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Nikon camera, “fx” vs “dx”

What is difference between fx and dx on nikon cameras?

Flashguns for Canon Speedlite ST-E2 transmitter

Anyone know what Flashguns are compatible with a Canon Speedlite ST-E2 transmitter? just trying to find out which models work with the transmitter, canon or otherwise.

Set the exposure time on Sony Cybershot DSC-H5

I need to set the exposure time on my Sony Cybershot? I want to light paint so i want to set my exposure time.. I want to set my Sony camera Model # DSC-H5 to about a 20 second exposure.

Filter / lens hood for Sony a200 with 18-70 kit lens

What size filter / lens hood should I use for my Sony a200 with the 18-70 kit lens? I bought a second-hand Sony a200 at ebay USA (I’m here in Asia) and forgot about purchasing lens hood. Now, I plan to buy a generic lens hood (and even a body cap and some filters) but […]

Have 450$ for a new lens or 1-2 lens on T2i

450$ for a lens on my T2i? I’ve already researched every single lens out there about, I hate how much these ****** lenses cost, I currently have the T2i and kit lens, have 450$ for a new lens or 1-2 lens. So far I’m thinking of getting a 50mm 1.8 for 100$, and that 55-250MM […]

Is there a good security camera we could get?

What is a good security camera? My husband and I have been finding beer cans in the back of our property, and are afraid someone is creeping around. Should we get wild game motion activated cameras? We have donkeys, so I’m afraid all we’ll get is them moving around. Or is there a good security […]

What is a good webcam to buy?

What is a good webcam to have? Okay so I am setting off to buy a webcam today, but I have NO clue what to look for, other than Universal click-on and built in microphone. What other brands/features should I be looking for – I won’t be using it for business, mostly on-line fun and […]

Dslr camera D5000 is worth 170 euros extra to have 55-200?

Dslr camera: D5000. is it worth 170 euros extra to have the 55-200 in addition to 18-55 lens? thank you! you may think it’s a lot to spend for someone asking on yahoo, but i have my undergrad degree in painting and was just accepted for masters in photo, (they accept crossovers) and i need […]

“Canon EOS Rebel XS” vs “Canon EOS Rebel XSi”

When picking a camera… ? I have a Canon Power-shot SD1200 right now and I’m looking to get a bigger and more professional camera. I’ve been debating between the Canon EOS Rebel XS or the Canon EOS Rebel XSi. I’m still trying to understand all this “camera talk” so could someone please explain to me […]

When Pentax will ship its new DA 18-250mm Zoom lens?

Shipping date: Pentax’s new DA 18-250mm SLR Zoom lens? Has anyone seen or head an official date as to when Pentax will ship its new DA 18-250mm Zoom lens? All I seem to be able to find is Oct 2007. I’m looking for one in stock. Thks!

Camera has a 40mb built in memory, Need another SD card?

DIGITAL CAMERA ADVICE PLEASE? I am buying a new digital camera ,it states that the camera has a 40mb built in memory and also a sd card slot , do this mean I won’t need to buy sd memory cards .I am not to well up on these items and any advice would be appreciated.Thanks

What camera used round film?

What camera used round film? I found a round camera film that has negatives on it dose anybody know what it is called i was going thew my grandma shad

Nikon D70 SanDisk Ultra II 256 MB broken

Nikon D70 memory card broken? I have a Nikon D70 digital camera, and the two memory cards I use with it, SanDisk Ultra II 256 MB, are filling up after one, and three pictures? The camera says “Full”. The cards have had about two hundred or so pictures on them for about a year , […]

AV error message with Pentax ZX-30 film camera

AV error message with a film camera.? I have a Pentax ZX-30 film camera. Last night I finished up a roll of film and my camera worked perfectly. I finished the roll and then put in a new roll. Today though, when I turned on my camera it wouldn’t let me focus or take a […]

Fujifilm finepix j38 wont charge

Why wont my camera charge? i have a fujifilm finepix j38 and it wont turn on. the only time it works is when it’s “charging” the only problem is, is that is still doesn’t turn on after it’s supposed to have been charging, I’m not sure whats wrong. Does anyone know how to fix it […]

Can Fuji Finepix J32 be charged with a USB cable?

