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The Fish eye Lens for Toshiba Camileo H30 Full-HD Camcorder?

What kind of Fish eye Lens should I buy for my Toshiba Camileo H30 Full-HD Camcorder?

How many frames does Sony HDR-HC5 camera offer?

Does Sony HDR-HC5 video camera offer different frames per second? for example 24, 30, 60? if yes please let me know where to choose

Should I get camcorders take photos or camera video record?

Can camcorders take good photos or should i get a camera that can video record?

What kind of the flip video camera is the best?

Are flip video cameras good? which is the best type? what kind of the flip is the best?

What’s MiniDV, and how can it be HDV?

How can MiniDV be HDV? Apparently, MiniDV tapes can work perfectly fine in HD tape-based cameras, since the data rate of HDV is the same as DV. But how can this be? I don’t get it.

How to upload videos from Sony DCR-HC21 Handycam?

Problems with DCR-HC21 Handycam? I have a Sony DCR-HC21 Handycam with files I would like to upload to my computer but I don’t have the driver for it. Also, when i connect it to my pc with the included USB cable, nothing happens. Is there any way I could get the software required or is […]

How to speed up a movie clip?

Is there a video editor that can speed up a movie clip? Free Please 🙂

How to convert videos from flip to movie maker on windows?

How can i convert videos from my flip onto windows movie maker without downloading websites? so i have been searching for quit a while and i am wondering how can i convert videos from my flip onto windows movie maker.Every time i drag the video on the timeline,i can only hear it but not see […]

How to convert AVI Video to DVD format?

I was trouble with finding a way to convert my avi video to DVD format. These days I have found many ways to convert,but it just too complicated for me. Do you have any easy?

MP4 or MPG, which format should I convert from FLV?

Is MP4 smaller than MPG? I want to convert a video from FLV format to something else. I recently converted it to MPG, but it went from 60MB to 250MB, that’s quite a difference. I need to convert the video to a file type that is the same size as it was in FLV format, […]

Do i have to download anything to watch .AVI Video?

How to watch .AVI video? i downloaded a .AVI video.. and i can’t play the video. So i would like to know how to play that video in windows vista?

How to convert a VHS home video to computer?

Is there any way to convert a VHS home video to the computer? For BMA(business managment administration) were making a “trip down memory lane” DVD so we’re getting a bunch of our pictures and achievements and my teacher said we can get home movies if we have any..but I don’t know if you can get […]

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