one works any help?

Will the HD TV of Ireland work well in the US?

Will an HD-ready Toshiba TV bought in Ireland work in the U.S.? It is 3 years old and bought here and I’m moving to the U.S. Will it work there by plugging in or will it work hooked up to cable there?

How to connect HD cable box and PS3 to one HDMI port on HDTV?

How to connect two devices to one hdmi port on my hdtv? I have a hdtv that have only one hdmi port. But i have two devices tat i want to connect to the tv throught hdmi.

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