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Blackberry doesn’t show new msg, but I really have it.

HELP w/ BLACKBERRY! How can I resolve this? My blackberry indicates that I have a new msg but when I go to my inbox it doesn’t show. HELP!?

What can I do for My broken Sony E-Reader?

My Sony E-Reader is broken. What can I do? I don’t know what happened to it. I just left it in its case on my bed all day, and when I came back to read it last night, when I turned it on, the whole screen just seemed to come up with lots of black […]

Mobile Spy Software Download

Where can I Download Mobile Spy Software for T-Mobile Cell Phones?

Whats wrong with iOS 4.1 of iPhone 4?

Whats the big deal about iOS 4.1 (iPhone 4)? i just got a iPhone 4 and everyone and even the ppl at the store were tilling me not to update to iOS 4.1 … whats wrong with 4.1?

How do I stop facebook social feed updating on blackberry?

Updating social feeds on the blackberry torch? I have the new blackberry torch and facebook updates its social feed every 15 minutes. How do I stop this? It’s very annoying.

Twitter has already been schceduled for deletion.

I deleted the Twitter app off of my Blackberry but…? it won’t go off. When I click delete again it says, “Twitter has already been schceduled for deletion. Deletion will occur when handheld is restarted.” And when I click on it, it says, “Uncaught exception: java.lang.Error.”

Where Can I update my blackberry?

What web site can i go on to find blackberry updates? like what new download are out and stuff like that

Can iPhone 3GS run the most current ios? 4.x.x?

Is it possible to jailbreak and iPhone 3GS running the most current ios? 4.x.x? Possible? How? An iPhone 3GS *

Can Ipod touch make text messages?

Ipod touch that makes text messages and no calls! truth or fiction ? ok my freind has a ipod touch and shes making”text free” messages its the latest iphone touch she said and she says she cant make phone calls ?

Blackberry “curve 8900” vs “javelin 8900”

Are the blackberry curve 8900 AND the blackberry javelin 8900 the same thing?

Does the kindle shrink the PDF’s for displaying?

Can the Kindle e-reader display PDF’s that have columns? I know the question sounds a little confusing so I’ll explain. I have these PDF’s on my computer and have columns in them with big font, so when the Kindle displays them, does it display the entire page of the PDF at a time or will […]

This application requires the iphone 3.2 software update

Need help getting ibooks for ipod whenever I try to install ibooks I get this message: Application not compatible

How to block cell phone signals?

Is their anything that you can use to block cell phone signals with? like if you get it close to a cell phone or completely surrond it with the item it would make it loose it’s signal.

How about the Apps if I sell my iPod?

If I sell my iPod do I lose all my apps? And if it’s registered to me is there a way to undo it so the new owner can register it to themself? don’t want the new owner to have any of my apps or music much less credit card info. Is there a way […]

Is Blackberry 8520 good to get?

shall i get the blackberry 8520 if i want to use it for internet texts and calls only or another blackberry? please answer anyone who has this phone.

Blackberry Bold 9700 sim card in other phone.

Am I allowed to use more than one cell phone with only ONE SIM card? Sometimes when I visit my friend (which is in a very bad neighborhood where there’s lots of robberies, etc.)

There are air bubbles on my psp 3000

How do i remove air bubbles from my psp 3000? i have a brand new psp i tried the credit card thing but it doesn’t work plz help

I confused that Kindle 3G network is free for all web sites?

Is Kindle 3G network free for all web sites? I have read existing answers, but still confused. So, Kindle 3 with 3G models provides a web browser. And they say 3G internet is free. Is it restricted to the Amazon site for buying e-books? Or can I browse any web sites for free on a […]

IPhone 3G keeps saying “No SIM” with Sim Card in.

IPhone 3G Sim Card Issue? I found the Sim Card Slot and put the Sim Card in, but it keeps saying “No SIM”. I shut it off and put it in, but doesn’t work.

Cheapest android phone with keypad

I’m thinking of getting android phone but I don’t know which is good, I want to get the cheapest i can find with a keypad. And also can somebody tell which is the best one in performance with keypad?

How to jailbreak PS3(PlayStation 3)?

