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What do you get from treasure map on Maze Island?

In Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for DS, what do you get from the treasure map you find on Maze Island? I’m at maze Island and beat beginner level. I got a gem and I know if I beat normal i’ll get a treasure map, but I can’t seem to get it.

“Red dead redemption” vs “little big planet” vs “get killzone 3” vs “uncharted 3”

What should i do with my PS3 Games? so i have uncharted 2 and killzone 2, and i like to buy red dead redemption and little big planet, and thats not until next year because i cant buy games now…. but next year, killzone 3 and uncharted 3 will be coming out, so what should […]

Nintendo Dogz is Thirsty, how to feed him?

How do you feed your god on Nintendo Dogz? I Have A Nintendo Dogz Today And He’s Thirsty But It Doesn’t Even Say How To Feed Him! He’s Thirsty And Hungry . And I Don’t Know How. I Mean Dog*

What does Halo:Reach come with when pre-ordered?

When is Halo:Reach coming out and what does it come with when pre-ordered? can’t find this anywhere!

jtag for CoD6(Call of duty 6) multiplayer unlock

Call of duty 6 help with multiplayer and spec ops? Hello I am I great mw2 fan but I have a few questions about it! 1: how to do you hack special ops and unlock alpha beta delta etc. (all of them)

Where can I find Mr Burke, if I did not blow up Megaton?

Fallout 3, Mr Burke, post Megaton Atomic Bomb Disarm? Where can I find him, if I did not blow up Megaton? I want to kill him for some good karma.

What games require body movement on Xbox?

Any games on the xbox that can give you a workout? want a game that requires some body movement. only got an xbox thoe >=(

Besides mw2 and battlefield2 for PS3, what’s other good game?

Whats your favorite video game? besides mw2 and battlefield2 i’m looking for fun games to buy for the PS3

I want to 10th prestige in MW2 for XBOX360?

Anyone know how to 10th Prestige lobby in Modern Warfare 2 for the XBOX360? I want to 10th prestige, but it takes too long. Need an easier way

About Starcraft 2, Have you gotten it in the mail?

Has anyone gotten starcraft 2 in the mail? I just want to know when mine will arrive

What will we get for collections in madden ultimate team 11?

In madden ultimate team 11, what are the different collections we can collect, and what will we get for them? look at question

People challenge MW2 sucks by saying a good player can counter

Another MW2 sucks question? OK, I was just looking rants about how people saying how MW2 sucks (i no rite like no life) but anyway, people would challenge the statement that MW2 sucks by saying a good player can counter – campers, commando, noob tubes, and much more horse **** I can’t think of right […]

Error Code : 5 on uploading Sims

Why Can’t I Upload My Sims ? whenever i go to body shop and try to upload my sim on , i make sure that i put in my right log in information and it says Connection Attempt Failed Error Code : 5

What’s Good Classes for MW2?

MW2: Good Classes please? e.g. Sniping, Assault Rifle, Rushing, S&D, Sub-machine gun, Stealth etc….

Can I upgrade PS3 20GB to 60GB?

Does the regular playstation 3 have a removable hard drive like the XBOX 360? I want to know so I can buy the 20GB PS3 now and upgrade to A 60GB later

Im thinking of getting turtle beach headset

What gaming headset should i get? Im thinking of getting turtle beach cause my friends have them and say they are good and cause its a popular company so it should have good headsets. I would want to keep a price range of $200 dollars.

How to piss people off on PS3 MW2?

Modern Warfare 2, how to piss people off? So I’ve ran out of ideas of how to piss people off anyone got anything else I’ve done Noob Tubing, Commando lunges, Getting in front of snipers and knifing them, calling care packages in radiation zones, being last in search and killing myself, not defusing the bomb, […]

Infinity Ward did mistakes?

What mistakes has Infinity Ward done? Dont get me wrong i liked MW2 but it has so many messed up things or things that they should’ve done differently

What’s BK in gaming terms?

