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I want to block someone from calling me.

How do I block someone from calling me?

Wireless phone doesn’t work with a fax.

My home phone isn’t working.. Help? Okay so I recently had a fax machine the worked as a home phone, but it had a cord on it. So I found a wireless home phone in my closet, but my mom used it in her salon like a year ago and it worked fine. Well now […]

I wanted to add a wall phone jack in my room

How do I add an extra phone jack to a room? Hi I wanted to add a wall phone jack in my room by myself but I do not know how. No, I do not have one in my room thats why I want to install one :/, please help me STEP by STEP :/

Could I only swith internet to Comcast, not phone?

Can I have Comcast internet with AT&T phone service? At the moment i have at&t home phone and internet. I wanted to know if i could switch my internet service to Comcast but keep at&t for my home phone.

I stream a movie with VOIP.

Will my VOIP suffer if im streaming a movie? I have 20 MB/s Internet(or ~2500 Down) 4MB/s Up

How to make the phone work,which goes out constantly?

Is there a trick to make cable phone service work better? I have cable phone service and it goes out constantly. (Charter Communications) Is there anything I can do to make i work? I have cable TV through them as well and it works FINE. Just my phone . I bought a new phone thinking […]

What’s the cost for call to USA from Aus?

Cost of a international call to USA from Aus???? pls help? Hey im in australia, and atm im haveing problems with an online shoe store called Eastbay. I need to call them, but i dont know what to call. their International number is: 1.715.261.9588 so i just call that, or do i need to add

What to dial from USA to Malaysia?

How to call Malaysia from USA using land line? just dialed * for the + THEN 601-332-731-32 didn’t work?

Wireless headphones with a receiver

Using headphones with a receiver? Would my receiver blow if I use headphones with it but not have any speakers connected? My step dad says that will happen because the sound isn’t getting distributed 🙁

Reviews for Panasonic DMP-BD80 High Clarity Audio Blu-ray Disc Player

Looking for customer reviews for Panasonic DMP-BD80 High Clarity Audio Blu-ray Disc Player? Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Panasonic DMP-BD80 High Clarity Audio Blu-ray Disc Player

When I turn Stereo on, it will turn off immediately.

My amplifier (Stereo) will not stay on? When I turn it on it will turn off immediately. Or it will sometimes stay on for a minute or two and then turn on. It seems to turn off when something loud like an explosion or gun shot goes off. What is this and how can it […]

Higher impedances is on higher-end headphones?

Why do higher-end headphones have higher impedances? Headphones like Sennheiser’s HD-555, 595, 600 and so on as well as many more expensive models of Grado and AKG. Please feel free to give a detailed or scientific answer, I have no issues grasping these type of concepts.

Left surround speaker sounds very tinny or hissy when it plays.

Why does my left surround speaker sound so “tinny”? I’ll admit, my surround speakers suck. They are from an HTiB, but I’ve long since upgraded my receiver and front speakers. They are 4 ohm speakers, but I have two of them in series on both surround channels.

One TV detects two separate RF cables

How to set up two separate RF cables into one TV? Basically I have an external over-the-air antenna and my Time Warner Cable running to one room. The reason for both is that the over-the-air helps us pick up some great international channels.

How to connect HDMI to VGA on PC?

My tv has hdmi or component hookups. my computer has vga output. How do I connect them? I want to connet a vga output computer to a hdmi or component input tv.

Two speakers with one A/V receiver?

Will a A/V receiver push audio out of two speakers? I don’t have enough money to buy a good+ quality Home theater receiver AND 6 (including a subwoofer) speakers to go with it. The only way that would work is if I got a HTIB, which is a subpar way to go or so I’ve […]

Is Samsung – 1330W Home Theater System Good?

Is his Samsung Home Theater System good? Is this set of speakers good? From personal/professional experience? Samsung – 1330W 7.1-Ch. Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Home Theater System

What’s SD/MMC – MS/Pro?