Can I charge my Fuji Finepix J32 using a USB cable? I haven’t long purchased my camera, however i lost my wall charger and i’m going on holiday in 10 days so i’d really like to take it with me. I’ve looked at prices etc. and USB cables are much cheaper than the actual wall […]

Wipe digital camera’s memory card

How can I completely wipe my digital camera’s memory card? Hello, I’m selling my digital camera and, even though I’m selling it to a friend of a friend rather than a stranger, I’d like to know how I can completely delete the files off the memory card.

Outdoors camera, Nikon or Canon?

Better camera, Nikon or Canon? I just got stationed in Guantanamo, and the scenery is actually beautiful. The wildlife is amazing! I wanted to get into photography, but I am completely clueless as to what I need to buy.

Camcorder for travel, under 400-500$, compatible with mac

I want to buy a camcorder HELP!? I need a camcorder mostly for travel. Between 400-500$ max. ~and must be compatible with mac~ Any suggestions please? What about Canons? Thank you


Hi Video Enthusiasts, Should I buy the SONY HANDYCAM DCR-SR47 or the JVC EVERIO GZ MG130 (230, 330, 630) camcorder? Thank you, kindly.

Digital video camera for recording piano playing

What is a good digital video camera for recording piano playing? For youtube and stuff. I have a normal piano not an electric one. I also want to use the camera for recording sports and stuff. I want the sound on the piano to not be distorted like it is on most cameras and I […]

Printer compurter i choose computer i wait 5 minutes

My camera won’t connect to my computer!? I don’t know why/ how but my camera whenever i connect it to the computer it won’t connect! it worked every other time i tried it buy now all of a sudden it won’t work!

What else to put in a video?

Any ideas for a video? Im shooting a video during the summer and so far i have sweet basketball shots and cliff jumping in it, but i dont know what else to put in it, any ideas?

“Sanyo Xacti CG10” vs “Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 HD Camcorder”

Help, please! Should I get the Sanyo Xacti CG10 or the Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 HD Camcorder? Which would you buy and why? Thank you!

Need an SD card for Panasonic SDR S50?

Panasonic SDR S50 won’t work with my mac? So I’ve recently purchased the Panasonic SDR S50, I haven’t got and SD card which was not included with the purchase which I found out was needed to record and take pictures.

Upload Sony HandyCam video to iMovie?

Upload video to iMovie? I cannot upload my own video taken from a Sony HandyCam. The program does NOT open automatically when camera is attached via USB. Someone suggested a second piece of equipment is needed to transfer to before it can be uploaded?

Get video from analog camcorder onto computer

How can you get video from an analog camcorder onto a computer? I have a Sony Handycam Vision videoHi8 XR CCD-TRV87 Analog Camcorder. I have Windows XP. Apparently, it can only take digital input? So I need an analog to digital converter, which I can apparently buy at an electronics store. Is that All I […]

Uploaded a video but it saves as a MPEG-4 file

Camera help on the video’s uploading? ok so i uploaded a video but it saves as a MPEG-4 file and it wont let me watch it and also once i do upload it if yall help me how can i up load it to facebook and stuff

Fisheye lens For Sony DCR-SX33?

Fisheye lens For Sony DCR-SX33? hey ive been looking around for cameras found a cheap one and want also a fisheye lens to it so any good ones to Sony DCR-SX33 plzz tell me

Unable to communicate with battery pack, yes or no?

Vixia HFS20 HD camcorder help? I just purchased this camera. It films pretty well for the most part, but there are some issues. When I put a battery pack in and turn it on

Good camcorder but not to break the bank

Looking for a good camcorder but dont want to break the bank?

Rechargeable camera or with extras batteries?

Would you rather a rechargeable camera or have it run on batteries? With a rechargeable camera if you run out of battery you have to use a powerpoint to charge it up but with a camera that runs on batteries you can just keep some extras in your pocket and replace them but its more […]

Camcorder record video in 1600 X 1200 ?

Camcorder can record? Is there any camcorder can record video in the resolution 1600 X 1200 (2MP) or more 6MP like that? specify lower resolution camera also

Why can’t i give squad orders bf2bc?

