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Sony HVR Z1U or Canon XH-A1, which is better?

Can someone help me debate which is better. HVR Z1U from Sony or XH-A1 from Canon? Im a film maker so I need a Wide screen16:9 camera. Can preferabbly go up to 60 FPS. Has a good “Film Look” to it. I have a Z1U already but am wondering for trading it for a XH-A1.

Which one’s video is good, Sony vx2100 vs. Sony vx2000?

Sony vx2100 vs. vx2000 (in video performance)? I’m gunna sell my HDR-fx1 soon since I’m not an expert 24/7 filmer and want a cheaper camera that is pretty good and these are the two cameras I’ really looking forward to buying.

Sony Vegas timeline has shrunk

Sony Movie Studio Timeline has shrunk? I don’t know how this happened but my Sony Vegas timeline has shrunk to the point that I can’t see what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’ve done but it is annoying.

What’s a good camera around 100$ used for YouTube?

What’s a good camera used for YouTube? I film random stuff here and there. I currently have a Canon PowerShot A490 which is okay for pictures but terrible for videos. The quality is crap. I’m looking more into creating videos and skits to upload to my YouTube channel. My budget is 100$,

How do i use Kodak playsport HD camcorder as a webcam?

On my hard drive camcorder I would like to use it as a webcam, but how do I do this? pls help? it’s a Kodak playsport

Does flip cam work well with green screens?

Windows movie maker, flip cam, and a green screen? I have windows movie maker and a flip cam. Im thinking about buying a green screen.

How to transfer Panasonic P2 Cam files to PC?

Panasonic P2 Cam files want to edit them in vegas 9 platinum? Shooting a short with a Panasonic AG-HVX 200P When I transfer the files to my pc the show up either as pics or broken down into folders that say video audio clip etc..

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