What’s the meaning of SD/MMC? What does MS/Pro stand for?

Annotate PowerPoint with Wacom Bamboo Pen on Mac

How can I annotate a PowerPoint presentation with my Wacom Bamboo Pen on a Mac? I have Office 2008 for Mac on my MacBook Pro and a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet. I’m in medical school and would like to draw on the slides the professors send out, especially in anatomy.

“partition magic” does not work.

How do i make my unallocated drive ntfs, for some reason my drive wont show up as a drive anymore, windows notices it, and everything, but still i cant put stuff on the drive at all.

Graphics card for 3ds max, photoshop and autocad

Best graphics card for my PC? plz suggest me a best graphics card for PC. i use 3ds max, photoshop and autocad as main applications. Plz suggest me best graphics card. money is not the criteria. my system configuration is:

Targus 4-port USB hub doesn’t recognis External HDD

Usb Hub Question…any suggestions? my manager has a Targus 4-port USB hub, and a Toshiba USB 20. External HDD….The Hub works well with any other USB device like USB mouse, 2Gb flash drive and even my PSP, but the problem is the External HDD isnt recognised when connected via the hub, but is recognised when […]

How good the Gaming headset are?

Gaming headset please help me? it looks madd im gona get it but is it any good or is it ****? i just wont to no how good they are im not buying any think els

Downloading the drivers for Installing a graphics card

Installing a graphics card? When installing a new graphics card, is it necessary to use the disc that comes with it to go through the install, or is downloading the drivers off the site good enough/same thing? Thanks.

NVIDIA GeForce “GTS 250” vs “9800 GT”

What is a better graphics card? I currently have the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 comparing it to NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

My 2GB flash Drive said “0 items – 1 MB available”

What is wrong with my flash drive? It’s a 2 GB flash drive but when I pluged it in it said “0 items – 1 MB available”. There is nothing on it!! I un-plugged it and plugged it back in.. then it said “916 KB available”, did it again, and it said “868 KB available”.

Are all the PCI ports the same?

What are PCI and its ports? could someone tell me what are PCI?? Are all the PCI ports the same??? do old models of motherboards have any difference from the new one in terms of the PCI?? and if so…how can I determine which??

850W power supply is good for 2 gtx 470’s in sli?

Good enough to OC 2 GTX 470’s in SLI? I have looked around and most sites say an 850W power supply is good for 2 gtx 470’s in sli, but the psu I am looking at is a little cheaper and is only up to 78% efficient. I am on a budget and have just […]

I can’t stop using the cell phone….

How do I stop using my cell phone so much? I text 24/7. My phone NEVER leaves my hand. I freak out without it and if it dies while I am out I freak out and it is all I can think about. When I am out with friends all I do is text. I […]

HTC Evo 4G network, Verizon vs Sprint?

Which is better, Verizon or Sprint? I’ve heard of the new 4G network, and I’m pretty excited on getting the HTC Evo. Sprint gives you a Family Plan that includes Unlimited text, talk, Sprint Tv & Radio, 4G (where available), GPS, email, and 3G or 4G internet use. When i went to verizon

enV touch was charging then the screen went black.

Why isn’t my enV touch charging? I’ve had this phone for a while. And just today, it was charging then the screen went black. I click a button, its charging again. Is it still charging if the screen is back? Please help.

I want to Format Sony-Ericsson-W910i

How To Format Sony-Ericsson-W910i?

Put Blackberry 8520 SIM into Blackberry 9700

Can I put a Blackberry 8520 SIM into a 9700? Hi, awhile back before I knew much about smartphones I got a Blackberry Bold 9700 on a 24 month vodafone contract, however I got sold a SIM with just texts and minutes (because I didn’t know!)

Downloaded Apps to iPohone Device

IPhone owners: What kind of apps have you downloaded to your mobile device? I have downloaded some trivia games, word games and few podcasts.

