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What are the mount size for cod4, mw2, b/o’s on a xbox 360 HDD?

How much space on a xbox 360 hard drive does it take to mount COD games? I’d like to be able to play the games without hearing my drive going crazy so I’m thinking about getting a hard drive for my arcade 360. What are the mount size for cod4, mw2, b/o’s thanks for replying

Is there a way to connect Wii or Xbox 360 to TV without wires?

How can I make my Wii or Xbox 360 wireless? I know there is probably no such thing as doing this, but so many new pieces of tech are coming out lately with tv’s and game systems. I was just wondering if there was a way to connect my wii or 360 to my tv […]

Is there a way to disable the mod of xbox 360 or something.

How to disable mod in xbox 360? I read somewhere that if you play a modded xbox 360 on xbox live with original games you still can get banned. Is there a way to disable the mod or something. I’m new to it

Playing PSU(Phantasy star universe) online on the xbox 360 fails to connect.

Cant connect to the PSU server on the xbox 360? Every time i try to play Phantasy star universe online on the xbox 360, it fails to connect. Ive payed for the guardians license and have tried a wired and wireless connection but no luck. My internet provider is talktalk.

Could I play xbox 360 original games online without getting banned with a modded console?

Can I play xbox live with a modded xbox 360, but while using original games? I have a modded xbox 360 that can play fake copy games, but I was wondering if I could go online without getting banned if I use original games?

Xbox 360 composite av cable is blocking the HDMI port

How can i hook up my HDMI cable to my xbox 360 when the composite av cable is blocking the HDMI port? i looked on youtube and many people just took a knife and popped off the plastic. however, on mine….it doesn’t have a button to push to pop off the plastic. can i just […]

Does Xbox 360 AC adapter light still glow yellow?

Does the Xbox 360 AC adapter light still illuminate even not connected to the console itself? If  an Xbox 360’s POWER SUPPLY is just plugged into an outlet but not to the Xbox itself will the light on the power supply still glow yellow?

Unplugging and plugging Xbox 360, will this damage the console?

Could unplugging and plugging my Xbox 360 frequently damage it over time? I used to unplug it every time I finished playing and after a month it would randomly turn off. I got a replacement and sopped doing this because I thought that was the reason for the problem.

Xbox 360 controller wired rechargeable battery pack works on PC?

Can a Xbox 360 wired controller work for PC? Note, the controller is actually is wireless but is wired with a rechargeable battery pack that I can connect to my computer’s USB port. Thanks.

Can I record sound on PC with Xbox 360 wired Mic?

Can you record yourself on a computer using a xbox 360 mic connected to a wired xbox 360 controller? I have an xbox 360 wired controller that I can use on my computer and I have a wired mic for the xbox 360 and I was wondering if I could record sound with the mic. […]

I want to put Xbox 360 games on a official xbox HDD..

How to put xbox 360 games on a official xbox 360 hardrive? Hi how do i put my xbox 360 games on to the Xbox 360 hardrive? Will doing this compromise speed graphics etc? How much space would you recommend I leave for saved game data and microsoft updates etc?

Need to know the size of jack of xbox 360 headset.

What is the size of the jack on an xbox 360 headset? I need to know what size it is so i can repair a headset, i know it is smaller than a standard 1/8 ” standard headphone jack but im not sure what size it actually is, is there a converter from 1/8 to […]

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