What does term BK mean? in gaming terms.

What’s GHz for a CPU for editing photos frequently?

How many GHz should a laptop be if I’ll be editing photos frequently? I’m thinking about getting a new laptop and I will be frequently editing photos. I’d like it to run fast even when I am running photo editing software so I’d like it to be fast, but want to keep the price down. […]

Parallel or boot camp for mac? Which is better to run?

How and what does parallels software do for mac? I am a prospective mechanical engineer and have been told that I will need a PC for some specific programs. I am just wondering if these programs can actually be installed to parallel or if it would be better to run boot camp.

Which place is good to get an Apple Ipad?

What is a good gpt site to get an Apple Ipad? well i really want an apple ipad all my friends have one but i don’t and their saying its so cool so does anyone know a free gpt site where i can cash out my points for a free Apple Ipad?

Could I use the Gateway laptop while it is charging?

Is it okay to charge a laptop while using it? I have a Gateway – Laptop with AMD Athlon™ II X2 Dual-Core Processor – Midnight Blue. I was wondering if it is okay because the battery life isn’t really that high. Also, will the battery fry out or lose power or something if i do?

Intel Core i5 450m and ATi Radeon 5650 overclock

How to overclock a Intel Core i5 450m and ATi Radeon 5650? How do you do it and how do you make sure you’re not over doing it? Does it void warranty?

I spilled orange juice on mouse pad, how to clean it?

How can I clean the juice out of my mouse pad? Yesterday I accidentally spilled orange juice on my mouse pad. It was only a little bit. So I cleaned it off. But when I try to use the mouse pad, the two clickers don’t work.

Laptop won’t let me view everything on sd card.

How do i get my laptop to make items appear? My laptop won’t let me view everything on my sd card. It only let’s me view items like ringtones, videos, and music.

Need a small and lightweight laptop for college

What kind of computer do I need? I know NOTHING about computers. I’m a college student. All I do on the computer is homework, youtube, some music, internet surfing type thing, yahoo answers haha.

MSI VR220-017US 12 1-Inch Laptop

Looking for customer reviews for MSI VR220-017US 12 1-Inch Laptop? Where can I find reviews and opinions online for MSI VR220-017US 12 1-Inch Laptop

Acer Aspire laptop is getting stuck.

Why Is My Laptop Acting Sooo Retarted Out Of Nowhere? I have an Acer Aspire laptop. It’ll be a year in January. When I first got it, it worked like a gem. Now, about 2 days ago, it’s been getting stuck on right-click. I’d click on something, but the only option that’d come up is […]

Can Acer Aspire One D250 run MW2(Modern Warfare 2)?

Would Modern Warfare 2 work on my laptop? By work, I mean will it be fast? My NETBOOK is an Acer Aspire One D250, 10.1″ Screen, 1.66GHz and 1 Gig of RAM. I been thinking about upgrading to 2 Gigs, the maximum, although it’s expensive (about $40.) My computer is fast in general, but I […]

Can a Defective LCD Ribbon Cause the Laptop Screen to Flicker?

LCD Ribbon Electronics Repair Can a Defective LCD Ribbon Cause the Laptop Screen to Flicker?

256MB GeForce 8600M GT run monitor at 1900 x 1200?

My laptop has a 256MB NVidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics card. Can this run an external monitor at 1900 x 1200? I’m looking to buy an external monitor for my laptop but I want to make sure the graphics card will be able to run it at the native resolution.

What’s better of Processor and screen resolution for Gaming?

Two questions about a gaming laptop.? I have two questions about a gaming laptop I’m going to purchase in the near future. Processor and screen resolution. I would appreciate and help. I don’t know which processor is better for gaming. Help would be appreciated.

Where can I purchasing a MacBook?

What’s the difference between purchasing a MacBook ..? I’m purchasing a MacBook tomorrow and I was kind of contemplating on weather I should purchase it from Best Buy or the Apple store, I’ve read that purchasing the MacBook from Best Buy you would have a good warranty plan o it if any damaged happened to […]

Additional 40W AC Adapter for HP Pavilion mini?