Use nextel sim on unlocked iphone with sprint

If i have sprint can i use a nextel sim on my unlocked iphone? i thought that they merged or something

How much will Switch phones with my mom?

Switch phones with my mom Is it possible to for me to switch phones with my mom? We both have Verizon and we are on the same family plan. I want to retain my number but i want her phone lol. She is fine with it. How much will it be if its possible?

Casio Exilim ex-S88O doesn’t hold a charge very long

What’s wrong with my camera? My friend recently gave me her old camera (a Casio Exilim ex-S88O) because it wasn’t functioning the right way after she dropped it. She told me it still works, but it doesn’t hold a charge very long and it acts a bit funny. She hadn’t used it in a while, […]

Picture is super white and looks oily and greasy!

What can i do instead of buying a new camera? Hey everybody, so i have a point an shoot camera but the problem is that the flash is always WAY to bright. It always highlights the defaults of things and never shows the REAL colors in a picture.

Best and cheapest webcam for staying in touch with my friend

Best and Cheapest for staying in contact with best freind? I will be moving back to texas soon and i was wondering what would be the best and cheapest webcam for staying in touch with my best friend since I’m gonna be able to hang with him until december.

No sound on the sony DSC-S930 Camera

Do i get sound with the sony DSC-S930 Camera? I have a Sony Cyber Shot camera; DSC-S930 and i want to try to record some videos, but when i am testing it out i am not getting any sound when i try to watch it. How can i get sound? And also, how long can […]

Memory card won’t be recognised on camera

Digital camera won’t recognise memory card? I’ve just purchased a Canon IXUS 100 IS and a Kingston 4GB Micro SDHC Class 4 memory card (the shop assistant advised me that this card was compatible with the camera).

Use ANOTHER camera USB cord to connect camera to computer

Camera & the USB that connects it to the Computer I was just wondering if you can use ANOTHER camera USB cord to connect a camera to the computer. & it fits. Just wondering before I do it. o.o it fits at both ends. Kinda.

Print a 12.3 megapixal photo

How large a print could a 12.3 megapixal photo be printed at? I wanted to buy some 20X30 poster prints off snapfish taken with my 12 megapixel slr, it says that the pictures may be distorted but i was sure i could blow them up that large and im sure my camera is taking the […]

Stop motion option is not available with current settings!

Help with my nikon d60 please? I want to make a stop motion of me laying on the floor and have it me like spinning. When I click stop motion is says this option is not available with current settings!

Sony Cyber-Shot gets into water, takes white picture…

I dropped my Sony Cyber-Shot yesterday into water. I let it dry off for a day before turning it on. It worked. However, when i take a picture, they turn out all white. Can anyone explain to me what got damaged? And how i can fix it if it can be? Thank you!

I cann’t see the picture on CANON POWER SHOT A520

CANON POWER SHOT A520 digital camera? can not see what I’m taking a picture of until i zoom in on the subject.i believe someone messed with the setting.the screen show very small in the center until i zoom in and i can clearly see what I’m taking a picture of.

3 Million dollar home for Canon 7D and two lenses

Will a Crumpler 3 Million dollar home fit my Canon 7D and two lenses? My 7d will be attached to an 18-135mm, and I’d like to carry a 50mm 1.4 along too. That’s all. Will they fit safely into a 3 million dollar home or is the 4 million necessary?

Fujifilms finepix s1000 cameras flash is broken

My cameras flash is broken? One more question… I have a finepix s1000, nothing fancy I know. One day i hit the button to open my flash and when I did, i heard a small pop. When i tried to close the flash, it was stuck.

How to take photos with clear background?

Question From An Amateur, Is My Camera Capable…? (Canon Powershot)? My friend is an aspiring model and also a big fan of Lauren Bacall. She did not want to spend a ton of money on professional photographers so she asked if I can help. The problem is I only have a Canon Powershot A630 and […]

Canon EF and EF-S lenses for Canon 50D

Are canon EF and EF-S lenses compatible with Canon 50D?

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