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I have a ps3 so m nt lukin fr a gamin laptop….

Best laptop under $1500? i hav a ps3 so m nt lukin fr a gamin laptop….though i want it with a gud ram, decent graphics, probably blu-ray and gud sound…?>…

My Asus UL-80’s battery power is not lasting long…

Battery power doesn’t last long on laptop? My Asus UL-80’s battery power is not lasting long on its own w/o plugging it in. It will just shut off, and not restart, probably now when still showing over 50% battery power remaining.

“Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Vista” didn’t work.

How to Turn Windows 7 Back To Vista!!!! I Bought a Laptop at a Pawn Shop. At the back of the laptop it said Windows Vista, But when i turned it on it said Windows 7 Ultimate. I recently learned that having the laptop like that makes it slower and its true because its SLOW!!! […]

My laptop HDD has 15 bad sectors. How can I fix this?

How do I fix bad sectors on my Hard Drive? I have my hard drive unmounted and running Ubuntu from a live CD, and the disk utility reads that the disk has 15 bad sectors. How can I fix this? I noticed something what wrong when I was unable to keep Windows installed

The back side of the laptop monitor can set a solar power.

Why arent laptops solar powered? I mean the entire back side of the monitor could get a lot of sun.

iPad 2 and Macbook, should I get both?

SHOULD I GET BOTH A MACBOOK PRO AND IPAD 2? should i get both? i could have the ipad 2 to play on, and i could have the macbook pro to do homework, and play more involved games on. 

Any suggestion for buying wireless mouse for my Acer laptop?

What kind of a wireless mouse do I buy for my new acer laptop? There are so many choices?

If a Laptop overheats, will it freeze?

Can a Laptop freeze if it overheats? My sister was using it for over an hour on the wooden table. When she was in the middle of skype, it froze. I got really mad at her for the freezing and i told her many times to move it from the table.

Sims3Launcher.exe – Fatal… CLR error: 80004005.

Sims 3 won’t work? Help ! I just installed the sims 3 to my computer, i also installed it to my other computer so i know it works.. however everytime i try and open the launcher on this computer it pops up with- Sims3Launcher.exe – Fatal… CLR error: 80004005. The program will now terminate.

“ASUS G71GX-RX05” vs “ASUS G51VX-RX05”

Which laptop is better? I am thinking on purchasing either of the following laptops: ASUS G71GX-RX05 ASUS G Series G51VX-RX05 speaking of specs, for some gaming and at there price which is better? are there any other laptops around with the same price range and with better or equal specs for a gaming?

“Dell XPS 15z” vs “Hp Pavilion dv7”. Which one should i get ?

Which one ? Dell XPS 15z or Hp Pavilion dv7.? Im trying to figure out which computer is best.Which one should i get ?

I can’t buy the Macbook pro because its to much money 2000!

I wanna buy a mac book pro but its way too much!? Guys i’m 13,i’m going to high school this year and i want a laptop the mac book pro.I can’t buy it because its to much money 2000!!!!Like what the hell. I do chores for my parents but i only get 1 dollar.That’s gonna […]

PCs are better than Macs? More compatible and cheaper

What are some reasons why PCs are better than Macs? I have to do a school debate where I must argue why PCs are better than Macs. I have found a few points such as their cheaper and offer more hardware for less, they are more compatible with games and other software and there is […]

Macbook or iMac, which one should I buy?

Which mac should i buy? hi, i am wandering which mac notebook to buy i won’t be downloading loads of games (probably no games at all) all it would be used for would be word processing, homework, maybe a bit of DJing.

Which laptop should I choose, Macbook por 13″ or 15″?

Macbook por 13″ model or 15″ model? I have a chance to get either macbook pro 13″ model or a 15 ” model and i can’t decide which one Is there a noticeable difference in the display does the bigger one have less resolution. is it noticeably faster with its i think i7 processor? thanks

How can i transfer videos to iphone?

How to easily convert my laptop videos in iphone? help needed guys….how can i transfer videos to iphone?

I got a voicemail sounded deep voice like a ghost would talk.

I got a super scary voicemail? what to do?!?!? I opened my voicemail and I had a something that sounded really deep voice almost like a ghost would talk, and I couldn’t make out what it was saying. The number was none of the numbers I know. What happened?! Could it have been someone that […]

How can I set up a landline phone/make calls using ethernet?

Is there a way to set up a landline phone/make calls using ethernet? My apartment is not set up for having a landline phone but I get no phone service from my cellphone here.

The phone rang, then it said “hello police department”.

I was prank calling my friend. i called they answered i did something they hung up. i called it rang.. it rang.then it said “hello police department”. and it was not my friend I was on google email. they have a free calls through gmail. will I get in trouble?

I want to take off the call list for someone trying to sell samething.

How to make sure I’m taken OFF the call list? Hey, I need a little help. My phone is always ringing with someone trying to sell something. I tell them to take me off the call list, but it doesn’t help because they call again the next day. How can I make sure I’m taken […]

Blackberry or Nokia e7, for going internet and downloading skype.

What phone should i get? its my birthday and i dont know what phone i should get, im more into touch screen as long as its not hard to touch.. and qwerty keyboards, i know theres blackberry, but im not sure if i should get that, im still looking for nokia e7. and i love […]

I just got a creepy phone call for returning a computer…

Have you ever gotten a creepy phone call? I just got one now. It was apparently a women who went by a name i didnt recognize, and she had a strangely high pitched voice and told me she wanted to return the computer i sold her, but i never sold anyone a computer.

What codes should I need for phoning England from Australia?

If you are phoning England from Australia what codes do you need? Thanx?

Be warned! These scammers are definitely not Microsoft they never phone anyone.