Follow the complete step by step guide posted below to jailbreak your PlayStation 3 to enable you to create backups of original discs. Pre-requisites are as follows: * Any (FAT or SLIM) PlayStation 3 Console running firmware 3.41 or above.

Apple is going to get app paying?

Do think that Apple is going to make us start paying for an app every time you use the app? I have heard it everywhere. I hope they don’t or else they will lose some customers.

What’s JailBreaking an iPod Touch?

What Does JailBreaking An Ipod Touch do Exactly? What does it allow you to do?????

How to get cheep iPod touch?

IS THERE A PLACE TO GET IPOD FOR LESS MONEY? I really want the new ipod touch but i dont want to spend 230 dollars so i was just wondering if there is any place to get the new ipod (32 gb) for less money?

How to Recover iPod for the deleted songs?

Is there anyway to get my deleted songs back from my ipod? I accidentally synced my ipod library music with nothing! I had over 1000 songs and when i went on itunes and it asked me if i wanted to erase the libary and, i was rushing so i pressed yes and now ALL of […]

Is there a cd one to iPod/Mp3 player?

Now im familier with tape to ipod/mp3 player but is there a cd one? for in my car my brother used the ipod streamer thing.. it was very annoying to set up and took to long so wasnt worth it…its for my phone though…

Is there any way to track or locate the iPod?

I just recently had my iPod touch stolen…and now, I’m planning on getting the iPod touch 4th Generation, but I’m a little afraid to because I fear it will be stolen as well. I really don’t know what to do to prevent it, outside of locking it up in a safe and safety-pinning the key […]

Downgrade an iPod touch 4.1 to 4.0.1

How do you downgrade an iPod touch 4.1 to 4.0.1? I want to jailbreak my iPod but i need a 4.0.1 version but I have a 4.1 how do i downgrade it?? thanx!! and please no mean or dumb comments

I’d love to know if it’s worth to buy iPod Touch 4G

Does anyone own the new iPod Touch 4G? Apparently the iPod Touch 4G w/ a camera came in stores today but no store in town has any in stock yet but then again I live in a small city so maybe that’s why there isn’t any idk lol but if anyone has one please tell […]

How to transfer Ipod Apps to new Ipod Touch?

How do I transfer my Ipod Touch apps to a new Ipod Touch? Im buying a new Ipod touch as they have been upgraded again. I have many apps I paid for and I will definitely not be repurchasing all of my apps. How can I transfer these to my new touch?

How do i put all backup stuff onto my new ipod?

When i backup my ipod, where does everything go? i backed up my ipod because im thinking of buying the new one with the camera. Where does all tmy stuff go? Is my pictures apps and music backed up also? and how do i put all that stuff onto my new ipod? NO LINKS PLEASE. […]

How to set backgrounds on iPod touch homescreen?

My ipod touch dont let me have a home background? my friend can have a background on her ipod touch and she didnt jailbreak it and she told me she updated the firmware that is 4.1 that lets u have backgrounds on you homescreen and she showed me and i did updated my ipod but […]

“iPod touch 3g” VS “iPod touch 4g”,What’s the difference?

What is the sufferance between iPod touch 3g and4g ???? No links plz?

Is it possible to put pictures to iPod touch?

How to put pictures on ipod touch? I have an ipod touch and i was wondering does anyone know how to put pictures on it????

Setup WinXP tablet PC to an iPod touch.

Is it possible to put windows xp tablet pc edition on an ipod touch?

ipod nano changes songs and doesnt stop.

My ipod changes songs by itself? My ipod nano which is about 4 years old, has been working perfectly fine until yesterday. I changed the song and it wasn’t playing and all by itself it changes songs and doesnt stop.

How to transfer music from iPod Touch 3G to PC?

HOW DO I DOWNLOAD ALL MY MUSIC FROM MY IPOD TOUCH 3G TO MY COMPUTER WITHOUT A PROGRAM? i am so frustrated with this right now… PLEASE help me out!

My mom took iPod everything off, games, youtube..

How to unlock restrictions on ipod touch WITHOUT restoring? My mom kept taking my ipod touch and finaly agreed to let me have it if she took it to apple to take off safari. I realized that she was going to put turn on the restriction option. luckly, my mom is rather dumb with the […]

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