Pavilion additional 40W AC Adapter? Is it necessary to purchase this when I buy my new mini laptop? Does it not already come with a cord to charge it?

I want to reset xbox 360 like brand new erasing everything

How to reset xbox 360 to original factory settings? I want to reset it like brand new erasing everything, profiles,games,music,everything on hard drive………. everything like new……can i get step by step instructions

‘0800 587 1102’ is important number for xbox?

Is there a more important number for xbox? I recently recieved a permanent suspension from xbox live which in my eyes and everyone else eyes is completely unfair due to it being for marketplace theft which i wasn’t knowingly committing due to it being a glitch in their system.

I like push a certian button, wireless xbox 3600 controller disconnects

After i push a button a certian one my xbox 360 controller disconnects :l? I have a wireless xbox 3600 controller and each time i like push a certian button it disconnects what could be wrong

Eircom broadband disconnects every 20-30 mins

Eircom xbox live disconnecting every 20-30 mins and when phone rings? i have eircom broadband and it disconnects for no reason every 20-30 mins on my laptop computer xbox live or psn…

A Email of Korean from Xbox Live?

Weird Email From Xbox live? Hello, well I was checking my E-mail and I noticed one from Xbox Live which was in Korean. But the first part of the email said (Hello, (Unfamiliar Gamertag). Was the e-mail for somebody or am I in danger of being hacked.

How much is a non-working xbox360?

How much would Game Stop or a Pawn Shop pay me for a non-working xbox360? Alright, I’ve sold the cables and the control, I just have the console. How much would Game Stop or a Pawn Shop pay me for a non-working xbox360?

If i could put into new non flashed lite on xbox

Xbox Flashing Question HELP ? I have an old broken rrod xbox with a flashed working benq dvd drive with 1.4 or 1.5 old firmware inside it. And i wondering

Code for Halo avatar helmet called a noble 6.

Anyone have Noble 6 helmet for xbox live? Ok, my son is having his birthday on August 2nd. Hes a halo junkie, no joke. Ive been trying to get him this Halo avatar helmet called a noble 6. I looked on ebay but they are asking for 25 dollars. Its bad IMO.

There’s a problem with the disk you’re using. It may be dirty or damaged

What is wrong with my original xbox? I’m sure many people have asked this question, and I’m sorry that I have to ask it again, but the answers that were given are all the same.

How to get Free Microsoft points?

Is their a way to get free microsoft points for xbox live? without having to do a ton of surveys and without having to put your password in.

I don’t know my Xbox account username or password

I got my console banned, how do i retrieve my gamertag if i do not know my username or password for my account? because i’ve downloaded tons of dlc’s and games via live. now it says that they are all corupted, my profile and all the games i’ve downloaded with it. how should i retrieve […]

Will you unlock Xbox to play Limbo?

Is the video game “Limbo” worth paying to unlock the full game on X-Box Live? Please don’t give me any information that might ruin the game, or spoil any secrets init, if I do decide to buy it. But give me your opinion and how long it took you to beat the game. Thanks.

Hook Xbox 360 to LAPTOP and share internet connection

How do I share my laptop’s wireless connection with my Xbox 360 via ethernet cable? I know it’s possible, but can someone give me a step-by-step way to do it in order to avoid confusion? Or a link? The most detailed will get my best answer pick.

how do you get internet on xbox from PC?

Xbox 360 slim help! OKAY!so how do you get internet on this xbox. my boyfriend is trying to set it up. All he has is at&t communication manager and windows connect. any clue guys. please help:)

If I install Xbox 360 game to HD, Should i use it every time?

Circular scratch on xbox 360 game, can it be fix by installing it? so my game has the circular scratch on it. s my disc still works but you cant do some of the things u can with a normal one .if i borrow or rent a game and install it to my hard drive, […]

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