Anyone else had a phone call from ‘Microsoft? An Asian lady called me to tell me I had a very ‘deadly’ virus in my computers. Spent 45 minutes trying to scare the life out of me then asked for my Bank details for ‘them’ to sort out the problem.

For playing game and in to facebook, choose Windows Phone 7 or android?

Windows Phone 7 or android? I’m lookinf for a new phone that’s fast and reliable when I need it I’m in to facebook not twitter its uselees and I also want to play games.

Im with Virgin Media for blocking numbers from calling my house phone.

How can I block Private numbers and Mobile numbers from calling my house phone? Im with Virgin Media?

Im planning on building a 10 x 15 room dedicated to home theater.

Who has the best Powered ported subwoofer? Im planning on building a 10 x 15 room dedicated to home theater. My main concern is not only the speakers but a Subwoofer that is powerful enough to feel and be clear. I’m willing to go as high as $1200 but if I can find something Im […]

Does the Yamaha RX-V671 work with the Mirage MX 5.1 system?

Reciever & Speaker Compatiblity? Does the Yamaha RX-V671 which, has 875 watts, have enough power to work with the Mirage MX 5.1 system, the Mirage Nanosat 5.1, the Mirage Nanosat Prestige 5 with the Omni S8 Subwoofer

Can you put blue ray in a normal dvd player?

Whats different about a blue ray? Can you put blue ray in a normal dvd player?

To hook HDTV, AV Receiver, Bluray player up, How many hdmi cables do i need?

How many hdmi cables do i need? i just bought my first hdtv (3d), av receiver (3d), and a bluray player. i want to know briefly how i should hook these three things up. and how many hdmi cables should i need? are any optical cables needed?

What can Roku do that Apple TV can’t?

Is Roku better than Apple TV? If so, how? What can Roku do that Apple TV can’t? What are the pros and cons of Roku?

I have a subwoofer that shoots down to the carpet…

Subwoofer set-up questions? I have a subwoofer that shoots down to the carpet and here are my questions: 1) Does it sound better on a carpet? How’s so? I can test it but I’ll have to remove the carpet and move hella stuff so just asking first

I’m gonna hook loudspeaker of stereo up to a tv.

What’s better a Amplifier of Stereo System? I’m going Amplifer. After, what I saw on Back to the future when I graduate High School in 2014, when I get the money I’m gonna get me one. I’m gonna hook it up to a tv.

Do I need to buy a receiver for a Blu-Ray home theater system?

If I buy a Blu-Ray home theater system, do I need to buy a receiver? I want to purchase a Blu-ray 5.1 home theater system. If i buy one of these, do i need to buy a receiver? Can I use my other devices such as a ps3, or antenna with it? Do I somehow […]

What’s the difference between a 250watts sub (8”) and a 300watts sub (10”) ?

Difference between 250w sub (8”) and 300w sub (10”) ? Im getting my second speaker system along with a subwoofer , and i wanted to ask some simple questions so that i make sure of what im going to get.

HD projector or LED TV, which one should I buy?

Should i buy a HD projector or LED tv?

If it is worth to buy 3D TV with glass?

Is 3-D television worth the cost now? I’ve heard that 3-D televisions without glass are coming out in 1-2 years.

List for war movies or anything best movies on Blu-ray?

What are the best movies to get on blu ray? War movies or anything that looks really stunning?

For growing hair faster, what shampoo and conditioner is best?

What shampoo works the best for growing hair faster? And conditioner? ? Thank u so much all answers are appreciated!

I don’t want to spend too much money at the salon

How to apply clips in hair extensions? Help!!! I don’t want to spend too much money at the salon, so i decided to learn it at home, thanks for help.

I’m sweaty from skateboarding should i wash my hair or what?

Hair routine questions… ok i am constantly active like i skate a lot and sweat and surf which makes salt water go in my hair right and wash it everytime because i think both are bad for my hair so thjat makes it kinda wavy curly very pussy and dry.

I wanna make sure my hair is growing well…

Would you consider my hair medium or long length? It touches my bra strap in the back and is a little past my arm pits in the front.

I don’t know if I should dye my hair myself or have it done at a salon.

I want to dye my hair for the first time.. I’ve never had my hair dyed before and I need some one experienced to walk me through what I should do. I have dirty blonde hair and I want to dye it reddish brown.

If its better to dye my hair when its dirty?

Is it best to bleach your hair when its dirty? I havent washed my hair in a couple days and I was just wondering

Do you know what color will come out on dark hair?

I wanna tint my hair but idk what color? My hair is like a black-brown color and I wanted to tint it burgundy but It didn’t come out well…

My hair is really thick and knotty and frizzy…

How to scrunch my hair? please help me? its really thick and knotty and frizzy. help me please. i dont have a diffuser . my hair either gets to dry or soaking wet and it just looks so wet and hard.

My hair has a weird smell,whatsoever plus I only put argan oil in it..

Why does my hair start to smell!? The first day I shower it smells amazing but I don’t wash it for 2 days or something and it has a weird smell? Kind of burnt or just dirty?!?

Why is my hair breaking? what products can repair it?

Why is my hair breaking? im 16 and i have very thick and long hair. about 2 months ago i suffered from dehydration and vitamin deficiency. i just realized recently that my hair is thick at the top and thin at the bottom. and yes i flat iron my hair but not on 400 on […]

What’s your favorite hair straightener?

What’s your favorite hair straightener? Or what have u heard is good? All answers are appreciated and there is not price range for the straightener because I can ask for it for Christmas or save up money. Thanks!

I was just wandering if it’s a good gaming laptop.

Are these specs good for gaming? I’ve had this laptop for a while now and I was just curious. Intel celeron duo 2.0ghz 3.5gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 9300 ge 250gb hard drive. I was just wandering if it’s a good gaming laptop.

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