Why can’t i give squad orders bf2bc? i try to give a squad order on battlefield 2 bad company and nothing happens? isit a glitch/error? i am useing Xbox360….

Tips for Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, and Call of duty?

How can i get better at Shooter games? I’m absolutely terrible at shooter games. the only ones i am good at are The Conduit and Borderlands. can anyone give me tips for games like Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, and Call of duty? Thanks :)!

Sync old xbox 360 controllers to new Xbox 360 Slim?

I cant Sync my old xbox 360 controllers to my new Xbox 360 Slim? I only got the controller that came with the new system but I cant get any of my other 4 controllers to sync to the slim why not???? I hit both the sync button the the slim and on the controller […]

How to downgrade WoW from 3.3.5 to 3.3.3a?

How to downgrade World of Warcraft from 3.3.5 to 3.3.3a? Hi, i would like to play on an unoficial server that one of my friends built just so he could get the hang of online gaming and stuff, but the uses version 3.3.3a, but when i downloaded WoW it automatically updated itself to 3.3.5. Is […]

How can i get a big health bar on gta sa?

Help with gta sa please!!!? how can i get a big health bar (max health) on gta sa,there is some hard missions that i keeep diying on it please help!!! i dont want ambulance mission!! its for ps2 thank you!!

Upgrade arcane torrent in World of Warcraft

Can you upgrade arcane torrent in World of Warcraft? To do more damage, more mana restoration, etc.

Is CoD4 just as fun as MW2

Is call of duty 4 (MW1) just as fun as call of duty 6 (Modern Warfare 2)?[PS3]? I want to buy COD4 (on ps3) because Modern Warfare 2 is too expensive. Is CoD4 just as fun as MW2?

Long range hardcore gun in Call Of Duty: MW2

What is the best long range hardcore gun in Call Of Duty: MW2? I’ve been using a FAL w/ thermal sight and a PP2000 red dot for a while, and I would like to know if thats the best sniper weapon in hardcore.

How does the elixir of life work in SIM 2?

SIMS 2 HOW DOES THE ELIXIR OF LIFE WORK? So, i don’t want to become a grandma and i don’t want to use cheats i have lots and lots of aspiration points so i can definitely afford the elixir of life. I have a few questions on it though..

Return The Sims 2 Apartment Life to walmart

Can you return a videogame? I bought the The Sims 2 Apartment Life and I didnt know you needed The Sims 2 (deluxe, double deluxe) to install it.

Should i get world at war on ps3?

Should i get world at war on ps3? well title sums it up should i get it and how would you rate this game. is it better than MW2 for you and tell me why because i wanna see what you guys or gals who wants to get rid of your phobia of the living […]

Love Xbox 360, hate Wii?

Why does everyone hate on the Wii? I don’t understand at all. All 360 fanboys know two things: I don’t care it doesn’t have shooters, and I don’t care about the graphics (but they’re not really that bad) the Wii has some of the best exclusives, IE.

Quick Scoping & Other Tricks with snipers

MW2: Help Quick Scoping & Other Tricks with snipers (PS3)? I love using a sniper (intervention with FMJ) but i suck with it.. mostly at quick scoping when i ever i see someone i rush to quickly to do quick scope and i fail…

Sims 3 launcher is not working anymore ?

Sims 3 launcher is not working anymore ? What can i do to put it back to normal, also i have alot of custom content i would really like to keep ?

Dell studio vs dell inspirons laptop

I’m getting a dell laptop soon.. which one should I choose? The only game I play is Sims 2, and I want iTunes on it… So what dell laptop is a good choice? My mom has a studio of some kind, and i’m really not a fan of it.. my friend told me inspirons are […]

Toshiba Satellite U505-S2950 wireless won’t “detect” any networks

Toshiba Satellite U505-S2950 – Wireless issue? Toshiba Satellite U505-S2950 Laptop and Windows7 Installed. had LAN and Wireless working fine, but now.. wireless network device has been disabled! it won’t “detect” any networks..

I’m leaving a laptop plugged in all the time

Will leaving a laptop plugged in all the time cause the battery to not hold a charge as well? If i keep a laptop plugged in all the time charging will the battery not hold a charge as well when i take it off

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