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Can kinect work even the xbox is sideways from TV?

Will xbox kinect work if xbox is sideways from TV? so i’m thinking about getting kinect for xbox, but i just don’t want to waste money if it won’t work. so we have my couch, then floor, then the tv which is a bit higher than shoulder level. our xbox is to the left of […]

Buy xbox 360 250gb with kinect, or without kinect?

Should i get the new 250gb xbox with kinect or itself? Should i buy the 250gb xbox with kinect or just the xbox by itself. My current xbox is stuffing up on me mainly just droping out of xbox live frequently for no reason, my xbox wifi is dying i think.

How to skip Xbox Kinect’s opening cut scene to Dance Central?

How to skip the opening scene to Dance Central for Xbox Kinect? I got the Kinect for Christmas (It’s awesome and works flawlessly, Definitly recommend it) and I got Dence Central with it and I was wondering on how to skip the opening cut scene for the game since there’s no controller lol. Can’t figure […]

Does xbox kinect’s camera work with uno the card game?

Can the xbox video camera on kinect work with uno? it doesnt seem to work in the game. Me and my friends are part of an xbox live family package and i was wondering if that had anything to do with it? I can see other peoples cameras but they cant see me?

“PS3 Move” vs “Xbox 360 Kinect”,Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer PS3 Move or Xbox 360 Kinect? I personally prefer Xbox 360 and stuff over PS3 and its stuff because I have found that Xbox is better for games like RPG, I can’t exactly say about Kinect against Move, but through reviews and the look plus controls I would have to go […]

Fun and interesting game for xbox 360 kinect?

What xbox 360 game or xbox 360 kinect game is good for me to get? I’m getting a new xbox 360 kinect game and I don’t know which to get. I have deca sports freedom, and kinect adventures already. What game should I get now that is fun for one person or two and it’s […]

On xbox kinect, can I play regular xbox 360 games?

Can u play regular xbox 360 games on the xbox kinect? i was just wondering i since in dont really know

How to make spongebob truth into regular xbox?

Question about Xbox Kinect? Please help? i have a question.. my little cousin bought an xbox kinect and so my mom bought him two games.. “kinectimals” for xbox kinect and “spongebob truth” but it says xbox live on it..

What differance is 4gb and 250gb of xbox 360?

New xbox 360 kinect how do i know im getting the new one? more questions please help? I want to get the NEW xbox. im comparing prices online how do i know im looking at the NEW one and not the old ones? what differance is 4gb and 250gb? i dont need the wifi one […]

Is kinect fit for 8 years old Xbox 360?

Do i need the XBOX 360 to use kinect? I have an XBOX but its old, and i don’t think its a 360. But my dad is looking into getting kinect for it. We got it maybe 6 or 8 years ago. Is it to old? Do we need to get a newer version of […]

Which Xbox Kinect should I buy 250G or 4GB?

Xbox Kinect 250gb or 4gb? so i want a kinect….. but i don’t have the xbox and never have. i really want the kinect but don’t know which gb is better. im not planning on using live or normal xbox games or watching dvds.

“PS3 Move” vs “Xbox 360 Kinect” vs “Wii”

What’s the difference between the PS3 Move, the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Wii? Which is better in terms of value? Which is better in terms of game selection? Which is better in terms of amount of fun? Which is better in terms of accuracy?

Does the kinect come out with new xbox?

Does the new xbox have the kinect built in it? I was just wondering whether the new xbox with the new design etc. Literally has the kinect built in it, or if it just comes with the kinect and it’s something I could buy off of a friend with the new xbox

Will Xbox Kinect help with exercises?

Is the Xbox 360 Kinect good for exercising? Some people told me that games like Wii sports don’t help with exercising. Do you reckon that the games like dancing games on kinect will help with exercises?

Which one is ‘rs’ exactly on Xbox kinect?

What is ‘rs’ on Xbox 360 kinect? Okay, I’m playing Black Ops, and I’m at that part where you have to escape that… er. something with a V ^^ and it says to press the rs button to hit some guy over the head with a rock in order to escape.

Put 250G HDD to xbox 360 slim 4GB with a HDD slot?

Does the Xbox 360 S 4GB have a HDD slot? So my friend gave me a spare 250 HDD slot becuase he knew i was going to get a 360. I saw that since I now had a 250 slim HDD i could get a 4gb console which costs less and is matte black, and […]

Which should i buy, Xbox 360 Slim 250GB or 4G?

Xbox 360 Slim 250GB or 4G? For Christmas my grandma is going to give me $150 (were cutting back a little this year) so i REALLY want to get a Xbox 360 slim. So yeah. should I sell my iPod TOUCH 3G 8GB and buy the $300 Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Forza 3, Alan Wake […]

Is there a way to put Xbox data onto a 360 slim?

Xbox 360 to xbox 360 Slim? Data Transfer…? ok well i got a HDD for my xbox and it’s got my data is there a way to put that data onto a 360 slim? just wondering cause i plan to get it and all i got left is the Portable HDD :/

Xbox 360 removable HDD doesn’t work with the new Slim?

Xbox Slim Removable HDD? I was planning on getting the 4gb Xbox 360 Slim and I thought that 4gb wouldn’t be enough space if I wanted to use live. In this case I was planning on buying a removable hard drive like a 20 or 60gb one, but I heard that they don’t work with […]

Can i copy everything from Xbox slim on to Xbox elite?

How can i duplicate everything on My xbox 360 hdd to another xbox hdd? ok, on my xbox 360 Slim have all of my game saves and themes an so on, and i was Just wondering if its possible. Since i have kinect now i like to play it in a bigger room without moving […]

Can I buy xbox 250GB hdd for xbox 360 slim 4GB?

Can i buy an xbox 360 slim 4gb and buy a different xbox hdd with 250 gb and put it in the xbox for more memory? is this much cheaper or would be the same? also, i’m in Australia

Between gen xbox 360 HDD and new slim 250GB, How to transfer the data?

How to transfer data from first gen xbox 360 HDD to new 250gb slim? I would like to transfer data from the old hard-drive to the new Xbox 360 slim. My old xbox was the arcade version with the silver disc tray. Also the old drive ONLY says HDD on the top of it (I’m […]

Can i play PS2,PS1 games on PS3 with a certain type of controller?

Questions about my playstation 3 slim 120gb model? i have alot of games but i don’t like the music is there a way to listen to my music i have downloaded to my hdd,and will i have ylod problems with my ps3 cuz my xbox 360 went out on me three times in a month, […]

PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Bluetooth SIXAXIS Controller

Upgraded V3.5 PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Bluetooth SIXAXIS Controller It’s Black and 3rd Party Price:USD$37.99 Shipping Fee Included Shipping Methods HK post (7-20 Days) $37.99DHL (3-5 Days) $57.99EMS (3-5 Days) $53.99

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